Delaware General Assembly


WHEREAS, James P. Truss, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid are repealed:

A. A. Ruggerio, Inc., A. B. Stayton Company, A. Charles Schwartz Corporation, A. H. Woldow, Inc., A. J. Davis & Company, Inc., A. S. Goulden & Company, Inc., Acacia House, Inc., Acadia Land Company, Accountants Exchange, Incorporated, The, Ace Oil Corporation, Aceta Trading Company, Acme Music Corporation, Active Feed Products Corporation, Adhesive Shoe Machinery Corporation, Adhesives Products Company, Adirondack Real Fur Corporation, Advertising Samplers, Inc., Advocate Publishing Company, Aerial Products Corporation, Agar-Inland Kraft Corporation, Air Standard, Inc., Airmotive, Inc., Airoast Development Corporation, Airplane Parts Corporation of Mottville, Airyview, Inc., Ajax Products Co., Inc., Alamo Medicine Company, Inc., Aero-Tread Corporation, Alfred J. Krank, Incorporated, Allied Construction Company, Allied Engineering and Construction Corporation, Allied Refrigeration Company, Allyn Aviation Corporation, Alpha Publishing Company, Alsal Laboratories, Inc., Alwart Bros. Coal Co. of Delaware, American Aircraft Engine Corporation, American Armor Plate Company, American Banana Distributing Co., American Capital & Credit Corporation, American Chemical Company, American Citizens National Development Company, Inc., American Coal & Dock Company, American Gas Machine Company, Inc., American Historical Documents Incorporated, American Institute of Applied Economics, Incorporated, American Jubilee, Inc., American Leadership, Ltd., American Pictures Corporation, American Plate Glass Company, American Precision Builders, Inc., American Refund Company, American Ship and Commerce Corporation, Anakin Burglary Prevention Company, Anthony Miller, Incorporated, Apex Coal Company, Arcturus Development Company, Arcturus Radio Tube Company, Ardin Construction Company, Arli Corporation, Arnold Best Company, Arrow Head Piston & Pin Company, Inc., Arrow Head Steel Products Company, Arsuna Galleries, Incorporated, Artcraft Shirt Co., Associated Metals, Incorporated, Associated Motors Corporation of America, Associated Town Halls, Incorporated, The, Association of Industrial Life Agents, Atlantic Aircraft Corporation, Atlantic Realty Co., Atlas Construction Co., Auditing & Supervising Service, Inc., Audubon Terrace Corporation, Aurora Petroleum Company, Automatic Massage Table Corporation, Automatic Merchandizer, Inc., The, Automatic Tire Inflator Company, Inc., Automobile Owners' Association, Inc., Autopen Corporation, Aviation Development Corporation, Aztec Silver-Gold Mining Company.

