Delaware General Assembly


Whereas, Pierre S. duPont, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this state.

Now, therefore, I, C. D. BUCK, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A. A. Adams Stores, Inc., A. A. Faxon Co., Inc., A. B. C. Moving and Storage Company, A. B. Curtis Stores Company, Abraham Bralow and Company, A. Blume's Grubstakers, Incorporated, The, A. Berliner, Inc., Abacus Corporation, A. Castelli & Co., Aberdeen Coal Company, A. C. Keeley, Inc., A. C. Rahm Corporation, A. C. S. Trading Company, Inc., A. C. Soper Company, Inc., A. Duie Pyle Contracting Company, Abbott-Downing Truck & Body Company, A. G. Fischer, Inc., Abe Greenstine, Inc., A. G. Snider Industries, Incorporated, A. Gittleman and Son Company, A. H. Alvis & Company, Abbott Hotels Corporation of Georgia, The, A. H. Kaplan, Inc., A. J. Burg, Inc., A. L. Martin Associates, Inc., A. M. Ramer Company, A. Norden and Company, Abuna Rubber Corporation, A. R. Milner Seating Corporation, A. R. Stenson Company, Abreu Safety Airways Company, Ltd., A. S. Ramage, Inc., A. Swanson & Sons, Incorporated, A. W. Beitem Co., Inc., Abrasive Wheel & Equipment Co., Inc., Active Carbon Corporation, Active Lodge No. 14 of the Order of Knights of Pythias of the State of Delaware, in the Town of Felton, Acme Machine Company, Acme Supply Company, Acme Sound Products Corporation, Academy of Visitation of Wilmington, Delaware, The, Adirondack Corporation, Adomation Company, Adjusto Chair Corporation, Advance Carpet Cleaning Company, Advertising Counselors, Inc., Adirondack Fur Ranching Corporation, Adelphia Finance Service, Inc., Ad-Justa Blind Bracket Corporation, Adelphia Janitor Supply Company, Inc., Adelphia Lodge Number 8 (Incorporated) Knights of Pythias, Address-List Service, Inc., Adcraft Neon Corporation, Advertisers' Press, Inc., The, Advanced Research Laboratories, Inc., Addison Sales Company, Adelphia Securities Corporation, Adjusto Security Corporation, Advance Securities Corporation, Advance Securities Management Company, Inc., Adelphia Sales Service, Inc., Adelphia Theatre Ticket Service, Inc., Airplane Appliances Corporation, Ltd., Aerial Activities, Inc., Agricultural Associations Travel Club, Inc., Aircraft Bond & Share Company, Inc., Aerodyne Corporation, Ailenroc Corporation, Airdry Corporation, Airkure Corporation, The, Airways Corporation of America, Airport Concessions, Inc., Affiliated Company, Number One, Aeromotive Development Corporation, Airway Express Corporation of America, African Exploring Expedition, (Incorporated), Aiken Export Finance Corporation, Aerial Enterprises, Inc., Airplane Equipment and Sales Corporation, Agricola Gas Utilities Corporation, Airport Holding Corporation, Aeroplane Hangar and Equipment Corporation, Agdar Investment Company, Agricultural Investors, Inc., Aircraft Lumber Corporation, Airport Management Corporation, Aeroland Oil Company, Agricultural Potassium-Phosphate Company of California, Ltd., Affiliated Royalties Co., Incorporated, Ajax Rope Co. Inc., Ajax Rubber Company, Inc., of Delaware, Aeronautical Service Corporation, Airamerican Supertransport Company, Air Shares, Inc., Air crest Studios, Inc., Ajax Tire Co., of Nashville, Alabama Aircraft Corporation, Alaroke Corporation, Algoman Corporation, Alaska Consolidated Canneries, Inc., Alamac-Esplanade Corporation, Alamo Endowment Company, Incorporated, Alaskan Fur Corporation, Alexander H. Searle, Incorporated, Alglass, Inc., Alexander Petroleum Corporation, Albertson Securities Company, Alabama State Fair Company, Albatross Steel Furniture Company, Ltd., Alexander & Smith, Inc., Alex Wolfington's Sons, Inc., Allied Aviation Corporation, Allied Adsign Industries, Inc., Allied American Industries, Incorporated, All American Pictures, Inc., Allied Aircraft & Transport Co., Inc., Allocode Corporation, The, All Cults Academy, Inc., Allstates Development Company, Alliance Finance Corporation, Almehan, Inc., Allied Investment Corporation, Allegheny Metal Products Co. Allegheny Mountain Silver Fox Corp., Alloy & Mineral Products, Inc., AlIday Oil Corporation, Alpha Oil & Gas Company, Almica Products Corporation, The, Allweather Putting Green Co., Allegheny Public Service Company, Alliance Royalties Company, Allied Reserve System, Incorporated, All Securities Corporation, Allied Sales & Export Co., All Speed Transmission Co., Inc., Allied Water & Utilities Corporation, Alton Corporation, The, Aluminum Collapsable Bed Corporation, Alto Oil Company, Aluminum Ore Corporation, Amphibian Aircraft Corporation, Amusement Arts Corporation, Amusementab Corporation, Amalgamated German American Oil & Gas Corporation, Amazon Rubber Corporation of New York, Amelia Steamship Corporation, Amico Supply Company, American Automobile Appliance Company, American Alloy Company, American Auclo Company, American Asbestos Mining & Milling Co., American Automatic Photoweigh Company, Inc., American. Aviation School, Inc,, American Beryluminum Corporation, American Beslin Corporation, America's Better Candy, Inc., American Boat Corporation, American Bond Company, American Bricklite Corporation, American Bast Fibre Co., American Bosshardt Furnace Corporation, American Chiropractic Association, Inc., American Commodities Corporation, American Corporation of Corporations, American Cottonpicker Corporation, American Chemical and Drug Co., American Cirrus Engines, Inc., American and Continental Investment Company, American Consolidated Music Co., Inc., American Controlled Oil Company, American Crude Oil Motors Corporation, American Common Stocks Company, Inc., American Dealers Association, American duPont Battery Co., Ltd., American Dekart Co., Inc., American Dirigible Corporation, American Drug Company of California, Ltd., American Diversified Realty Corporation, Ltd., American Delivery Service, Inc., American Electric Brake Corporation, American Electro-Chemical Company, American Empire Corporation, American Engineering & Developing Company, Inc., American and European Guaranteed Mortgage and Securities Company, The, American Eagle Mortgage Company, Inc., American Financial Corporation of New York, American & Foreign Claims Bureau, Inc., American Fur Farms, Inc., American Foods, Inc., American Federation Moving Picture Operators, Inc., American Gold Bond Company, American Greek Estates Corporation, American Galvanizing Institute, Inc., American Historical Research Society, American Home Stores Corporation American Industrial Bankers Corporation, American Industrial Corporation, American Insulsteel Corporation, American Investment Corporation, American Inventions, Inc., American Insulating Lath Company, American Industries & Management Corporation, American Ideal Safety Devices, Inc., American Industrial Shares, Inc., American Investment Securities Corporation, American Investment Trust of Kentucky, Inc. American Iron Works, Inc., American Linen Fibre Co., American Laundry, Inc., American Light & Supply Co., Ins., American Lumber and Supply Co., American Land Value Guarantying Corporation, American Machinery Company, American-Mexican Claims Bureau, Incorporated, American Mining and Commercial Co., Ltd., American Mortgage Company of Baltimore, American Manganese Development Corporation, American Mechanical Engineering Corporation, American Mines and Exploration Company, American Mathis, Incorporated, American Masonic Press, Inc., The, American Mineral Products Company, Inc., American Motorist Protective Association, American Market Shares, Inc., American National Company, American Natural Gas Corporation, American National Petroleum Co., Inc., American National Public Service Corporation, American N. S. E. Corporation, The, American Neon Sign Co., American Oil Company, American Overseas Corporation, American Organic Fertilizer Co., American Ore Products Corporation, American Pelliphilo Corporation, American Pine Chemicals, Inc., American Prospecting Company, American Prudential Corporation, American Purchasing Corporation, American Petroleum Engineers, Inc., American Plate Glass Corporation, American Plumbing and Heating Company, American Pecan and Nut Company, American Prohibition Referendum Association, American Produce & Trading Corporation, American Pulp and Yarn Corporation, American Quarries, Inc., American Raab Aircraft Corporation, American Radium Corporation, American Railways Company of Delaware, American Regulator Company, Inc., American Rice Export Corporation, American Radial Press, Inc., The, American Rapid Pan Greaser, Inc., American Royalty Security Corporation, American Salpha Corporation, American Seafood Corporation, American Securities Corporation, The, American Shareholders Corporation, American Silica Corporation, American Slavic Colonization Trust, Inc., American Safety Devices Company, Ltd., American Sinepi, Inc., American Syndicate Incorporated, American Scottish Rite Temple, Paris, Inc., American Thrift Company of Pennsylvania, American Timber Company, American Toiletries Company, American Tractor Equipment Co., American Type Investors, Inc., American Trading Manufacturing Co., Inc., American Tile & Terrazzo Company, American Utilities & Equities Corporation, American Utility Shares Corporation, American Window Company, American Wire Machinery Corporation, American Wood Products Corporation, American X-Ray Corporation, Anderson-Cameron Norwood Farm Interests, Inc., Anderson and Company, Inc., Anderson Kilgore Simmons Properties, Inc., Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division No. 2, Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division No. 3, Incorporated, Ancient Order of Hibernians Division No. 6, Incorporated, Anderson Properties, Inc., Anchor Realty Corporation, Anderson Safety Hook Company, Inc., Anderson Williamson County Properties, Inc., Anderson Williamson County Serpentine Pool, Inc., Anderson West Williamson Thirty Acre Pool, Inc., Anna Belle Oil Corporation, Antazma Corporation of America, Anglo-Cuban Oil and Refining Corporation, Anthracite Drilling Company, The, Anna Green, Inc., Angelus Needle Art Company, Inc.,Aoco Oil Co., The, Anolu Petroleum Corporation, Antilles Petroleum Corporation, Angelo Petroleum, Inc., Anthracite Power & Utilities, Inc., Annite Sales Corporation, Andree's Service, Inc., Appledoc Corporation of America, Ltd., Apartment Estates Club of America, Inc., Apfelbaum & Elias, Inc., Apex Realty Company, (Inc.), Apex Royalty Company, Aquagel Sales Corporation, Arthur A. Beard, Incorporated, Ark-Ala Lumber Company, The, Argentine Brazilian Corporation, Armand Corporation, Artu Corporation, Arcadia Cafe Company, Arklahoma Company, Inc., Ardnave Development Corporation Arlac Dry Stencil Corporation, Artist Entertainment Bureau, Inc., Arutunoff Engineering Company, Arfiex Electric Fixtures Corporation, Armstrong Electric and Manufacturing Corporation, The, Arkansas Electric and Water Company, Arco Hotel Company, Argus Holding Corporation, Arnold Hardware and Furniture Company, Art Kramer, Inc., Armstrong Mining Company, Artcraft Manufacturing Company, Arkansas Mining Company, Arvey Manufacturing Co., Arledge Map & Engineering Corporation, Arizona Metals, Inc. Artcraft Novelty Co., Arrow Oil & Gas Company, The, Arrow Pipe Line Company, The, Art Paint Poster Co., Arrowhead Recreation Company, Ardmore Rubber Products Company, The, Arkansas Syndicate, Inc., Armored Tire Corporation, Arkansas Valley Natural Gas Company, Artcraft Valet Salons, Inc., Associate Advertisers, Inc., Associated Arts Realty Corporation, Associated American Underwriters Corporation, Association of Baraca, The, Associated Baking Corporation, Associated Booteries, Inc., Associated Breweries, Incorporated, Associated Bliss Stores, Inc., Associated Bond and Share Corporation, Associated Block and Tile Corporation, Associated Capital Corporation, Associated Confectioners, Inc., Associated Distributors, Inc., Association of Disabled Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Asa E. Creeger, Inc., Astor Finance Company, Association for Fostering the Ideals of American Liberty, Associated Founders Investment Corporation, Associates, Inc., Associated Leaders' Acceptance Corporation, Associated Life Companies, Inc., Asylum Lodge No. 23 I. 0. 0. F., Incorporated, Associated Manufacturers Corporation of America, Associate Metallurgists, Inc., Astor Oil & Gas Company, Inc., Asmet Packing Co., Aster Restaurant Corporation, The, Asphalt Roofing Products Co., Inc., Ashley Syndicate, Associated Stores of America, Inc., Ltd., Associated Securities Dealers Corporation, Associated Travel Bureaus of America, Inc., Associated Transit Company, Inc., Assawaman Tribe No. 36, Improved Order Red Men, Ocean View Delaware, Associated Union Corporation, Associated Union Mortgage Guaranty Corporation, Atlantic Aircraft Corporation, Atlantic Appraisals Company, Inc., Atlantic Aviation Corporation, Atlas Axle Company, Atlas Airplane & Engine Corporation, Atlanta Baseball & Amusement Corporation, Atlantic Display Corporation, Atlantic Exploration Company, Atlantic Film Corporation, Atlas Food Products Company, The, Atlantic Glass Corporation, Atomic Gas Company, The, Atlas Investors Corporation, Atlantic Keystine Petroleum Company, Inc., Atlas Motor Corporation, The, Atlas Novelty Co., Atlantic Natural Gas Company, Atlantic Oil Royalty Corporation, Atlantic & Pacific Aviation Corporation, Atlantic and Pennsylvania Realty Co., Atlantic-Pacific Stages, Inc., Atlantic Public Service Associates, Inc., Atlantic Public Utilities, Inc., Atlantic Recreation Center, Inc., Atlantic Real Estate Corporation, Atlas Soap & Chemical Company, Atlantic Utilities Service Corporation, Atlantic Warehousing Co., Atlantic Waterworks Corporation, Atlantic Welding and Manufacturing Corporation, Aviation Accessories Corporation, Automatic Aerial Tower, Inc., Automotive Brokers, Inc., Automatic Corporation, Auto Commercial Body Works, Inc., Automatic Choker Corporation, Automacone Company, Inc., The, Aviation Consolidated, Inc., Automatic Devices Corporation, Automobile Equipment Company, Automotive Equipment Company, Automatic Electric Radiator, Inc., Automatic Garage Engineering Corporation, Automatic Heat Corporation, Aviation International Corporation, Automatic Lag Clutch Corporation, Ltd., Auto-Matic Awning Company, Automatic Musical Instrument Company, Aviation Oil Corporation, Automatic Projector Corporation, The, Automotive Process Corporation, Avrie Products Corporation, Auto Parts and Machine Company, Automatic Picture Machine Co., Automobile Public Service Corporation, Autodine Restaurant Corporation of America, Aument and Reynolds, Inc., Automotive Service Bureau, Inc., The, Aurora Securities Company, Automatic Sign Corporation, Automatic Supply Company, Inc., Auto Sign Display Co., of Delaware, Automatic Supply Midwest, Inc., Automatic Stoker Sales, Inc., Automatic Transmission Corporation of America, Aviation Trading Corporation, Automobile Underwriters Company, Automatic Venders, Inc., Auto Wash & Lubricating Co., Inc., Aurora X-Ray Corporation.