Baker Canning Company, Baker-Kemp Land Trust Corporation, Baldwin Canning Co., Inc., Banks Peach Corporation, Barfield Corporation, Barron Securities Corporation, Bastex Sales Corporation, Bay Cities Bridge Corporation, Bayway Engineering Company, Inc., Beacon Investment Corporation, Bedford-Gorman Candies, Inc., Belmont Building and Investment Corporation, Ben Shoe Company, Bender Body Company, The, Bennett Oil and Refining Company, Berg-Williams Corporation, Bertrand Oil Company, Bessie's Tea Room, Inc., Bet-R-Way Overall Cleaners, Inc., Beth El Brotherhood, Inc., Beth-Uhl Brewing Company, Betz Mine Operating Corporation, Biflex Piston, Incorporated, Bill-O-Type Corporation, Bird Development Company, Black's Gold Mining Company, Boardwalk Properties, Inc., The, Bolling Green, Inc., Bond Apartments, Inc., The, Bonnie Dee Garment Co., Inc., Bowrain Corporation, Brackenridge Brewing Company, Inc., Breckinridge Petroleum Company, The, Brincefield Company, Inc., Briquet Engineering Company, Brix-tile Corporation, Broadkiln Beach Development Co., Inc., Brookes Aircraft Corporation, Brown-King Construction Co., Brunswick Land and Lumber Company, Buckeye Fuel Company, The, Buckeye Wood Specialties, Inc., The, Building Bid Depository, Inc., Building Corporation, Burgess Ink Company, Inc., Burton Range Co., The, Bus Terminal Company, Business Discount Co., Inc., Business Finance Corporation of Pennsylvania, Butterfield Corporation, The. C. L. Thompson & Company, Incorporated, C. V. Sparks & Co., Caddo Crude Oil Purchasing Corporation, California Baking Company, The Calmgrove Securities Corporation, Calvern Corporation, The, Calvert Apartment Corporation, Cand-Ice Corporation of Delaware, Canine Cupboard & Kennels Inc., Carbreath Gas Company, Caribbean Oilfields of Venezuela, Inc., Carlyn Research Foundation, Inc., Carnelian Investment Corporation, Castorlene Corporation, Catharine Field Comly, Inc., Central Aviation Corporation, Central Corporation, The, Central Iron, Metal and Paper Stock Company, Central Realty Trust Co., Central Transport Company, Central West Water and Power Company, Century Mortgage Company, Chapman Minerals Corporation, Chase Manufacturing Company, Chase Products Company, Chemical Resource Corporation, Chempco, Incorporated, Cherokee Realty & Trust Company, Chicago Teamsters, Truck and Tractor Drivers and Helpers Union of Chicago and Vicinity, China Foreign Trade Corporation, Chinese American Cold Storage Association, Inc., Chip Steak Company, Inc., Chopaco Minerals Corporation Ltd., The, Christian Action Society, Incorporated, Christmas Savings Stamp Company, Cincinnati Distributing Company, Citizens Development Co., of Pontiac, Michigan, Citizens Loan and Investment Company, Citrus Chemical Corporation, Clark-Wilson Building, Inc., Clay-William Company, Clay Workers Labor Association, Clements Cafe Corporation, Cleveland Chapter No. 14, Tile and Mantel Contractors, Association of America, Clover Club, Co-Operative Wholesalers, Inc., The, Coarse and Gotwald, Inc., Coffee Electrost Corporation, Cohen's, Incorporated, Colfair Corporation, Collier Advertising Service, Inc., Colombian Tropical Products Corporation, Colson Development Company, Columbia Gulf Oil Corporation, Columbia Incorporated, Columbian Investment Corporation, Comfort-Way Corporation, Commercial Real Estate Developers, Inc., Commonwealth Finance Service, Inc., Community Home Defense Legion of America, Inc., The, Consolidated Banknote Corporation, Consolidated Management & Development Corporation, Consumers Casket Company, The, Container Code Authority, Inc., Continental Business Service Corporation, Continental Containers, Inc., Continental Investment Corporation, Continental Oil, Mill and Refinery, Incorporated, Copperco Corporation, Correct Millinery, Inc., Cosmos Corporation, Cowan Citrus Products Corporation, Coward-McCann, Inc., Cradle, Inc., The, Craftsman's Union, The, Cragmere-Cummings, Incorporated, Crather, Inc., Credit Service Company, Credit Service, Inc., Credit Service, Inc. of Pennsylvania, Credit Service Operating Corporation, Crescent Oil and Gas Company, Crest Laboratories, Inc., Crownchina Company, Curdsville Oil Corporation, Curtis B. Dall Corporation, Cycle Unit Engineering Corporation.

D. & S. Corporation, Davis Operating Corporation, Davis Patents Corporation, Dealers Service, Inc., Dechter's, Inc., De-Costa, Inc., Deemer Park, Inc., Deering Development Corporation, Del-Aire Corporation, Del-Mar-Va Maytag Company, Delaware Amusement Corporation, Delaware Developers, Inc., Delaware Oil & Gas Corporation, Delaware Realty Co., Inc., Delaware State Beauticians Guild, Inc., Delaware State Osteopathic Society, Delbert Productions, Incorporated, Delmar Clearance House, Inc., Delmarva Paper Stock Company, Inc., Delmarva Smoked Poultry Corporation, Delmarvia Finance Co., Delta Aircraft Corporation, Delva Corporation, Dewitt Investment Company, Diamond Marble Company, Dietz-Caporal Enterprises, Inc., Distance-Speed Recording Company, District Construction Company, District Development Corporation, District Finance Corporation, District Oil Company, Inc., Divine Temple Association, Church of God in Christ, The, Dixie Cultivator Corporation, Dixie Land & Cattle Co., Dixie-On-The-Air, Inc., Dr. Algase Sunny Smile Club, Dr. Bud Company, The, Dodds Granite Quarries, Inc., Dodds Holding Company, Doley Oil Company, Domestic Stoker Company, Dominican Ore Corporation, Don Goodman, Inc., Donald Alan Winter Corporation, Door Development Laboratories, Inc., Dowty Corporation, Dri-Ink Co., Inc., Driggs Engineering Corporation, Duke-Whitney Gas and Oil Corporation, Duovac Radio Tube Corporation, Dura-Tred of Wilmington, Inc., Dushane Company, Incorporated, The, Duthie & Osborn, Inc.

E. A. Fisher, Inc., E. F. Barker, Inc., E. Hugo Erickson. Incorporated, E. S. Griffith, Inc., Eagle Ice Company, Eagle Lumber & Supply Co., Earle Kitchen Unit Sales Corporation, East Jersey Pipe Company, Eastern Construction Co., Inc., Eastern Drilling Company, Eastern Mortgage and Investment Company, Inc., Eastern Parkhurst Systems, Inc., Eastern Shore Hosiery Association, Inc., Easton Products Corporation, Eclipse Dredging Company, Edwards Concrete Conduit Co., Edwards, Inc., Edwin M. Concklin, Inc., Eileen Scott, Inc., Eiseman and Friedler, Inc., Elcan Corporation, Elco Specialty Corporation, Electric Razor Corporation, Electrical Contractors Association of Greater Miami, Inc., Electro-Thermal Machinery Company, Inc., ElectroVac, Inc., Elizabeth Company, Inc., Elliott Creek Mines, Inc., Elsinore Valley Royalties Corporation, Elton Holding Company, Emory L. Bauer, Inc., Empire Coal Sales Corporation, Empire Lumber Company, Empire Mining Company, Employees' Building Association, Engineering & Finance Corporation of America, Ensemble Manufacturing Company, Inc., Equitable Automobile Finance Co., Esmark Store, Inc., The, Estate Advisers Incorporated, Evans Truck Lines, Inc., Everbrite Stainless Steels Incorporated.

F. H. Martell Company, Inc., Fagan & Co., Ltd., Fairfax Baking Co., Inc., Fairlawn Construction Company, Falls Advance Manufacturing Co., Fanchon & Marco Agency, Inc., Feature Pictures, Inc., Federal Distributors, Inc., Federal Electric Manufacturing Co., Federal Highway Crossing Company, Inc., Federal Supply Company, Incorporated, Fel-So Corporation, The, Fell-Philadelphia Oil and Gas Company, Fellsmere Corporation, Fiberweave Machine Corporation, Fidelity Corporation, Inc., Fidelity Trading Corporation, Fielder Realty, Inc., Filmica Internacional, S. A. Incorporated, Finance Corporation of Washington, Financial Readjustment Corporation of Washington and Delaware, Inc., First Hill Company, First Investors Serial Fund, Inc., First National Export Corporation, Fisher Products Corporation, Fleisher Air Conditioning Corporation, Fleming Motor Corporation, Florestella Beauty Salon, Inc., Florida Small Loan Corporation, Flume House Gold Mines, Inc., Foster Merriam Company, The, Foundation Service Corporation, Four Hour Laundry & Cleaners, Inc., The, Franconia Mittersill, Inc., Frank C. Hurley, Inc., Frank Grad & Sons, Inc., Frank Orsatti Corporation, Franklin Construction Company, Inc., Frazee-Potomac Linen Service, Inc., Freeman, Inc., Frenier-Mullane Engineering Company, Fresho Citrus Laboratories, Inc., Fry's Shopping System, Inc., Furniture Institute of America, Inc.