B. & B. Royalty Company, Badger-Benner Investing Corpora-don, B. B. Engine Company, B. C. Sales Co., Inc., B. G. Luther Company, Inc., B. H. Wilson & Co., B. J. Harrison Manufacturing Co., Inc., Bacterol Products Corporation, Bahten Poultry Farms Company, Inc., Badger State Oil & Gas Co., Baird Associates, Inc., Baja California Development Company, Bailey & Collins, Inc., Bakeries of America, Inc., Ltd., Bakers Advertising Service Corporation, Baker, Hillyer & Co., Baker Steel Company, Baiston Automatic Writing Machines Company, Baldwin Cleaner Corporation, Baltimore Finance Corporation of Maryland, The, Balwin Marine Company, Bancorporation of America, Inc., Bankers Budget Corporation, Bonfield Chevrolet Company, The, Bangor Central Slate Company, Bangorvein Consolidated Slate Companies, Inc., Bangor Crushed Slate Corporation, Banquiers Club Tours, Bankers Consolidated Corporation of the District of Columbia, Bangor Gold Mining Corporation, Bankhead Hotel Company, Bankers Insurance Savings Plan, Inc., Banana, Inc., Banking Protective Service, Incorporated, Bankers Title Company, Bankers Travel Bureau, Inc., The, Barger Coal & Water Power Co., Barnes Corporation, Barnsdall Foster Company, Barnes' Soap Products, Inc., Barranquilla-Cartagena Railroad Company, Basic Chemical Corporation, Bastrop Gas Improvement Co., Barth Hotels Corporation, Barton Torpedo Company, Bateman Construction Company, Bates Expanded Steel Truss Co., Baum Corporation, The, Baumco, Inc., Baystran, Inc., Baylis Manufacturing Company, The, Baxter Sales Co., Bay-Tree Holding Corporation, Beach Beauty Salon, Inc., Beaconsfield Co., Inc., Beaver County Motor Co., Beach Chemical Company, Beach Development Corporation, Beach and Fields, Inc., Beaver Mutual Life Insurance and Casualty Company, Beaver Valley Coal Corporation, Be Well Water Corporation, Bedford Coal Corporation, Beck Garage, Inc., The, Beck, Keim & Burns, Inc., Beckwith North Central Finance Corporation, Becker, Tailoring Company, The, Behrens Distributing Corporation, Beech Terrace Investment Company, Bell Aircraft Corporation, Belmont Amusement Company, Belway Corporation, The, Belgrade Candy Sales Company, The, Bement Corporation, Bell Cow Mining Company, Inc., Belmont Engineering Company, Inc., Belding-Hall Electric Corporation, Belfield Iron Works, Inc., Bell-Kiddy Shops, Inc., The, Belmont Quarries, Inc., Bell Securities and Management Company, Inc., Belle Vernon Ice Co., Inc., Ben M. Curtis, Incorporated, Bensalem Plaza Services, Inc., Benjamin Winter, Incorporated, Bentley Chain Stores, Inc., Benwell & Company, Benton County Hardware Company, Benz-Oil Corporation, Berman's, Inc., Berdoll-Miller Mining Co., Berea Super-Service Corporation, The, Bertone Fuel Reaction Corporation, Berwyn Investment Company, Berry Shocker, Incorporated, Best Bet Beverage Corporation, Better Bearings Sales Corporation, Bessemer Coal & Refractories Corporation, Bethlehem Company, The, Bethlehem Cleaning and Dyeing Company, Bethlehem Chemical Company, Bexar Facts Publishing Company, Better Homes, Incorporated, Better Kake Baking Corporation, Betzell Manufacturing Company, Bes-way Tool Corporation, Big Ben Products Corporation, Big Four Petroleum Co., Bill's Haberdashery, Inc., Bio-Chemical Products Company, Binney Inspection Service, Inc., Binter's Music Store, Inc., Blanche Bay Gold Mines Corporation, The, Blancolit Chemical Corporation, Blanco Coal Co., Blackhawk Finance Corp., Black Gold Petroleum Company, Black Hawk Oil Company, Black Hawk Royalty Company, Black Rock Mining Syndicate, Blackstone Road Material Corporation, Blaney Valve and Manufacturing Company, Inc., Blue Cross Shipping Corporation, Block Cleaning & Dyeing Co., Bluff Point-Lake Keuka Management, Incorporated, Bledson Security Corporation, Bluestone Block & Supply Co., Bleachers Seat and Amusement Co., Blue Streak Mining Company, Body Builder Sales Corporation, Boardwalk Hotels Corporation, Board of Trade and Commerce of the Motion Picture Industry of the United States of America, Inc., The, Bolick-Auburn Company, Inc., Bonded Credit Guarantee Company, Booncraft Corporation, Book Drilling Corporation, The, Bond Investment Company, Bonded Refrigeration Co., Inc., Bond Shoe Manufacturing Corporation, Bottled Beverages, Inc., Boston Paper Company, Inc., Borman Personnel Service, Inc., Bourne Investment Corporation, Bowler Motors, (Incorporated), Boyd-Martin Boat Company, Bowen-Norris Construction Company, Inc., Bowman Oil & Gas Company, Box Patents, Incorporated, Bowen-Shields Chemical Company, Bradley Bros. Mfg. Co., Inc., Bradley Drilling Company, Bradfield Motors, Inc., Bradley Tyrell, Inc., Brandywine Fire Co., No. 10 of Wilmington, Delaware, The, Brandywine Land and Improvement Co., Brandywine Lodge No. 18, I. 0. 0. F. of Highland's in New Castle County and State of Delaware, Brandywine Lodge, No. 18, I. 0. 0. F., of Brandywine Banks, Delaware, Brandywine Lodge, No. 18, I. 0. 0. F., of Delaware, Incorporated, Bray Machinery & Paving Corporation, Brantford Publishing Company, Inc., Brandywine Radio Shop, Inc., Breese Aircraft Corporation, Bren-Tex Oil Company, Inc., Brimberg Bros. (Del.) Inc., Brighton Chemical Works, Inc., Bridgeville Conclave No. 35, Improved Order of Heptasophs, Incorporated, Bridgefield Sweets, Incorporated, British American Cedar Corporation, Broadway Athletic Club, Inc., Broadway Estates, Incorporated, Broadway Investors Corporation, Brokers, Inc., Broadway Lotion Corporation, Brock & Weymouth, Incorporated, Brooklyn Air Transport, Inc., The, Brotherhood Stores, Inc., The, Brooks Valve Corporation, Browne & Brookfield, Inc., Bruckner Mfg. Co., Inc., Bryant Service, Inc., Buchanan Aeroplane Corp., Buckingham Fur Company, Bucolston Quarries, Inc., Buchanan Trading Corporation, The, Bullock Development Company, Buel Exploration Company, Burd Buying Service, Inc., Burdick & Company, Inc., Burdon, Incorporated, Burden Pictures, Inc., Burmont Construction Corporation, The, Burnt Clay Products Company, Burrell-Snow, Inc., Burton Springfield Oil Corporation, Bush Consolidated Gold Mines, Incorporated, Butone Utilities, Inc., Buzzard Hill Mine, Inc.

C. A. Luhrsen Co., The, C. A. Nicholl & Company, Cairo Brick Corporation, Cairns Development Company, Caldwell Experimental Corporation, C. E. Grant, Incorporated, C. E. Stone Company, California Fireproof Door Company, California Finance and Trading Corporation, Caddo Holding Co. of Delaware, California Industrial Alcohol Company, Ltd., C. J. Alyea Co., The, California Land Buyers Syndicate, C. L. Kircher, Inc., Caldwell Motor Company, The, C. M. Holding Company, Inc., California Mutual Income Farms, Inc., California Nitrate Company, Cahow National Holding Corporation, California-New York Express Steamship Lines, Inc., California Oil Fields Corporation, Ltd., Calexico Petroleum, Inc., Calny Realty Corporation, Calotex Royalties Corporation, Ltd., C. R. Hammell & Sons Kid Company, Calumet Realty & Investment Company, Cab Sales Company, California Securities Company, Calvert Street Filing Stations, Inc., California-Utah Steel Corporation, California Vineyards Company, C. V. Hughes Corporation, C. W. Ritchie, Jr., Co., Inc., The, Cameron-Anderson Properties, Inc., Cambridge Corporation, Camden Council No. 33, Jr. 0. U. A. M., Inc., Campbell-Cox Royalty Corporation, Cam Gear Company, Cambridge Hotel Company, The, Campana Mines, Inc., Cameron Quick Action Pool, Inc., Campion & Scheetz, Inc., Camden Union Camp Meeting Association of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Canadian American Airlines, Incorporated, Ltd., Capital Associates of America, Inc., Capital Acceptance Corporation, Canadian Automatic Fire Alarm Company, The, Capilizer Corporation, Caprice Cabinets Company, Inc., Canadian Copper Mines, Incorporated, Capitol Decorating Co., Capital Finance Corporation of California, Canned Food Export Corporation, Capital Health Center, Inc., Capitol Hill Hospital Clinic, Inc., Canadian Imperial Dry, Inc., Capital Investors, Inc., Capital Machine Company, Inc., Capital Mortgage Corporation, Capitol Marine Garage, Inc., Capital Research Corporation, Capital Shares Corporation, Capital Service, Inc., Capitol Title & Guarantee Company, Inc., Capitol Utilities Corporation, Carilda Corporation, Carnegie Coal & Dock Company, Carox Engineering Corporation, Carib Fiber Corporation, The, Carl F. Schneider, Inc., Growers 4 Generations, Carlson Garment Manufacturing Company, Inc., Caro Process Corporation, Caracas Syndicate, Inc., Carl Swanson Trap Corporation, Carolina Tobacco Corporation, Carpenter Corporation, Carson Credit House, Inc., Carson, Murphy & Co., Inc., Carroll Shellac and Varnish Co., Inc., Carson Waterproofing Co., Inc., Carter and Company, Carter Gas Corporation, Carteri, Incorporated, Cartwright, Incorporated, Carter Royalty Corporation, Carter Sound Equipment Company, Case Commission Co., Cascade Cafe, Inc., Castle Golf Company of America, The, Castner, Inc., Casco Oil Corporation, Casanave's Orange Products, Inc., Central American Aviation Corporation, Ltd., Central Accounting Bureau, Inc., Century Aircraft Corporation of America, Central American Finance, Inc., Cedric Apartments, Inc., Central Air Terminal Co., Central Airport Transport, Inc., Celo Bottling Corporation, The, Cathedral Bond and Mortgage Company, Cedartex Corporation, The, Cellulose Corporation of America, Central Chemical Company, Central Chicago Corporation, Central Construction and Supply Company, Central Disinfectant Company, Central Eastern Air Transport, Inc., Cavies, Incorporated, Ceresine International Products Co., Inc., Central Kentucky Dry Goods Company of Lexington, Central Lumber and Coal Company, Central Marketing Company, Center Market of Washington, Inc., Cavalier Orange Crush Company, Catholic Pictures Corporation, Cement Products and Machine Corporation, Central Real Estate and Loan Company, Century Rotary Motor Corporation, Central Securities Company of Asheville, Inc., Central States Investors Corporation, Central States Natural Gas Company, Central States Oil and Gas Company, Central Tennessee Gas Corporation, Central Union Public Service Company, Chain Amusement Company, Chamberlain Corporation, Champion Flavoring Company, Inc., Champlain Investors, Inc., Chain Properties Corporation, Chain Stores Company of America, Inc., Chain-pion Stoker Corporation, Chain Stores Development Corporation, Chain Store Investors & Management Company, Inc., Charles A. Scott Pictures Corporation, Charles Beadenkopf Company, Inc., Charlott Chemish Fabrick, Inc., Charles Dietz, Inc., Charles E. Lindh, Inc., Charles E. Wry Company, Inc., Chanon Garden Homes Corporation, Charles Gittelman, Inc., Charanna Holding Company, Charter Oak Investors Corporation, Charbox Sales Company, Charles Schaal's Sons, Incorporated, Chas. T. Topping Machinery Co., Chemlin Company, The, Chemical Copper Producers Company, Chemical Concentration Works, Inc., Chelton-Greene Company, ChemicHydracarbon Corporation, Chemates, Inc., Chemicals, Inc., Cheney Investment Company, Chesapeake Marble Corporation, Chesapeake Mortgage Company of Dover, Delaware, Chase's Office Supply House, Inc., Chase Products Co., Inc., Chautauqua Petroleum Corporation, Chemical Products Company, Cherokee Public Service Company, Cherokee Royalty Corporation, Chicag Art Cinema Guild, Inc., Chicago Amusement Service Corporation, China Building Corporation, Chilean Chemical Corporation, Chicago Gliding School, Inc., Chic's Haberdashery, Inc., Chicago Milwaukee & Twin Cities Coach Lines, Incorporated, Chick Norton Motor Company, Chlorine Products Company, Chocolate Products Company, Chilean Service Stations, Inc., Chinese Theatre Corporation, Chicago and Western Coal Products Corporation, City Abattoirs, Inc., Circle Bar Cattle and Packing Company, Chromatron Corporation, Cinamette Corporation, Citramag Corporation, The, Cinecolor Company of America, Inc., Circle Construction and Equipment Co., Citizens Finance Co., Inc., of Washington, D. C., Citizens Finance Service, Inc., Church Publicity Bureau, Inc., Christie Pictures Corporation, Ltd., Cincinnati Pipe Line Company, The, Citizens Public Service Company of Nebraska, Citizens Public Utilities, Inc., Christofferson Roofing & Asbestos Company, Chrome Radiator Sign Company, City Security Corporation, Christine Treasury (Inc.), Church, Wootton & Co., Clark-Adams Oil & Royalties Corp., Ltd., Clara Barton Memorial Association, Clark Company, Inc., Clark Circular Loom Corporation, Clark Navigation Lines, Inc., Clark Plan Corporation, Ltd., Claxton Poultry Company, Clarence Saunders Corporation, Clarence Saunders Pacific Stores, Inc., Clark Tie Spike Company, Clean All Oil Company, Clerical Benevolent Association of the Diocese of Wilmington, Clean-Be-Between Tooth Brush Co., Cleansing Service Corporation, The, Clewiston Sales Company, Cloquot Manufacturing Company, Clown Miniature Golf Corporation, Cloisonette Products Corporation, Club System, Inc., The, Coast and Border Club, Coal Burner Devices, Inc., Coalsaver Company, The, Coatalen Diesel Engine Corporation, Coastal Insurance Agency, Inc., Coast Line Oil Company, Co-Mutual Investors and Trading Corporation, Coates and Rainear, Inc., Coal Transportation Company, Inc., Coff-Centennial Dye Works, Inc., "Coffee Dams" Incorporated, Cojedes Oil Fields Corporation, Colark Co., Inc., Coldwater Cotton Oil Company, Cold-Lite Corporation, Cole Standard Grip Nut Corporation, Cold Snap, Incorporated, Collateral Credit Corporation, Collins Flashlight Corporation, Collins Institute, Inc., Collapsible Steel Box Company, The, Collins and Vidal, Inc., Columbia Button Corporation, Coloder Company, The, Colorfilm Corporation, Colonial Construction Company, Columbia Chromium Company, Color Classic Pictures, Inc., Colonial Finance Corporation, Colonial Fiscal Company, Inc., Color Foundation, Incorporated, Columbia Laundry Company, Inc., Columbia Lodge, No. 26, I. 0. 0. F., Incorporated, Columbia Mining and Development Corporation, Columbia Orchestral Bureau, Incorporated, The, Colortone Pictures of America, Inc., Colonial Publishing Co., Columbia Tariff Bureau, Incorporated, Columbia Valley Power Company, Inc., The, Commercial Aviation Investment Company, Commercial Capital Company, Community Cheese & Canning Company, Community Creameries, Inc., Commercial Credit Service, Inc., Commercial Credit Service, Inc., Commonwealth Corporate Service Company, Commercial Chemical and Tonic Company, Combustion Engineering Company, Commercial Estates Investment Co., Commonwealth Engineering & Management Company, Compagnie Franco Anglaise De Gaz Et D-Electricite, Commonshare Founders Corporation, Community Ice Company, Commonwealth Industrial Finance Corporation, Composite Investors of Suffolk, Incorporated, Commercial Marine Corporation, Community Midget Golf Course, Inc., The, Commonwealth National Corporation, Compass Oil and Gas Company, Compeer Oil, Inc., Combustion Power Corporation, Commercial Protective Association of America, Common Shares Corporation of America, Commonwealth Trading Corporation, Community Utilities, Incorporated, Concourse Corporation, The, Congelator Company of America, Concho Gas Company, Concord Home Building Company, Inc., Concreduct, Inc., Concho National Company, Concentrated Products Corporation of America, The, Concrete Steel Products Co., Connecticut Caro Corporation, Connolly Company, Inc., Connolly and Swanstrom, Inc., Consolidated Airports, Inc., Consumers Association of Texhoma, Consolidated Capital Corporation, Consolidated Chemical Corporation, Consolidated Connector Corporation, The, Consolidated Cloak & Millinery Company, Consolidated Connector Patent Corporation, Consolidated Distributors Corporation, Ltd., Consolidated Direct Selling Industries, Inc., Consolidated Finance Companies, Incorporated, Consolidated Furniture Corporation of America, Consumers Gas & Service Company, The, Consolidated Investing & Financing Corporation, Conshohocken's Leading Store, Inc., Consolidated Materials Corporation, Consolidated Mining Corporation of San Juan, Construction Machinery Company of California, Construction Materials Supply Corporation, Consolidated Newspapers, Incorporated, Consolidated Oil Investment Company, The, Consolidated Pharmacal Corporation, Consolidated Printing Corporation, The, Consortium Products, Inc., Consolidated Par-Kay Floor Corporation, Consolidated Printing and Publishing Service Co., Consolidated Producing Royalties, Incorporated, Consumers Radio Co., Conservative Securities Company, The, Consolidated Service Corporation, Consolidated States Telephone Company, Consolidated Textile Shrinkers of America, Inc., Consolidated Utilities Associates, Inc., Continental American Bankshares Corporation, Continental and Atlantic Corporation, Continental Brake Shoe and Equipment Company, Continental Commerce Corporation, Continental Credit Company, Continental Co-Operative Realty Company, Inc., Continental Dairy Stores, Inc., Continental Eastern Corporation, Continental Equities, Inc., Continental Engineering and Research Corp., Continental & General Investment Corporation, Continental Gas, Light and Power Company, Continental Hotel Corporation, Contact, Incorporated, Continental Investors Corporation, Continental Metropolitan Corporation, Conyer's Manor & Estates, Inc., Continental Securities Corporation, Continental Trading Corporation, Continental Traffic Marker, Inc., Continental Utilities Company, Contract Waterproofing Company of Delaware, Co-Operative Construction Company, Inc., Cooperative Canners, Incorporated, Co-Operative Investing Co., Inc., Copra Oil Refineries, Inc., Copper & Benson Export Company, Coppertecto Metal Coating Company, Cooperative Nationale Argentine Corporation, The, Copper Shares, Incorporated, Corianton Corporation, Cordery Cinder Products Company, Corantyne Development Company, Corfil, Inc., Corporation Investment Shares, Inc., CorLou Brick Company, Corporation Securities Company, Cornell Utilities Corporation, The, Cosma Products, Incorporated, Cosby Producing and Royalty Company, Courtesy Amusement Corporation, The, Cotter Butte Mines, Inc., Counties Bond & Mortgage Company, Cotile Corporation, The, Couch Co., The, Council Grove Gas & Service Company, The, Covert Gear & Manufacturing Corporation, Covington Hotel Company, The, Court House Square Realty Company, Cove Lumber Company, The, Coverdale Press, Inc., The, Court Thomas F. Bayard No. 3 Foresters of America, Incorporated, Coyle Company, The, Craftsman Building Company, Incorporated, Cramer Bros., Inc., Crawford Engineering Corporation, CramerRosbrow Corporation, Cresco Dairy Machinery Company, Crest (Inc.), Crescent Oil and Gas Co., Createg Propietary Corporation, The, Crestline Products and Service Co., Creecy & Shives, Inc., Cronenweth Dye Works, Incorporated, Crouch Exterminators Corporation, Crosman Trading Corporation, Crown & Anchor, Inc., Crozite Brick and Tile Corporation, Crowner Company, Crowell Company, Inc., Crown Publishing Co., Inc., Crystalline Rock Prod. ucts Corporation, Cummings Engineering Corporation, Cummins-McDonald Navigation Company, Cumberland Mountain Products Company, Cumberland Natural Gas Corporation, Cumberland Oil Corporation, Cumberland Realty Company, The, Cumberland Realty and Loan Company, Cumberland Service Company, Incorporated, Cupples and Howard, Incorporated, Curvfit Products Co., Inc., Custo Corporation of America, Ltd., Custer Packing Company, Customers' Plans, Inc., Cusachs Sales Corporation, The, Custer & Son, Inc.