Garden Homes, Inc., Gasoline Retailers of Washington, D. C. Inc., Gaucho, Inc., Gazzosa Bottling Works, Inc., General Associated Utilities Corporation, General Dime Stores, Inc., General Launderers, Inc., General Lofting Corporation, General Mining, Milling and Power Co., General Ordnance Co., Inc., George F. Fish, Inc., George Gillespie & Co., George Pennington, Inc., George W. Mattes, Inc., Georgia-Florida Planters Company, Inc., Gertrude's Wishing Well, Inc., Glacier Steamship Corporation, Globe Poster Corporation of Del., Gold Eagle Mines, Inc., Gold King Mining Co., Inc., Gold Top Mining Co., Good Hope Properties, Inc., Good Roads Equipment Corporation, Goodman-Gordon Company, Inc., Gordon & Walters, Inc., Gotham Oil and Gas Company, Gottschalk and Company, Grabowsky's, Inc., Grandanor Corporation, Grayson Oil & Gas Company, Great Lakes Building Products Company Limited, Green-Lindsay Motor Company, Greenbrier Mining Corporation, Gregerson Manufacturing Company, Inc., Greyhound Oil Corporation of America, Group Mining Development Corporation, Grovely Oil & Gas Co., of Delaware, Guardian Finance Corporation, Guardian Signal Company, Inc., Guy Miller Company, Inc., The, Guyencourt Nurseries, Inc.

H. Abramson, Inc., H. C. C. Corporation, H. Evan Taylor, Inc., H. and P. Chemical Products, Inc., H. S. Johnson, Inc., H. Vaughan Clarke & Company, Hall Solvents Corporation, Hamilton Development Corporation, Hamilton Finance Company, Hammel Oil Burner Co., Inc., Hampton Engineering Company, Hanson's School of Aeronautics, Inc., Happy Coal Corporation, Harman Manufacturing Company, Inc., Harris-Kelly, Inc., Harris Realty, Inc., Harry Abramson Realty Company, Hartigwood Products Incorporated, Haven Development Corporation, "Hawkins-Burcham" Incorporated, Haythe Mercantile Agency, Inc., Health Home Remedies Corporation, Health Muffin Flour Corporation, Healthseat, Inc., Hen-O-Matic Equipment Corporation, Henry Erwin & Sons Company, Henryetta Coal Company, High-Land Oil and Gas Company, High Vacuum Processes, Inc., Hillsdale Realty Corporation, Hine-McKinley Company, Hollywood Features Syndicate, Inc., Home Gardens Corporation; Home Owners Reconstruction Corporation, Home-School Press, Inc., Hometown Realty Corporation, Hosiery Patent Research Corporation, Hotel Investment Company, House of Gurney, Inc., The, Household Units, Inc., Houser Refrigeration, Inc., Houtzdale Company, Inc., The, Howe & Co., Inc., Howe Importing Corporation, Huart Company, Inc., Huggard Inc., Hurricane Petroleum Corporation, Hyde Trailer Corporation.

Ice Cream Vending Machines, Inc., Independent Research Corporation, Indian Drilling Company, Industrial Improvement Corporation, Industrial Power and Water Company, Industrial Resources Corporation, Industrial Waste Products Corporation, Instruments, Inc., Integrated Housing Corporation, Inter-Americas Corporation, Inter-Americas Industrial Corporation, Inter-Americas Traders, Inc., Intermediary Corporation, International Development Corporation, International Programs, Inc., International Seismograph Corporation, Interstate Investment Syndicate, Investment Trading Co., "Irby & Mears, Inc.", Iron Refiners, Incorporated, Italian Food Institute, Inc.