Daley's Artesian Water Company, Dairyman's Buying Association, Dahl Bit Corporation, D. B. Maloney Lumber Co., Dahlin & Company, Dale Company, The, Dahlberg Corporation of America, Dairy Corporation of America, D.G. Storage Battery Co., D. & H. Department Stores, Inc., D. J. Ryan Construction Co., D'Ormant Laboratories, Inc., D. & Y. Utility Corporation, Dansant Amusement Co., Daniel A. Minnick & Son, Inc., Daniel Boone Corporation, The, Danville Central Realty Company, Daniel D. Allen Garages, Incorporated, Darby Day Investment Corporation, Dark Hours, Inc., The, Darkins Hasp Lock Co., Inc., Darling Laboratories, Inc., Daniel McTague, Inc., Dame, Wolfe and Company, David B. Stock Amusement Company, Davies Corporation, Davin Holding Corporation, David H. Lipsey Co., David Luber, Inc., Davenport Manufacturing Co„ Inc., Davenport Oil Company, The, Davidson Oil & Gas Company of Oklahoma City, David-Raymond Corporation, The, Davis Airlines, Inc., Davis-Durkin Corporation, The, Davrova Engine Corporation, Davis McDade & Company, Davidson Publishing Company, Dauphin Shoe Company, Davis Stores, Inc., Dawson-Babcock Flying Service, Inc., Day-Nite, Inc., Dayson Petroleum Company, Dealers' Discount Corporation of America, De Frise, Incorporated, De Frain Supply Company, Inc., De Johns of Phila., Inc., Deaner Oil & Gas Company, De Paul Construction Company, Deal Park Company, De Vincentis Construction Co., Death Valley Properties, Inc., De Woody Oil Company, De Wayne Studios, Inc., De Waters Automatic Safety Latch Corporation, Decorative Arts, Inc., Ltd., Debasco Boat Works, Inc., Decapo Chemical Corporation, Defiance Company, Inc., Deeper Hudson Oil Terminals Corporation, Deer Oil Corporation, Delo Airplane Corporation, Delmarva Amusement Co., Delmarva Carnival Supplies, Inc., Delatown Corporation, Delta Corporation, Delas Condenser Corporation, Delta Development Company, Delmarvia Fur Farms, Inc., Del-Mar-Va Collection Association, Inc., Delta Oil Company, Delaney Patents Holding Company, Dello Russo Bros., Inc., Delco Security Company, Delaware Avenue Luncheonette, Inc., Delaware Bankus Corporation, The, Delaware County Motors Corporation, Delaware Collection Agency, Inc., Delaware Corporation Company, Delaware County Finance Corporation, Delaware General Financial Corporation, Delaware Landscape Service, Inc., Delaware Louisiana Development Co., Delaware Lodge No. 349 of the German Order of Hargugari of Wilmington, Delaware, Delaware Memorial Park, Inc., Delaware Mining Syndicate, Delaware Shore Land Corporation, Delaware Vulcanized Fibre Company, Demacar Corporation, Dempster Coal Company, Demase & Morgan Co., Inc., Densite Corporation of America, Dennison Company, The, Dependable Produce Co., Dentists Pyorrhea Association, Detroit Carrier and Manufacturing Company, Desert Development Corporation, Ltd., Detroit International Corporation, Developers Corporation, Ltd., Development Company Number One, Development Corporation of Pittsburgh, Devonian Gas Company, Dexter Lumber and Flooring Co., Devonian Marble Corporation, Dexter Packing Company, Inc., Dexter Sales Corporation, Development Service Corporation, Diamond Anthracite Coal Company, Dignan Cigar Co., Inc.. Diesel Electric Power, Inc., Diamond Gas Co., Dickman-Green Company; Dick Murphy, Inc., Dielectric Products Corporation, Diatonute Products Corporation, Diatom Products, Inc., Dielectric Products, Inc., Diamond State Pharmacal Co., Diamond State Rides, Inc., District Absopure Co., Diversified Bancshares, Inc., Distributing Company of America, Dixie Development & Dairying Company, Diversified Finance Company, Ltd., Distributors Equities, Inc., District-Florida Corporation, District Garage & Service Station, Inc., District Hotel Corporation, Dissociators, Inc., Dixie Land and Colonization Co., Dimon Line, Inc., Diversified Mines Corporation, Distol Manufacturing Company, Dixie Royalties, Incorporated, Dixie Rayon Company, Inc., Diversified Shares International, Inc., Dixie Sugar Planting Company, District Theatre Corporation of Washington, D. C., Dixie Town & Land Co., Distance Typewriter Corporation, The, Dixie Ventilator Company, Inc., Dodson Garage Company, Dollar Dry Cleaners, Inc., Domestic Economy Corporation, Dominion and Federal Utilities Corporation, Domestic & Foreign Shares, Inc., Dolan & Meehan, Inc., Dollar Portland Lumber Company, Dollar Share Founders, Inc., Dolly Stores, Inc., Domestic Securities Company, Dominion Vinegar Co., Inc., Doodewards, Inc., Dooley Trucking Company, Inc., Douglass Chair Co., Douglass Heights Sub-Division Company, Dorsey Safety Bumper Company, Downy!lakes Food Products, Inc., Downey Pump Corporation, Down Town Parking Garage, Inc., Dr. A. Henry, Inc., Drug Chaft, Incorporated, Drake Farm Products, Inc., Drumchrom, Inc., Drug Industries, Inc., Dr. Stevenz's, Inc., Dri-Steam Valve Corporation, Duette Company, The, Dudley Exploration Company, Dubuque Electric Company, duPont Motors, Inc., Duber Safety Muffler Device Co., Dunmore Ball Park Association, Dunleavy Bros. Company, Duncan Mackenzie's Sons Company, Incorporated, duPont Batteries Co., Ltd., of California, Duntile By-Products Manufacturing Company, Duotex Corporation, duPont Flower Shop, Inc., Duplex Motion Picture Industries, Inc., duPont Stores, Inc., Duplex Safety Window Corporation, Duplex Transmission Company, Dutro & Company, Dutch Druglet, Inc., Durabilt Ladder Corporation of America, Dutch Mountain Coal Corporation, The, Duryea Motor Corp., Durante National Company (Incorporated), Du-son Oil Company, Durium Products Corporation, Durham Radio Corporation, Durham Screw Products Corporation.

Eastern Aircraft Corporation, Eastern Bankers Corporation, Eastern Confection Corporation, Eastern Clock Co., Easton Cooper.. age Company, Eastern College of Neuropathy and Naturopathy, Inc., Eastern Carpet Company, Inc., East End Realty Company, Eastern Fuel Company, E. F. Scott Co., Inc., E. H. Wood, Incorporated, E. I. Simpson Company, Eagle Investment Corporation, E. J. Phelan Heating Co., Inc., Eastern Kentucky Natural Gas Company, E. L. Pewtress Corporation, East Liberty Home Dressed Meat Company, E. M. Loew's Enterprises, Inc., E. Morris Music Publishing Company, Inc., Eastern Natural Gas Company, East Orange Lumber Co., East Oklahoma Electric Power Company, Earth Products, Inc., Eastern Pavements Corporation, E. R. Carr Construction Compny, Inc., Eastern Shore Furs, Incorporated, Eastern States Public Service Corporation, Eastern Sales Corporation, Eagle Spring Water Corporation, Eastern States Poultry Manure Corporation, Eastern Service Corporation, Eastern States Holding Corporation, Eastern Theatres Accessories Corporation, Inc., Earp-Thomas Holding Corporation, Inc., Eastern Thrift Corporation, The, EarpThomas International Laboratories, Inc., E. T. Morris Company, Eanet & Yaffe Company, Incorporated, Economicoil Burner Corporation, Eclipse Electric Company, Echodon, Inc., Ebama Investment Company, Eclipse Manufacturing Co., Eco Sales & Holding Company, Eden Appliance Corporation, Egyptian Burial Vault Corporation, Edward Ball Agency, Inc., Edgewater Consumer-Credit Finance Co., Edward E. Fricker, Inc., Edward E. Rhoades Company of New York, Edgewater Gulf Hotel Company, Edward, Inc., Edwin I. Reeser, Incorporated, Ed. L. Stock, Incorporated, Egg Machinery Company, Incorporated, The, Edwin M. Bosworth & Company, Inc., Edward N. Parker and Company, Incorporated, Edgewater Park Company, Edwards Service Station, Inc., Ed. S. Vail Butterine Co., Edwin T. McGough Motor Aide Service, Inc., Egbert Trading Corporation, Edgley Worsted Mills, Inc., Eisenman & Bucholtz Company, Ejecto Company, The, Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Corporation, Electriclock Company, The, Elite Coffee Pot Co., Inc., Elgin Corporation, The, Electro Chemical Laboratory, Inc., Electro-Commercial Products Co., Inc., Electric Cotton Picker Co., Inc., Electropure Corporation, The, Electro Company, Elk Drug Co., Incorporated, El Fuerte Mining Company, Electric Heating Corporation, Electric House Heating Corporation, Electro Metal Products Corporation, The, Electrotime Manufacturing Company, Elk Mills Fabrics Company, El Paso Securities Corporation, Electric Public Utilities Company, Electric Public Service Company, Electrical Quantity Survey Bureau, Inc., Electrol Refining Company, Electrical Research Laboratories, Inc., Electric Vulcanizing Rubber Company, The, Elmer Bros., Inc., Elwino Corporation, Elleness Chemical Company, Incorporated, Elmer F. Bagley & Company, Elton-McCardle Productions, Inc., Ella Mining Company, Elms Realty Corporation, Ellwood Sales Corporation, Enterprise Amusement Corporation, Engineers Aircraft Corporation, Emrick-Chapin, Inc., of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Emerich Corporation, The, Engineering Company of America, The, Enstice Corporation, The, Endine Company, Emerman Company, The, Endorsograph Company, Inc., The, Empire Equities Corporation, Epicure Food Stores Corporation, Emil Fried, Inc., Empire Floor and Wall Tile Co., Inc., (Michigan), Empire Floor and Wall Tile Co., Inc., (Illinois), Empire Floor and Wall Tile Co., Inc., (Ohio), Empire Finance Corporation, Engineers Gold Mines, Ltd., Inc., Empire Holding and Investment Corporation, Endowment Investment Corporation, Equitable Investing Corporation, Empire Lease & Royalty Company, Ltd., Emergency Loan Corporation, The, Endowment Loan and Mortgage Company, Equitable Management Corporation, The, Enterprise Oil Burner Co., of Washington, Incorporated, Empress Oil & Gas Corporation, Engineers Oil Company, Empire Public Service Corporation, Eubank Refrigerator Body Company, Emergency Repair Company, Equitable Surety Bond Agency, Inc., Enamel Securities Company, Emergency Sales Bureau, Inc., Empresas Unidos Del Ecuador, Inc., Empire Workingmen Stores, Inc., Erny Contracting Co., Erickson Engineering Industries, Inc., Erie Oil and Gas Company, Erney Tire & Service Corporation, Eureka Auto Chain Co., Eugene Christian Products, Inc., Esente Corporation, Ethylizer Corporation of America, Estate of D. F. Hill, Inc., Es-Fen Chemical Corporation, Estate Founders Associates, Inc., Estate Founders of America, Inc., Eugene Greenhut, Inc., Esperanza Mines, Inc., Esperanza Mining and Exploration Company, Eureka Natural Gas Corporation, Essen Perfumery Co., Inc., Etna Realty Syndicate, Inc., Eureka Sausage Factory, Incorporated, Evans Building Pharmacy, Inc., Everybody's Building and Loan Association, Eveready Chemical Co., Inc., Executive Corporation, The, Evangeline Exploration Company, Experimental Engineering Company, Everyday Loan Company, Exchange National Company, Ltd., Exchange National Investing Company, Ev-O-Graphic Corporation Of America, Exel Oil Co., Exposition Park Scenic Railway Company, Excel-Sure Motor Company, Evans Sprague and Sturges, Inc., Export Trade Extension Sales Corporation, Ltd., Evan T. Pennock & Co., Inc., Export Trade Extension, Inc., Exchange Telephone Company.

F. B. Oldham & Company, Inc., Faeriestone Corporation, The, Fairfield Chemical Products Company, The, Falk Corporation, The, Fan-Elva Oil and Gas Company, Family Finance Service, Inc., Fabrics Finishing Corporation, Fame Fire Company No. 6 of Wilmington, The, Fairview Fire Company, F. H. Smith Building, Inc., Fabricant Leather Goods Company, F. L. Hardesty & Sons Company, F. Morris & Co., Inc., Fairfield Mining Company of Utah, Fabricated Steel Products Company, Fair Stores Company, Fancher Trading Corporation, Fancy Woods, Inc., Farm Barbecue Company, Farmers' Co-Operative Machinery & Metal Co., Farman International Airways, Inc., Farmers and Ranchers Royalty Corporation, The, Farm Utilities Mfg. Co., Farmers Union Commission Company, Fashion-Art Studios, Inc., Fayette Advertising & Premium Co., Inc., Fast Air Service Transport, Inc., Faulkner Brothers Motorphone Service Station, Inc., Fashion Feature Studios, Inc., Ltd., Favorite Foods, Inc., Federal Bureau of Identification, Inc., Federation of Colored Women's Clubs of the State of Delaware, Federal Cooperative Finance Corporation, Federation of the Drekolias Industries, Inc., Federal Farm Royalty Corporation, Federal Feed Products Company, Federal Facilities, Inc., Federal Finance and Audit Corporation, Federal Finance Corporation of America, Federal Home Investing Company, Inc., Fenton H. Davenport, Inc., Federal Plug Corporation, The, Federal Service Bureau, Inc., Federal Supply Company, Federal Signal Investment Company, Fedco System, Incorporated, Federal System Bakeries of Georgia, Inc., Federal System Bakeries of South, Inc., Federal Weatherstrip & Screen Co., Inc., Fetzer & Emmons Trading Corporation, Ferguson International Corporation, The, Ferdig Oil Company, Ferguson Printing Ink Corporation, Fidelity Audit Company, Film Arts Club, Fidelity Builders, Inc., Fibre Cooperage Equipment Co., Inc., Fidalgo Drying Systems, Inc., Fidelity Insurance Shares Corporation, Fidelity Mortgage and Finance Company, Fifth National Investors Corporation, Fidelity Production Company, Fibre Process & Equipment Corporation, Fidelity Real Estate Corporation, The, Fidelity Realty & Mortgage Corporation, Fidelity Trust Affiliate, Inc., First American Bancorporation, Inc., First Bank Investment Corporation, Finch Corporation, Firemaster Corporation, Fire Detecting Wire Corporation of Delaware, Finance Engineering, Inc., First Fidelity Company, Fineart Foods, Incorporated, First Fiscal Corporation, First Guardian Company of Delaware, Finkbine-Guild Lumber Company, Ltd., Finkel Investing Corporation, Financial Management Corporation, First Mortgage Bond Company, Finlaw, Mueller & Company, First National Holding Co., Inc., First National Capital Corporation, Ltd., First National Distributing Company, First National Bancorporation, First National Investors, Inc., First Nebraska Bancorporation, First National Investment Corporation, Fire Out Products, Inc., Financial Securities Corporation, First Thrift Corporation, First Thrift Corporation of America, Fish Oils, Inc., Fitch Mountain Development Company, Fitzsimmons Oil and Leasing Company, Flexo Blade Corporation, Flender-Braum Corporation, Flag Company, Incorporated, The, Fleur De Lys Mining Company, Flat Glass Manufactures Bureau, Inc., Flame Products Corporation, Florida Coast Steamship Company, Fluid-D'or Sales Company, Fluid-D'or Company, Incorporated, Florida Farms, Inc., Florentine Gardens Corporation, Florida Gulf & Amusement Company, Florence Gas & Service Company, The, Flights Interstate, Inc., Florence Lead and Silver Mines, Inc., Flo-Nette Corporation, Florida Orange Dry Corporation, Florida Products, Incorporated, Florida Trading Corporation, Food & By-Products Corporation of America, Foch Mining Company, Food Products Machinery Corporation, -FollowThru- Miniature Golf Corporation, Fountain Accessories Corporation, Fortune Bec Gold & Copper Corporation, Pox Billiard Academy, Inc., Fort Dearborn Securities Corporation, Forrest E. Gilmore Company, Foremost Fabrics Corporation, Ford Flour Company, Forest Hill Mining Co., Foundation Holding Corporation, Foreign Petroleum Development Company, Forbes Patents Corporation, Forrest Park Garage Company, Foundation Securities Corporation, Founders Securities Trust A Management Corporation, Forest-Village Amusement Company, Fort Worth Natural Gas Corporation, Fordyce Woolen Mills, Inc., Fort Worth Gas Utilities Corporation, Franklin Arbitrage Corporation, Franco-American Lamp Shade Company, Franklin American Company, Frank A. Gibbons, Inc., Franco-American Securities Corporation, Franklin Air Compressor Corporation, Frassoni Boiler Works, Inc., Fraser Disk Corporation, Fraser Electric Brake, Inc., Fraser Electric Transmission Corporation, Frazier Investment Corporation, Fraternity of Knights of St. Hedwig, Incorporated, Franklin Medical Service Bureau, Inc., The, Frank M. Williams & Company, Incorporated, Franklin Railway Oil Company, The, Frank Silk Mills, Incorporated, Franklin Securities Company, Franklin Thrift Corporation, Franklin Villa, Inc., Fremont Boat Corporation, Fremont Corporation, The, Fremont Devices, Inc., Frederick Dent Tailoring Company, Fred D. Kerr, Incorporated, French Finance Corporation, Fredonia Flat Glass Company, Fred Grimm, Inc., Freeman Hillmond & Young, Inc., Freehold Investment Corporation, French Investment Corporation, Fredonia Portland Cement Company, The, Free Savings Account Association, Inc., The, Fred Van Buren Corporation, The, Freeze-VogelLeopold, Inc., Frostonian Corporation, Friderichsen Floor & Wall Tile Co., Fry Holding Corporation, Frontier Oil Lease & Royalty Company, Friar Point Cotton Oil Co., Furr Automatic Signal Co., Fulop Bros., Inc., Fuel Distributors, Inc., Fuel Economy Corporation, Furniture Exchange, Inc., The, Fur Farms Corporation, The, Fuller Furniture Company, Fulton-Hardwood Brass & Aluminum Co., Furman's Market, Inc., Funderburk Organization, Incorporated, Fur Producers Corporation, Furnishing Sales Corporation.

G. A. Henshaw, Jr., Inc., G. C. Willcox & Co., Incorporated, G. E. Houghton Mfg. Corp., G. & H. Gittelmacher, Inc., G. L. Reichhelm Laboratory, Inc., Galassi Marble and Slate Co., Inc., G. & M. Stores, Inc., Gale Pharmacal Co., Gamma Phi Fraternity, Incorporated, G. & S. Leather Clothing Co., Inc., G. Siahos & Co., G. & W. Sauerkraut Co., Inc., Garrett & Agor, Inc., Garden of Allah Hotel, Inc., Ltd., Gathmann Ammunition Company, Garages Corporation, Gateway Coal Company, Inc., Garden City Company, Gardner Golf Games, Inc., Garfield Greylock Company, Gas Industry Laboratories, Inc., Garcia & Maggini Co., Ltd., Gas Products Corporation, Gas-Zip Laboratories, Inc., The, George A. Ley Co., The, German American Company, Inc., The, George A. Raker & Co., Inc., General Advertising and Service Corporation, Dallas, Texas, General Aeronautics Corporation, General Bronze Company, General Chemical & Solvents, Inc., George C. Meyer Home Improvement Corporation, General Colloidal Phosphate Corporation, General Chemical Products Corporation, General Confection Corporation, Gerbo Corporation, General Cab Company, Genesco Corporation, The, General Distributors Corporation, General Door Operator Corporation, General Dry Kiln Company, General Engineering Foundation, Incorporated, General Engineering Laboratories, Inc., General Fiscal Foundation, Incorporated, General Floors, Inc., George F. Reichman & Co., General Foundation, Incorporated, Georgia Farms Corporation, George F. Bennett, Inc., General Fruit and Produce Corporation, General Food Products Corporation, Inc., General Foundries Corporation, Gerard's Greater Shows, Inc., Geological-Geophysical Explorations, Inc., General Gas Corporation, General Hydro Carbon Corporation, General Industrial Foundation, Incorporated, General Industries, Inc., Genesee Investment Corporation, General Investment Company, General Luggage Corporation, General Lease and Royalties Corporation, General Lighting Fixture Co. of Delaware, General Laundry Machinery Corporation of Texas, General Mining Foundation, Incorporated, George M. Forman Securities Company, General Management and Holding Corporation, General Machine Corporation, General Municipal Securities Corporation, General Management Shares, Inc., Geneva-Mutual Corporation, General Manganese Corporation, General Motor Fuel Corporation, General Metals Company, Inc., Gettman Motor Company, General Natural Gas Corporation, General Organization Company of Delaware, General Operating Co., Inc., Gebbie Products Corporation, General Petroleum Foundation, Incorporated, General Patents Corporation, General Royalty Shares Corporation, General Recreations Corporation, General Restaurant Supply Association, General Royalties, Inc., General Research Corporation of America, General Roofing Co., Inc., General Railway Coupler Corporation, General Royalty Corporation, General Service System, Inc., General Sanitary Corporation, George Steiner, Inc., General Sales & Finance Corporation, General Securities Finance Company, Gene Stratton-Porter, Inc., General Textile Corporation, General Taxicab Owners Protective Association, Inc., General Telephone Company, General Telephone Utilities Company, General Utilities Company, The, General Utility Service Corporation, Geo. W. Lefferts & Co., Incorporated, Gibraltar Coal Mining Company, Gibraltar Investing Corporation, Gidley Spurgeon Exploiting Co., Giant Tire and Rubber Company, The, Gilbertson Botanical Gardens, Inc., Gillican-Chipley Sales Company, Gilman and Thomas, Inc., Glass Casket Funeral Homes, Inc., Gleaner Combine Harvester Corporation, Globe Detective Service, Inc., Glass Finance Corporation, Glogauer & Jones Corporation, Globe Mortgage Company, Globe Trotter, Inc., The, Globe Type Foundry, Inc., Godissart, Inc., Goddard, Stevenson & Co., Gold Bond Corporation, Golf Construction Co., Inc., Golfada Company, Gold Holdings, Inc., Gold Hill Consolidated Mining Company, Goldwyn Holding Company, Gold Oil Co., of Okla., Goldenrod Publishing Company, The, Golden Rule Publicity Corporation, Golden Wings Aviation Corporation, Goodwin Brothers, Incorporated, Gothan Apparel, Inc., Gordon Beverages, Incorporated, Gotham Corporation, Gould's Furs, Inc., Goss Investment Company, The, Gordan Oil Company, The, Gramon Apartments, Inc., Graham Rim & Wheel Co., Grand Central Valet Service, Inc., Granton Chemical Company, Grape Capsule Company, Grant Engineering Corporation, Gray Eagle Association, Inc., Grants, Inc., Gratiot Petroleum and Development Corporation, Graphic Signs, Inc., Gray Service Company, Grand Trunk Terminal Warehouse Co., Grand Theatre Corporation, Grant Valet Service Company, Grand View Memorial Holding Company, Great Bend Oil & Gas Company, Greenebaum Corporation, The, Greater Detroit Realty and Improvement Company, Great Falls Bridge Company, Green-Graham Company, Incorporated, The, Greenway Gas Unit Mfg. Co., Inc., Greens Hotel Operating Co., Great Lakes Investment Company, Great Lakes Construction Service, Inc., Greenville Motor Company, Inc., Gresser Manufacturing Company, Green-Mead, Inc., Great Pacific Western Corporation, Greenacres Properties Company, Greater St. Louis Finance Company, Great Western Lumber Co., Great Willow Realty Co., Grey Eagle Mining Company, The, Greylock Investment Co., Grillbortzer Floral Co., Group Investment Shares, Incorporated, Growers Sales Corporation of America, The, Guarantee Appraisal and Purchase Co., Gulf Cities Gas Company, Inc., Guaranty Corporation, Gudize Corporation, Guatemala Engineering & Development Corporation, Gulfport Hotel Corporation, Guaranteed Income Finance Corporation, Guardian Loan & Savings Company, Guaranteed Mortgage Investment Company, The, Guatemala-Mahogany Hardwood Co., Inc., Guaranteed Products, Inc., Guardian Plan, Inc., The, Gull Petroleum Corporation, Guardian Royalty Corporation, Gulf Royalties, Incorporated, Guaranteed Reserve System, Inc., The, Guardian Separator and Oil Tool Co., Ltd., Guaranteed Saving Loan Corporation, Inc., The, Guerin Theatre Seating System, Inc., Guaranty Underwriters Corporation, Guantanamo Water Corporation.