J. A. McKeever Company, Inc., J. B. Shapiro Co., Inc., J. H. Everett, Inc., J. R. Eddington, Inc., J. S. Le Fevre, Incorporated, James Hendy and Company, James McMahon Realty Company, The, James-Trower Co., Inc., Jay A. Smith Drug Stores, Inc., Jean Baptiste Boutte Corporation, Jefferson Coffee Company, Inc., Jefferson Petroleum Company, John A. Donovan, Inc., John T. A. Ely & Co., Inc., Johnson's Lunch Buffets, Inc., Joseph J. Heintz, Jr. Inc.

Kactus Company, Kandy-0 Corporation, Kango, Inc., Kauffman Specialty and Equipment Co., Inc., Keefe Packing Company, The, Kelly Convertible Wagon and Sled Co., Inc., Kentucky Drilling Company, The, Kenwood Poultry Farms of Delaware, Inc., Kershaw Slag Company, Keyser Ridge Creamery Co., Keystone Automobile Company, Keystone Land Company, Keystone Operating Company, Keystone Racing Association, Inc., Kingrow System, Inc., Kinsale Corporation, Kit Mar Restaurant, Inc., Knisely Oils, Incorporated, Krenn & Dato Construction Company, Kuehnle, Inc., Kurtz Six Point Seal, Inc.

L. A. Huguley Petroleum Company, Inc., La Nacional Candy Corporation, Lady Jane Beauty Shop, Inc., Lake Shore Index, Incorporated, The, Lamprecht Mining Corporation, Landowners, Inc., Langdon Company, Incorporated, LaSalle Syndicate, The, Laskaris Holding Company, Last Hope Mining Company, Latham Products, Inc., Laughlin Filter Corporation, Laurel Produce Association, Le Roi Gold Mines, Inc., Lee's, Incorporated, Lela Associated Inc., Leslie Sales Co., Inc., Levitt Steamship Corporation, Lewis Luckenbach Lines, Incorporated, Liberty Bell Council No. 21, Jr. 0. U. A. M., Liftwood, Incorporated, Lindsey & Church, Inc., Litt & Co., Inc., Little Bonanza Mining Co., Litvin, Inc., Logan Ice Mfg. Co., Lombard Realty, Inc., Lubco Corporation, Lure-Tex Corporation, The, Lytron Corporation.

M. A. Jones, Inc., M. Carr Leffler Co. Inc., Mack Copper Company, Maddox Manufacturing Company, Maggy Rouff, Inc., Magno Won Chemical Products, Inc., Mail Order News Publishing Co., The, Malatesta, Inc., Malleable Iron Research Institute, Inc., Malor Realty Corporation, Manganese Valley Mines, Inc., Manitou Mines Inc., Mannella Construction Corporation, Manuel Maria Guzman & Co., Limited, Manufacturers News Bureau, Inc., Marabar Corporation, Marcah Corporation, Margie Mining Cornpany, Inc., Marine Gasoline Corporation, Marine Terminal Lumber Co., Maritime Transport Lines, Inc., Martin H. Ray, Inc., Martino, Inc., Marx Liquidating Corporation, Mary Field Corporation, The, Maurene Rouen, Inc., Mausoleum Building Corporation, Mayfair Potteries, Ltd., Maywood Land Corporation, McClaine Corporation, McDermott Contracting Corporation, McDermott, Inc., McDowell Furniture Company, Meigs-Stewart Engineering Corporation, Menard Development Company, Merchandising & Marketing, Inc., Merchants, Inc., Mercury Corporation of America, Mergraf Oil Products Corporation, Meridian Corporation, The, Merit Loan Service, Inc., Merrill Chapman Company, Merrill Research, Inc., Merry Roth, Inc., Metals, Inc., Metzler Rollingwood Company, Miami Small Loan Corporation, Miami Valley Farms, Inc., Michael's Food Products, Inc,, Michael-Lewis Corporation, Mickey's Theatre Corporation, MicoFilms, Inc., Mid-Kansas Producting Company, Inc., Mid-Southern Land Corporation, Midland Aircraft Company, Milburn and Brady, Inc., Million Brewery, Inc., Milton Investment & Mortgage Corporation, Minerva Press Incorporated, Minneapolis Theatre Company, Missinaibi Clays Limited, Mississippi Tung Groves, Inc., Mon-Ark Mining Company, Monarch Advertising Agency, Incorporated, Monarch Chemical Laboratories, Inc., Monessen Hardware Company, Monitor Coals, Incorporated, Monthly Income Fund, Inc., Moore Motors, Inc., Moorman Games, Inc., Morbon, Inc., Mordon Corporation, Morris & Bricker Motor Co., Morton L. Schwartz Corporation, Moss and Co., Motor Glide Corporation, Mulatto Company, Inc., Munitions and Ordnance, Inc., Mutual Trimming & Binding Company, Inc.