H. A. Stahl Properties Company, The, H. C. Fleming Motor Company, H. C. Felver Company, H. D. Patterson Company, H. E. Geyer Company, H. F. Sawyer and Son, Inc., H. G. Kearney Oil Co., Inc., H. Grieve & Company, Inc., H. H. Montis & Company, Inc., H. H. Cable Company, Inc., H. J. Gildred Company, H. & J Securities Company, H. J. Edwards, Inc., H. Kurtzman & Son Co., H. K. Weed & Co., Incorporated, H. Kandel and Company, H. L. Zimmerman and Company, H. L. Tucker Coal Company, H. Mahler's Son Corporation, H. M. Paschall, Inc., H. 0. Stone & Co., H. 0. Stone Securities Co., H, 0. Stone Investment Co., H. 0. Stone Assets Co., H. P. Schmeck, Inc., H. Street Valet Service, Inc., H. T. Booth & Co., Inc., H. V. F. Price Corporation, Hain Management Corporation, The, Hall & Briscoe Oil & Royalty Company of Delaware, Halverson Manufacturing Company, Hall Motor Company of Delaware, Hambleton Bobbin Co., Inc., Hammon Copper Company, Ltd., Hammond Engineering Company, Hamilton Furnace Company, Hampton Hall Company, Hamilton Hall, Inc., Hammond Motors, Inc., Hammel Products Corporation, Hampton Springs Improvement Company, Handy-Candy Company, The, Hanson & Company, Hanover Oil & Refining Company, Inc., Happy-Smile Sales & Mfg. Co., Harold G. Kohen, Incorporated, Harmer-cool Holding Corporation, Hargrove Hardware Company, Inc., Hardin Oil Company, Harry B. Dasler, Inc., Harry Copping Shows, Inc., Harry C. Finley, Inc., Harrison Corporation, The, Harriscolor Films, Inc., Harry H. Polk & Company, Incorporated, Harrisons Orange Fountains, Inc., Harrison's Orange Huts, Inc., Harper Oil Company, Harris-Steele, Incorporated, Harvey Hotel Corporation, Harveys Ice Cream Company, The, Hartt Petroleum Company, Hart-Parr Company, Have-A-Heart, Inc., Hawthorne Chemical Company, Hauger Clothing Co., The, Haven Methodist Episcopal Church, Incorporated, Haverford Pharmacy, Inc., The, Hatvani Spring Tire Manufacturing Company, The, Hay-Adams Corporation, Hawthorne Consumers-Credit Finance Co., Hayden Plan Company, Heany Auto Transmission Company, Heating and Appliance Corporation, Heating Equipment Corporation, Heat Engineers, Inc., Heaney Home Appliance Co., Health Institute, Inc., Hecla Roofing Co., Inc., Heart Supply Company, Ltd., Hedger Transportation Corporation, Heat Utilities Corporation, Heinrich Chemical Company, Hellmig & Garrett, Inc., Heintz Merkle & Co., Hemlock Photo Corporation, Hellmuth Steel Container Company, Henry B. Burns & Co., Henion Corporation, The, Henter Corporation, The, Henry Grady Realty Corporation, Henry H. Farley, Inc., Henderson & Hatcher, Incorporated, Henderson, Kentucky, Bridge Company, Henshaw Oil Corporation, Henderson Plantation Company, Henderson Tire & Rubber Company, Herbert Company, The, Herington Gas & Service Company, The, Herron Hill Amusement Co., Heermann's Inc., Herb Products Corporation of Jackon, Tennessee, Hersam & Sherwood, Inc., Highway Cabinet Guide Corporation, Hibbard Cabinets, Inc., Higgins Enterprises, Inc., Hidden Gold Mining Company, Inc., Hi-G-Nik Appliances, Incorporated, Hickson, Inc. (Washington, D. C.), HiawathaMilling Company, Highland Restaurant, Inc., Hickok Sales Corporation, Hi-Test Gas & Oil Company, Inc., Hibbs-Worth Laboratories, Inc., Himeles Cleaning & Dyeing Company, Hill Engineering Company, Hillsboro Gas & Service Company, The, Hiller Hosiery Mills, Inc., Hildebrand Pictures, Inc., Hillcrest Silver Black Fox Ranch, Inc., Historical Coach Models, Inc., Historical Society of Delaware, The, Hochstetter Research Service Co., Hoffman-Jones Supply Company, Hogan Lumber Company, Hoffman Lock & Hardware Mfg. Co., Inc., Hoffer Oil Corporation, Hofmann-Sproul Company, Hollywood Dance and Music Studios, Inc., Holly Fluorspar Co., The, Hollywood Medical Dental Bldg., Inc., Hollywood Mercantile Building Company, Ltd., Holland Products Company, Holding Securities Corporation, Hollywood Theatre, Inc., Hollycroft Transportation Company, The, Holmes Jordan, Incorporated, Holmhaven-On-The-Gulf, Inc., Hooper Aircraft Corporation, Horne Builders Acceptance Corporation, Home Budget Bank Corporation, Home Builders Operating Corporation, Honduras Coffee Company, Inc., Home Engineering Corporation, Home Founders of Carolina, (Inc.), Hoover Field Airlines, Inc., Hopkins Finance Corporation, Home Finance Corporation, Honduras General Foundation, Incorporated, Home Gas Producer Corporation, Hopwood Investment Company, Home Lumber and Supply Company, Honduras Lumber Company,' Home and Overseas Company, Inc., Home Oil Company of Greenville, Ohio, The, Home Owners' Institute, Inc., Hopkins Petroleum Corporation, Honduras Popular Stores Company, Home Securities and Investment Company, Home Service Stores, Inc., Horner & Company, Horn & Hardart Automat Co., of Illinois, Hornaday Land & Ranch Company, Hotel Acceptance Corporation, "House Electric Anchor, Incorporated, Houston Farms, Inc., Hotel Graemere, Inc., Hotel and Institutional Mart, Incorporated, Hondaille Products Corporation, The, House of Scott, Inc., Hovey Timber Corporation, The, Howard C. Beck and Company, Incorporated, Howlett-Davis Co., The, Howard Finance Co., Howard K. Heath-A Irving Smith, Inc., Howard & Patro Motor Co., Hudson Bay Fur Farms, Inc., Hudson County Tire Company, Inc., Hudson Dougherty Company, Hudson Investors Corporation, Humidifier Corporation, The, Humidette Corporation, The,- Hum phreys-Colliton Company, Humpty-Dumpty Stoop-No-More, Stores, Inc., Hugenot Financial Corporation, Huganir Lumber Company, Humbolt Sulphur Company, Hurley-Bernard Advertising Company, Inc., Huntington Flying Service, Inc., Hunsaker Finance Company, Hydrocarbon Company, The, Hygeia Corporation of America, Hydro-Drive Corporation, Hydraulic Fishing Co., Inc., Hy-G-Nik Sales Corporation, Hutchinson Holding Company, Hydrocarbon Hydrogenating Corporation, Hy-Ton Ink Company.

Ideal Commerical Company, Illingworth Carbonized Coals, Inc., Ilson's Children's Stores, Inc., Imperial Dye Works, Incorporated, Illinois Farmer Co., I. Ferrero, Inc., Illinois-Kansas Natural Gas Co., Imperial Manufacturing Company, It No-Mor Laboratories, Inc., Imperial Oil and Gas Co., Imperial Propertes Corporation, Import Products Company, Inc., Improved Products, Corporation, Icebound Products, Incorporated, Imperial Remedies, Inc., Il Trentino Publishing Company, Illinois United Corporation, Idlewild-Woodland, Inc., Income Analysts, Incorporated, Inspirational Artistes, Inc., Independent Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc., Industrial Banking System, Inc., Insurol Company of America, Inc., The, Industrial Conservation Board, Inc., Independent Card Corporation, Industrial Credit Corporation, Industrial Digest Stock Market Service, Inc., Industrial Developers, Inc., Independent Engineering Company, Indian Exploration Company, Industrial Engineering Corporation, Inland Empire Contractors, Inc., Industrial Enterprises, Incorporated, Industrial Farming Company, Industrial & Financial Corporation of Argentine, Industrial Holding Corporation, Inland Investment Corp. of California, Industrial Loan & Finance Company, Incorporated, Independent Merchandising Corporation, Industrial Merchandising Corporation, Industrial Metals Corporation, Independent Navigation Company, Income Properties of California, Inc., Industrial Power Company, Informer Publishing Company, The, Income Properties Holding Corporation, Industrial Social Civic Association of Light, Labor and Liberty, Inc., The, Insurance Securities Corporation, Industrial Sugar Products Corporation, Independence Thrift Bond Corporation, Inlaid Traffic Director, Inc., Independent Traders, Incorporated, The, Inland Water Transport Co., Ltd., International Airways Corporation, Internationl Alliance Corporation, Investment Administration Corporation, International Associates, Inc., Interstate Air Transportation, Inc., International Baseball Corporation, International Bag Exchange & Jute Terminal, Inc., Interstate Bond and Mortgage Company, Investment Corporation of America, Internal Combustion Boiler Corporation, International Camera Company, Inc., International Carbon Company of America, International Colonization Corporation, International Creditors Collection Association, International Cremello Company, Inc., Interstate Cine-Car Corporation, Inter-Continental Film Laboratories, Inc., International Chemical, Inc., International Concrete-Industries Corporation, Inter-City Motors, Inc., International Chemical and Minerals Corporation, Investing Corporation of New York, The , International Club Pictures, Incorporated, International Cities Sanitation Service, Inc., Investment Company of The South, Inc., International Denture Corporation, Investors, Discount Co., Interstate Distributors, Inc., International Educational Association, International Electrical Appliance Corporation, Interstate Exploration Company, International Federation of Aeronautics Incorporated, The, International Fuel Development Company, Inc., International Factories, Inc., International Fruit & Produce Co., International Financial & Securities Corporation, International Fruit and Steamship Corporation, Interstate Finance System, Inc., Interstate Gas Company, International Gas and Distillation Company, International Gas & Electric Corporation, International General Foundation, Incorporated, International Hydrocarbon Corporation, Interstate Hotel Corporation, Investment Holdings, Inc., International Hemp Manufacturers, Inc., International Insurance, Inc., International Investment Incorporating Service, Incorporated, Integrity Lumber Company, International Manufacturing Company, Inc., Interstate Mortgage Corporation, International Macaroni Manufacturing Company, Investors National Corporation, International Navigraph, Inc., Inter-Ocean Aviation Corporation, Interocean Oil Company, International Occult Society of Adepts and Philosophers, The, Intercoast Properties Corporation, The, International Patents Corporation, International Probate Directory Co., The, Interntional Peltries, Inc., International Plantations, Inc., International Resource Corporation, Investments and Realty Corporation, Interstate Restaurants, Inc., Integrity Securites Corporation, Intercontinental Securities Corporation, International Sales Company, International Stadium Corporation, International Supreme Council of Metaphysicians, Inc., Investment Securities Company of Texas, Investment Securities Corporation of Illinois, Investment Shares Company, International Sanitation Engineers, Inc., International School of Midwifery, Incorporated, International Steel-Reform Syndicate, Inc., International Sales Service Corporation, International Transportation Association, International Telepost Company, Inc., Investors Telephone Company, Investors Trust Company, International Trade Press, Inc., Interior Telephone Securities Company, International Tom Thumb Golf Corporation, Investors Utility Corporation, Intercoast Utilities, Incorporated, Issoudun Aviation Corporation, Issoudum Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation, Italian American Securities Corporation, Italian Bond and Share Corporation, Isuan Corporation, The, Iroline Company of America, The, Iverson Camps, Incorporated, Ironclad Roofing Company, Ira F. Link & Co., Ironclad, Inc., Iverson, Incorporated, Italian Investment Corporation, Iodophos Laboratories, Inc., Irene Lu Mines, Inc., Issoudun Mid-City Airport Corporation, Issoudun Mid-City Flying Service Corporation, Ithaca Metal Weatherstrip Co., Inc., Ira N. Ellis Tank Company, Island Oil Marketing Corp., Issari Realty & Investment Association, The Issoudun Sales Corporation, Italian Star Line, Inc., Isle of Wight Corporation

J. Albert Odell Corporation of Pittsburgh, Pa., J. A. K. Oil Company, The, J. A. Land and Cattle Company, Jacobs Automatic Aircraft Stations, Inc., Jarvaise Academy of Beauty Culture, Inc., J. Benson Thomas Company, Javonog Company, The Jarratt Corporation, The, J. C. Reilly and Company, Inc., The, J. C. Sheets, Inc., J. D. Knight Co., Inc., J. D. Sisler Co., J. D. Thompson Company, J. F. McManmon and Company, Jackson-Graves, Inc., James H. Fuller Trading Corporation, James Harlan Corporation, Jack Hoxie Sunshine Ranch and Pictures, Inc., Jack Hoxie Company, Inc., The, Jajac Holding Corporation, Jam Handy Theatregram Corporation, J. H. Stannard Lumber Co., Jacob H. Brodsky & Son, Incorporated, J. H. Lavery's Sons, Incorporated, James L. Mitchell Company, The, Jackson Lake Estates, Inc., The, J. L. Allen Grain Company, Inc., J. L. Mott Company, Inc., J. M. Thomson, Inc., Jalisco Mining Company, James Otis Steamship Corporation, J. 0. Heinze Cultivating Tractor Corporation, J. Phillips Dykes, Inc., Jayhawk Producing & Refining Company, The, Jayhawk Petroleum Corporation, The, J. P. Cranston Lumber Co., Jackson Printing Company, J, R. Hanna & Son, Inc., Jack Rabbit Stage Lines, Inc., James Stewart & Son, Inc., Jarvaise Sales Company, J. W. Dyer Corporation, Jenkintown Bowling Recreation Company, Inc., Jennings Corporation, The, Jesse C. Dougherty, Inc., Jiffiseat Germent Manufacturing Company, Jefferson Hotel Corporation, Jiminy Holding Corporatio, Jellilax Products, Inc., Jefferson Lodge Number Two of the I. 0. 0. F. of the State of Delaware, Jersey Oil Corporation, Jentel Products Company, Jiminy Stores Corporation, Jewish, Tribune Corporation, Joe B. Brumby Co., Inc. John C. Fell & Company, Incorporated, John C. Kuck & Company, John E. Cain Corporation, John G. Stevenson Co., Inc., John G. Garruth & Co., Endurance Mills, Inc., John J. McGrath Company, John Jay Steamship Corporation, Jobosi Mines Corporation, John Martin Lumber Company, John McCann, Incorporated, John M. Cooper Company, Incorporated Johnstown Restaurant Company, John R. Walker Investment Trust, Inc., Jolly Roger, Incorporated, Jobbers Specialty Manufacturing Company, John S. Mitchell & Co., Joel Stockard & Co., John Van Realty Company, The, John V. Ornell Manufacturing Company, Inc., The, John Wagner, Inc., Johnson Wrench Company, Inc., Joseph A. Trainor, Inc., Joseph A. Cunningham, Inc., Joseph C. Orrison, Incorporated, Joseph Edward Company, Incorporated, Joseph Meyer's Asbestos Products & Specialties Corporation, Joyce North & Company, Jones Remedies, Incorporated, Jones Securities Corporation, Junior Collapsible Tap and Tool Company, Inc., Just-right Canning Company, Junior Equity Corporation Justice-Hawley Company, Inc., Julius Lichter & Co., Inc., Jutus R. Rodgers, Incorporated, Julius Shanedling Investment Co.