N. H. F. C. Corporation, Nakken Patents Corporation, Nantahala Minerals Corporation, Nanticoke Gardens, Inc., Natchez Fabricating Institute, Inc., National Acceptance Corporation, National Accountants Institute, Inc., National Air & Seaplane Corporation, National Association of Certified Public Accountants, National Association of Military and Naval Retail Merchants, National Capital Film Libraries, Inc., National Carbonated Beverage Research Institute, Inc., National Cash Order Corporation, National Church Foundation, Incorporated, The National Confection Company, National Fingerprint Company, National Guild, Inc., National Gym Suit Company, National Home Building Corporation, National Housing Corporation, National Lockair, Inc., National Nature News Inc., National Negro Hospital Foundation, Inc., National News Company, National Pecan Marketing Association, National Poster Service Association, Inc., The, National Projection Corporation, National Properties Administrative Corporation, National Royalties Corporation, National Short Term Securities Corporation, National Talent and Productions Corporation, National Traffic Engineering Corporation, National Traffic Equipment Corporation, Nations Trading Co., Inc., The, New Castle Insurance Agency, Inc., New Castle Milling Co., Inc., New Foods, Inc., New Ireland Mines Limited, New Jitney Players, Inc., The, New Ross Manganese Mines, Inc., New York Ice Revue and Ballet, Inc., Newark Development Company, Newport Realty, Inc., Norman E. Gaber Co., North American & Foreign Securities Corporation of America, North Central Oil Corporation, North Georgia Investment Company, North Hills Construction Company, North Star Mining Co., Northern Exchange Corporation, Northern Production Company, Northwestern Advertising Company, Inc., Northwestern Clays, Incorporated, Nu-Enamel Southeastern Corporation, Nulene Company, Inc., Nutter and Green, Inc.

O. D. Wilson Company, Incorporated, Ogden-Howard Clothing Co., Oil Activities, Inc., Oregon-Pacific Timber & Lumber Company, Ort's Jewelry Shop, Inc., Otterol Corporation, Outdoor Arts Company, Overseas Trading Corporation.

P. H. Nitze & Co., Inc., P. J. Evans & Company, Inc., P. & T. H. Garber, Inc., Pacific Coke and Coal Company, Pacific Gas Co., Pacific States Milling Corporation, Packard-Washington Motor Car Company, Palimi Corporation, Palk Realty Company, Palmer Publishing Corporation of New York, Palmer-Thackery, Incorporated, Pan American Commercial Corporation, Pan State Corporation, Paragon Steamship Company, Inc., Paramount Builders Supply Company, Inc., Paramount Securities Company, Par-funs Lengyel, Ltd., Parish Drilling Corporation, Parker Methods, Inc., The, Parkhurst Systems Builders, Inc., Patents Incorporated,