K. B. More Corporation, Kalograph Corporation of America, K. D. Y. Automobile Association, Incorporated, K. E. Securities Corporation, Kampfmueller Medicine Company, The, Kalikans Oil Company, Inc., Kalite Products Corporation, Kalikman Paper Box Co., Kappa Alpha Alumni Corporation, Kay Bee Manufacturing Company, Kansas-Colorado Grain Warehouse Corporation, Kathart Corporation, Karvar Corporation, The, Kathleen Court, Inc., Kansas City Grain Shocker Company, Kansas Gas Utilities Corporation, Karbrite, Inc., Kato Manufacturing Company, Kansoma Mining Company, Kan-O-Tex Royalty Corporation, Katz Painting and Decoration Co., Inc.,Kay Securities Corporation, Kant Skid Chain Company, Inc., Karg Tire & Rubber Co., Kaw Valley Gas & Service Company, The, Kellan General Advertising Corporation, Kelso National Mining Corporation, Kelly Spline & Watkins, Inc., Kentucky Du-Rock Corporation, Kenten Exploration Company, Kennel & Entwisle, Inc., Kent-Fisher, Inc., Kentucky Financial Service Corporation, Kent Garage Investing Corporation, Kent International, Inc., Kensington Loan and Storage Co., Kent-Marshall Company, Kensington Recreation Centre, Inc., Kentucky Refrigerating Company, Kennett Sales Company, Inc., Keyes Advertising Corporation, Keystone Contracting Company, Kerrigan & Co., Inc., Keystone Distributing Company, Keystone Hot Creek Mining Company Keystone Oil and Gas Corportion, Keystone Ocher and Clay Company, Keystone Pure Oil Corporation, Keystone Thermotite Company, Keystone Welding & Engineering Company, Keystone Water Works and Electric Corporation, Kiddyseat Company, Inc., King Auto Polish Mfg. Co., The, Kinodrome Club, Incorporated, Kingsley Investors Service, Inc., The, Kirk Johnson Motor Car Company, Incorporated, King Korn Corporation, King Pin Bowling Alleys, Incorporated., King and Perry, Inc., Kingsbury Pale Corporation, King's Restaurant, Incorporated, Knights of the Guiding Star, Inc., Knovxille Investment Corporation, Knu-Kola Distributing Company Knickerbocker National Corporation, Knox Realty Company, Knickerbocker Royalty Corporation, Ko-Fan, Inc., Kool Air Corporation of Texas, Koranite Corporation, Korrect Motor Oil Service. Inc., Krigger & Co., Inc., Kraft Engineering Corporation, Kramer, Inc., Krispy-Krets Baking Company, Krome Marble Holding Corporation, Kulair Corporation, Kumac Manufacturing, Inc., Kurtz Mutual Association, The.

Lafayette Air Motors Corporation, L'Aide, Incorporated, Lady Andres Products Corporation, The, Lake Aleshanee Estates, Inc., Lake Arline Steamship Company, L. C. Prichard, Inc., L. C. Harrison Petroleum Co., L. & G. Food Products Corporation, Lakehurst Holding Corporation, Lakewood Investing Corporation, L. J. Bartlett, Inc., L. K. Meek Investment Corporation, L. L. Davis-Cleary Company, La Lysine Fornari International American Corporation, L. L. Davis Company of California, L. M. Berberian Corporation, Lady MacKenzie Film Corporation, La Proveedora, Incorporated, Lafferty Plan, Inc., The, Lafarge Products Company, Lake Region Chevrolet Company, Inc., L. Stein & Co., Inc., LaSalle Amusement Company, La Salle Petroleum Company, Lake Shore Land Company, The, La Texana Mining Company, La Victor, Inc., Lake View Consumers-Credit Finance Co., La-Ward Dairy Company, Lambrecht Kelly Company, Lambros Sea Food Restaurant, Incorporated, Lansdale Company, Incorporated, The, Lancaster Daily Republican, Inc., The, Land & Royalty Corporation, The, Lane Safety Signal Co., Inc., Langwith Publishing Company, Langley Wright & Company, Lapin, Inc., Larson & McLaren, Inc., Lamer Securities Corporation, Latamerica Corporation, Lasley Engineering Company, Latonians, Inc., Latham Oil Products Corporation, Laskaris Realty Realty Company, Lathbury Ship Supply Company, Lavina Building Corporation Limited, Lauderdale County Cotton Oil Co., Lavaca Gas and Oil Company, Laurel Heights Apartment, Inc., Laurel Oil & Refining Co., Laurel Theatre Corporation, Lawson Health Culture Institute, Inc., Law Service Syndicate, Le-Barr Sand & Gravel Co., Lebanon Co., The, Leavell & Company, Leading Foods, Inc., of Indianapolis, LeNoir Gold Mines Corporation, Leader Publishing Company, The, Lebanon Springs Enterprises, Inc., Lebanon Tractor Corporation, Leavenworth Timber Corporation, Lee, Kenngott & Company, Incorporated, Lee Medicine Corporation, Leechburg Manufacturing ,Co., Inc., Leedy Mortgage Company, Leite and Company, Incorporated, LeGar, Inc., Legal Service Corporation, Leonard Holding Company, Leoffler System, Inc., The, Leonard Stone, Inc., Lester Harding & Company, Inc., Lift-A-Kar Corporation, Liberty Corporation, The, Liberty Electric Corporation Liberty Finance Corporation, Lighting Fixture Corporation, Liberty Film Corporation, Life Income Plan, Inc., Liberty Industrial Bankers, Inc., Lieser-Rochmill Production Company, Lincoln Candy Corporation, Linn Company, The, Lindy Drug Co., Inc., Lincoln Furniture Stores, Incorporated, Lincoln Highways Supply Company, Lincoln Mortgage Company, Lincoln Park Amusement Company, Lincoln Properties Company, Lincoln Safety Window Corporation, Limited Securities Corporation, Liquid Air Corporation Liquid Dehydration Corporation, Liteweight Fitrite Artificial Limb Co., Litmere Finance Corporation„ Llewellyn Hotel Corporation, Littlefield Mines and Metals Corporation, Litchfield Motors, Incorporated, Livingston Mines Corporation, The, Lloyd's Personal Protection Service, Inc., Little Russia, Inc., The, Listed Securities Corporation, Locust Corporation, The, Locomobile Company of Pennsylvania, Inc., Logan Electrical Appliances, Inc., Lookout Club, Inc., Loring Farnsworth, Inc., Lorain Icer Company, The, Longwood Incorported Florida, Longcope & Landman Company, London Luggage Shops, Inc., Lookout Mountain Land Company, Incorporated, Longhorn Park, Inc., The, Lone Star Leasing Company, Long-hart Supply Co., Longlife Wood & Asbestos Corporation Los Arroyos Plantation Corporation, Los Angeles Portland Cement Co., Louis Benjamin Company,Loughead Brothers Aircraft Corporation, Ltd., Lost and Found Land Co„ The, Louis Ginsburg Co., Louisiana Holding Company, Loughran Investment Company, Loud Mining Corporation, Louis Mark Shoes, Inc., Louisiana Natural Gas Corporation Lotus Products Corporation, Louisiana Signal Corporation, Louis Sabrook, Inc., Lund Co., Luft Distributing Company, Inc., Lucerene Fuel Corporation, Luxor Gold Mining Corporation, Luminous Gas & Electric Company, Lucey Manufacturing Corporation of Mexico, Lund-Nordal Company, Lucid Oil Corporation, Luxor Oil and Gas Co., Ltd., LufFa Products Corporation, Lumas Realty Corporation, Lynn Apartment Corporation, Lyons Cab Company, Lyndol L. Young & Co., Lynford Travel Bureau, Inc.