Richtex Oil Corporation, Rideau Company, Inc., Ridgely Realty Corporation, Rittenhouse Realty Company, Robinson Transfer Co., Rock Drilling Company, Rodessa Oil & Refining Corporation, Romas Petroleum and Oil Royalty Co., Inc., Room Service, Inc., Roselawn, Inc., Ross Emery Company, Inc., Roswell E. Sterner, Inc., Rotex Valve Company, Rotoflight Corporation, RownGaines Outdoor Advertising Co., Inc., Royal American Travel Service, Inc., Royal Chadron Champagne Corporation, Royal Service Station, Inc., Royalty Acres Incorporated, Rubber Shock Insulator Corporation, The, Ruby Mines Incorporated, The, Rum-Cola Sales Corporation, Rutland Oil Corporation, Ryan Construction Company.

S. H. Durstein Company, S. H. G. Incorporated, S. P. Freeman Company, Incorporated, The, S. Saxe Co., Safetymatic, Inc., Salisbury Shipbuilding & Yacht Company, San-Aps Corporation, San Jose Pacific Company, Ltd., Santa Lucia Mining Co., Inc., Scully, Inc., Seaboard Seed Company, Seaford Poultry Company, Incorporated, Sechler Farms Corporation, Seeley Tube & Container, Inc., Selbyville Brokers and Growers Association, Incorporated, Self-Lubricating Metals, Incorporated, Service Systems, Inc., Shabbona-Creston Oil & Gas Corporation, Shapiro-Katz Realty Company, Shelbourne Mining Company, Shellaco Corporation. Sheridan Brothers, Inc., Shore Corporation, Shull Sales Corporation, The, Silectro Distributing Corporation, Simpers Company, The, 69th St. Amusement Co., Skylark Aircraft Corporation, Smith & Riener, Inc., Snowden Hardwood Export Company, Snyder MacLaren Processes, Inc., Soft Water, Inc., Soilless Culture Corporation, Solid Petroleum Corporation, Somoa Chicago Company, Soundex, Incorporated, South American Utilities Corporation, South Seas, Inc., Southern Crude Oil Corporation, Southern Crude Oil Purchasing Company, Southern Industries, Inc., Southern Oil Transport Company, Southern Pacific Golden Gate Company, Southland Theatre Equipment Co. Inc., Sovereign Investments, Inc., Sparks Extrusion Corporation, Speedmaster, Inc., Spence Realty Corporation, Spurriers, Inc., Square Deal Machine and Grinding Company, Stainless Steel Aircraft Corporation, Standard Aeronautical Corporation, Standard Alumi
num and Alloy Company, Standard Motor Sales, Inc., Star Pipe Wrench Corporation, The, Starr Construction Company, Station Stores Corporation, Sterling Currier Society, Stock Exchange Securities, Inc., Stockham & Pitts, Inc., Stockholders' Realty Company, Thp, Stone and Britten, Incorporated, Stradley Engineering Company, Stuart Lee Jaffray, Inc., Style Duplicator Corporation, Sulphur Laboratories, Inc., Summit Council No. 18, Junior Order United American Mechanic, Inc., Sun-Ray Filter Shade Co., Inc., Sun-Vita Growers, Inc., Super-Power Corporation, Superior Brokerage & Guaranty Corporation, Superior Builders, Inc., Superior Corporation, The, Sussex Hosiery Mills, Inc., Sussex Law Library Association, Sussex Realty Company, The, Synthetic Rubber Products Corporation.

Tadac Inc., Tallyho, Inc., The, Tarum Company, Taylor Creek Mining & Milling Co., Taylor Fuel Co., Inc., Tea Crystals, Incorporated, Techeland Oil Corporation, Technical Sales Corporation, Tems Corporation, Terminal Coal & Supply Company, The, Terminal Transportation Corporation of Chicago, Thatuna Mines Incorporated, Thermo Syphon Corporation, Thomas Conway, Jr. Corporation, Thomascolor, Inc., Thomsen Power, Inc., Thriftie Homes, Inc., Titanium Development Corporation, Todd Royalty Syndicate, Toulon Corporation, Transco Syndicate, Inc., Transequator, Ltd., Treatment Regulator Corporation, Trend Corporation, Tressler Lark Good Foundation, Inc., Tri-National Registrar & Transfer Co., Inc., Triono Corporation, Trojan Development Company, Tropical Tung Oil, Nursery & Orchard Co., The, Twentieth Century Engineering Co., Inc., 20th Century Export Corporation, Twin Life Battery Mfg. Co., Ty-Designocraft, Inc.

U. S. Armor Corporation, U. S. Construction Corporation, Ucoline Products Company, Underwriters Motor Vehicle Testing & Inspection Corporation, Underwriters Syndicate, Inc., United American-Asiatic Corporation, United Crafts Guild, Inc., United Houses, Ltd., United League of America, Incorporated, The, United States Clearance Corporation, United States Coffee Machine Corporation, United States Housing Corporation, United States Industries Corporation, United States Society, The, United Supply & Equipment Company, Inc., United War Veterans, Inc., Unity Textile Company, Universal Gear Shift Corporation, Universal Motor Mileage Corporation of America, Universal System of Pottsville Incorporated, Universal Vending Machines, Inc., Upper Kittanning Brick Co., Inc., Utah Idaho Central Railroad Company, The, Utah Realty Corporation, Utilities Research Corporation, Utility Truck Equipment Co., Inc.

Vaco Parking Meter Company, Vaco Products, Inc., Vacuum Process Extracting Corporation, Van-Wey Agency, Inc., Varde Royalty Corporation, Vermont Pharmacy, Inc., Vita-Cola Company, Inc., Vita Fresh Health Juice Company, Ltd., Vita-Rock Company, Volco Cement Corporation, Vulcan Detinning Company.

W. S. Key Oil Company, Wade H. Harley Gas & Oil Company, Incorporated, Walter Briggs Riding Academy, Inc., The, Walters Properties, Inc., Wapoco Gas Corporation, Warner Furs, Inc., "Warren of Wilmington" Sales Corporation, "Warren of Wilmington" Laboratories, Inc., Washington Cigarette Service, Inc., Washington Development Corporation, Washington Educational & Religious Foundation, Inc., Washington Employment Exchange Inc., Washington Manufacturing Company, Washington Refrigeration Co., Washington Research Corporation, The, Watt Development Corporation, Watts Publishing Company, The, Webster Construction Company, Incorporated, Webster Realty Corporation, Inc., Weekly Washington Opinion and Foreign Digest, Inc., The, Wertzberger Derrick Company, West End Building Corporation, West End Extension Mining Company, West's Inc., Western Black-Sand Company, Western Gulf Petroleum Corporation, Western Quicksilver Development Company, The, Western Reserve Corporation, Wewoka Corporation, White Bear Mining Company, White Giant Farms, Inc., Wilcox Building Corporation, Wm. D. Shapiro, Inc., William E. Linton Company, William E. Taylor, Inc., Wm. G. Devenney, Inc., William Rau Delaware Corporation, William S. Martin, Inc., Williamson Corporation, Willis Montgomery Co., Inc., Wilmington Dressed Beef Co., Wilmington Tile and Marble Company, Winifred Fayant Cosmetic Corporation, Winkler and McQueen, Incorporated, Woman's World Publishing Company, Woodrow Realty Company, Woventex Co., The, Wylance Oil Company, The, Wyoming Trucking Co.

Yarnall, Stetser, Malone & Co., Yesmar Oil Company, Yonan Rug & Storage Service Company.

Zimmerman & Co., Inc., Zodiac Chemical Corporation, Zumbro Petroleum Corporation.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this eighteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-four, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and sixty-eighth.


By the Governor:


WILLIAM J. STOREY, Secretary of State.