Machintosh Advertising-Selling Service, Inc., M. B. Radiator Filter Co., M. C. Barnett, Incorporated, Mac Deb Drilling ComM. D. Green, Inc., M. G. Mellott Fur Farm, Inc., M. H. Bresette X-Ray Company, MacKintosh & Mason Corporation, Mac Pherson Oil Company, Babee Patents Corporation, M. & R. Realty Company, Ma-Stud Corporation, The, MacTile Royalty Corporation, Mack Trading Corporation, M. & W. Coal & Lime Co., The, Madac Corporation, Maejoe Corporation, Magoffin Corporation, The, Magnolia Coal Corporation, Magutz Holding Corporation, Magazines, Inc., Magnesite Mining & Manufacturing Company, Magee-Pfeiffer Company, Magnetic Ray Corporation, Magdalena Syndicate, Magic Tunnel, Inc., Magic Way Gas Heating Appliances, Inc., Majestic Automatic Amusement Corporation, Major Aircraft Corporation, Main Bus Terminal Corporation, Maiatico Construction Company, Maklot Corporation, Main Line Motor Parts Co., Inc., Malcolm Arizona Gold Corporation, Malibu Development Company, Ltd., Mammoth Mica and Mineral Company, Incorporated, The, Malatesta and Matassino, Inc., Mallow Rapid Transit and Consolidated Hotels Corporation, Manufacturers Distributing Corporation, Manhattan Holding Corporation, Manor Investing Corporation, Management, Inc., Maple Leaf Royalty Corporation, Maple Leaf Corporation, Manu-Metal Company, The, Manufacturers National Exhibition, Inc., Management Operators, Incorporated, Manufacturers Research Corporation, Managaing Shares Corporation, Manufacturers' Service Corporation of American, Mandel Shoes, Ltd., Manhattan Towers Hotel Operating Corporation of Delaware, Manufacturers Underwriting Company, Marine Associates, Inc., Margaret Brainard, Inc., Margerison-Binns Co., Marion Gas & Service Company, The, Marinette Investment Company, Marbet Investing, Corporation, Marcum Oil Company, Maritime Oil Corporation, Marego Railway Appliance Corporation, Marine Traders Corporation, Marconi Wireless Securities Co., Marshellene Cosmetic Company, Marquette-Easton Finance Corporation, Marshall-Girard Amusement Company, Inc., Mark H. Brown Lumber Company, Marlas Investment Company, Inc., Marshall & Moore Oil & Gas Co., Inc., Marquette S.: Sixth Building Corporation, Marx Bensdorf, Inc., Maryland Commonwealth Realty Company, Mary Fraser Candies, Inc., Martin Oil and Gas Company, Inc., Marvel Oil Company, Marti Radio Corporation, Maryland Small Loan and Investment Company, Maselk Corporation, Master Manufacturing Company, Master Music Corporation of America, Master Motor Mechanics, Inc., Master Markets, Inc., Master Package Corporation, The, Matamoros Athletic and Amusement Corporation of Delaware, The, Match Corporation of America, Mate Importing Company, Mayo Bros., Inc., Mavis Coffee Company, Mausoleum Corporation, The, Maxwell Florists Company, Mayflower Hotel Co. of Ocean City, N. J., Inc., Mayfair Hotel System, Inc., Mayfllower Land and Livestock Company, Incorporated, May Ray Sunlamp Corporation, Mayfair Service Corporation, Mattahoon Tribe, No. 11, Improved Order of Red Men, Incorporated, Mayflower Taxicab and Sightseeing Service, Inc., May Way Metal Window Corporation, Meadow Brook Farms, Inc., Medical and Dental Research Service, Inc., Mechanical Devices Operating Corporation, Medical Finance Association of Washington, Mediterranean Holding Corporation, Mechanics Lodge No. 4 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of the State of Delaware, Meeker Manufacturing Company, Inc., Mecca Nut Company, Mechanical Vending Corporation, Mealy Wood, Inc., Mellon Markets, Inc., Memorial Mutual Service, Inc., Memphis Steel Securites Corporation, Merida Oil Corporation, Mercantile Securities Corporation, The, Mercantile Trading Company, Ino-Tporated, The, Merchandise Trading Stamp Company, Merritt Auto Traffic Signal Company, Merrick & Longbottom, Inc., Merrill Super-Power System, Inc., Merrill System Construction Co., The, Metropolitan Building Company, Ltd., Methyl Corporation of America, Metropolitan Dairy Products, Inc., Metropolitan Garage Holding Corporation, Metal-Improvement, Inc., Metropolitan Investment and Securities Company, Metro Light Corporation, Metal Mold Casting Corporation Metal and Mining Founders Shares, Incorporated, Metripolitan Mortgage Company, Metropolitan Restaurant, Inc., Metal Vault Mausoleum Company, The, Mexican American Royalty Co., Mexican American Mines Corporation, Mexico Company, The, Mexia Development Corporation, Mexican Eastern and Pacific Railroad Company, The, Mexican Fuel and Iron Company, Mexmatch, Inc., Mexican Oil & Coal Company, Inc., The, Mexia Oil Co., Mexican Publications Development Corporation, Mexican Times Publishing Company, Inc., The, Middle Atlantic Transporation Company, The, Midland Asbestos Corporation, Mid America Corporation, Midwest Bond and Share Company, Michael Benjamin Company, Inc., Mid-Continent Discount Corporation, Midwest Consolidated Utilities, Inc., Mid-Continental Shares Corporation, Midstates Coal Corporation, Midwest-Consumer-Credit Finance Co., Mid-Continent Holding Corporation, Mid-City Garage and Motor Supply Company, Mid-Continent Stores, Inc., Midwest Drilling Corporation, Mid-Continent Diversified Royalties, Inc., Mid Day, Inc., Midvale Gas Company, Midland Light & Power Co., Midland National Holding Corporation, Mid Penn Oil Company, Michigan Petroleum Company, Midwest Railway Ice Company, Midwest Steam Range Company, Middle States Bancshares, Inc., Middle States Natural Gas Company, Mid-State Investment Corporation, Middle States Power Company, Mid-West Investment Shares, Inc., Middle West Equity Corporation, Mid-Western Ores Company, Mid-West Investment Company, Mid-Western Royalties Co., Mid-West Carriers, Inc., Milbro Corporation, The, Milby & Dow Mercantile Company, Milestone Interstate Corporation, Mildred Lee, Inc., Milk Products Sales Company, Mill-Brook Stores, Inc., Miller Damron & Company, Millville Glass Products Corporation, Miller's Inc. of Delaware, Miller Smoked Fish Co., Inc., Millwork Sales Company of Washington, D. C., Milo Bar Bell Company, Inc., Milnite Wheel & Brake Service, Inc., Mine Appliances Company, Minnesoto Calcium Carbonate Co., Mines To Consumers Coal and Coke Company of Delaware, Minnesota-Dixie Oil & Gas Company, Minerals Equipment Company, Minnesota Fur Producers Co., Minnetonka Farms, Inc., Miniature Golf and Real Estate Holding Corporation, Mina Grande Mining & Milling Co., Minneapolis General Investment Company, Minute Jelly, Inc., Mineral Mining and Power Company, Minnetonka Mills, Inc., Minsker Mutual Aid Association, Minnesota Petroleum Company, Minneapolis Properties Corporation, Mineral Research Society, Minnesota Southern Telephone Company, Mines Selection Co., Inc., Minimum Wage Association of United States, Miracle Fire Extinguisher Corporation, Miracleaners, Inc., Mission Corporation, The, Mississippi Laboratories, Inc., Mitchell Machine Company, Mississippi Mortgage & Bond Company, Mississippi Realty Company, Mississippi Valley Duck Farms, Inc., Mississippi Valley Iron Company, Missouri Valley Agricultural Credit Corporation, Mizpah Extension Company of Tonopah, Mixed Mortars Corporation of Washington, Modern Auto Body Works, Inc., Modern Developing Company, Incorporated, Modern Engineering Co., Modern Investment Co., Modern Map Company, Modern Repair Shop, Inc., Modern Sign Co., Ihc., Mognett Citrus Development Corporation, Moline Gas and Service Company, The, Momand Theatres, Incorporated, Montana Acceptance, Inc., Mono Aircraft Corporation, Montreal-Colorado Gold Mining Corporation, Montana Carbon Black Corporation, Montana Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Montgomery County Coal Company, Monceaux Company, The, Montana & Dakota Grain Company, Monarch Oil and Gas Company, Montana Prince Mining Company, Monroe Production Company, Montezuma Queen Mining Company, Monarch Royalty Corporation of Oklahoma, A Delaware Corporation, Monarch Royalty Corporation of Louisiana, A Delaware Corporation, Monarch Royalty Corporation of Kansas, A Delaware Corporation, Monarch Royalty Corporation of Arkansas, A Delaware Corporation, Montgomery Steel Products and Supply Company, Inc., Monsch Safety Window Sales Corporation, Monmouth Trading Corporation, Montana Utilities Company, Montgomery Warehouse Company, Moody Gulch Oil Co., Ltd., Moore, Hull & Evans, Inc., Morapos Oil Corporation, Morgan-Elliott Corporation, Morrison Engineering Corporation, Morning Glory Mining and Smelting Company, Morgan-Hill Shale Brick Co., Morristown Lumber & Coal Co., Morgan Smelters, Inc., Morrison Trading Co., Inc., The, Morro Trading Corporation, Moro Valley Oil Co., Mortgage Finance Corporation of Harrisburg, Pa., Morton Progressive Company, Motors Building Corporation, Motorsign Corporation of America, Motor Exchange and Supply Company, Motors Finance Company of Pittsburgh, Motoramp Garages of America, Inc., Motol, Inc., Mothers' Journal Corporation, The, Motor Jack Corporation of America, Motor Mileage Corporation, Mt. Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church, The, Mt. Forrest Fur Farms of America, Incorporated, Mousley, Inc., Mountain Oil Corporation, The, Mountain Oil and Refining Company, Mrs. Schwartz's Miniature Soup Kitchens, Inc., Muir Book Shop, Inc., The, Mugan Roberts & Co., Multi-Brick Corporation, Multitex Corporation of America, Multi Products Corporation, The, Multiple Disc Brake Company, Inc., Mullin Securities Company, Inc., Multiplex Theatre Equipment Corporation, Municipal Holding Corporation, Munson Products Company, Municipal Public Service Corporation, Municipal Telephone and Utilities Company, Murphy Lumber Company, Inc., Musical Arts Guild, Inc., Music Box, Inc., Murray Chevrolet Company, Muskrat Farms, Inc., Murray Hotel and Apartment Company, Muskogee Tyler Oil Corporation, Mutual Carbonic Corporation, Mutual Founders Corporation, Mutual Lumber Credit Corporation, Mystic Perfume Corporation, Mutual Press, Inc., Mutual Smoked Fish Company, Mutual Sales Corporation, Mutual Treated Lumber Corporation.

McAlester-Edwards Coal Company, McAvoy Northeast Company, McAdams Royalties Company, McCormick Bros., Inc., McCrae & Co., McCutchen Engineering Company, Inc., The, McCarron Lake Company, McCabe Steel Products, Inc., McCrae Securities Corporation, McDonald Coal Mining Company, McDonald Laboratories, Inc., McDonald Retread Tire Protector, Inc., The, McEverlast Corporation of America, Ltd., McGee Brothers, Incorporated, Mclntyer Oil and Gas Company, McKendrie Gasgill and Company, McKibben Mining Company, McSherry Newspaper Corporation, The, McKeon Petroleum Corporation, Ltd., McLean Motor Service, Inc., McLean Stone Fixture Mfg. Corporation, The, McQuay Radiator Corporation, McShane Company, McVicker Rail Anchor Co.

N. Buckner & Son, Inc., N. C. Hines, Incorporated, Naborhood Delicatessen, Inc., Nally Discount Company, The, Nancy Hatch, Inc., Nags Head Land and Development Company, Naniboujon Holding Company, Nagel Mercantile Co., Inc., Naelo Oil Corporation, Naran Pure Food Company, Nash-American Products Corporation, Nash Patten Corporation, Nassau Publishers, Inc., The, Nassau Suffolk Financial Corporation, Nation's Capital Publishing Corporation, Natural Gas Utilities Corporation, Natural Gas and Pipeline Corporation, The, Natural Gas Investment, Inc., Natural Products Conversion Corporation, Natural Sound Amplifying System, Inc., National Assets Corporation, National Autohaven Company, National Air Fraternity, Inc., National Association of Full Fashioned Hosiery Workers Open Shop Division (Incorporated), National Airports, Inc., National Alliance Insurance Exchange, Inc., National Associates, Inc., National Automobile Inspection Corporation, National Airplane Lumber Company Incorporated, National Association of Real Estate Bond Exchange, National Aircraft Sales Corporation, National Association of Security Dealers, Inc., National Brands Company of America, National Bricklite Corporation, National Brands Fiscal Corporation, National Beverages Incorporated, National Bond & Savings Company, National Bankers Trust Company, National Concert Association, The, National Cantube Corporation, National Connector Corporation, National Cooperative Corporation, National Copper Corporation, National Club Hotels, Inc., National Copper Processing Company, National Copper Processing Company, National Cultural Products Corporation, National Cold Steam Company, National Copper and Smelting Company, The, National Citizens Trading Corporation, National City Trading Corporation, National Dealers Association, National Display Company, Incorporated, National Estates of America, Inc., National Electromatic Corporation, National Engineering Company, National Equities Corporation, National Financial Corporation, National Fluorspar Company, The, National Food Corporation, National Flower Distributors, Inc., National Flying Schools, Inc., National Fruit Service Corporation, Ltd., National Guarantee Auto Scrapping Company, National Gas & Carbon Black Company, National Golf Courses, Inc., National Groupshares Corporation, National Graphite Lubrication Company, National Gas Securities Company, National Gearless Transmission Company, National Golf Underwriters, Inc., National Harris Wire Co., Inc., National Institute of Business Education, Inc., National Industrial Discount Corporation, National Income System of Pennsylvania, Inc., National Investment Trust, Inc., National-Indiana Water Works Corporation, National Letter Guild, Inc., National Lignin Products Corporation, National Land & Realty Co., Inc., National Metal Abrasive Company, The, National Market Corporation, Washington, D. C., National Mining Corporation, National Mortgage Company of Harrisburg, Pa., National Meat Export Concession of Poland, Incorporated, National Mines Exploration Corporation, National Managers Holding Corporation, National Mortgage and Investment Corporation, National Manicuring Machine Company, Ltd., National Mica Minerals Co., The, National Motor Maintenance Corporation, National Motor Parts Company, National Motor Renting Co., National News Company, National Neon Products, Inc., National Outdoor Club, Inc., National Oil Royalty Corporation, National Park Chocolate Company, National Processing Co., Ltd., National Publishing Co., National Phone Holder Corporation, National Public Holding Company, National Postage Stamp Machine Company, National Property Service Bureau, Inc., National Reproducer Company, National Real Estate Salvage Corporation, National Radio Society, Inc., National Service Bureau of New York, Inc., National Sales Corporation of America, The, National Savings Certificate Company, Inc., National Savings Certificate Finance Corporation, National Sealtag Company, National Share Corporation, National Stock Exchange of New York, Incorporated, National Slate Machine Company, National Speedway Refining Company, National Security Service, Inc., National Survey Service Securities Corporation, National Security & Trust Company, National Title Company, The, National Textile Company, National Tire Hospital, Inc., National Temperance League of America, Incorporated, The, National Thrift Loan Corporation, National Window Displays, Inc., National Water Works Corporation, Neal Grocery Company, The, Neal Mining Company, Nebraska Realty Company, Neases Sales Corporation, Nelson Awning Company, Inc., Nehi Bottling Company Incorporated of Washington, D. C., Neely-Conant, Incorporated, Nelson Products Company, Inc., The, Neighborhood Theatre Corporation, Nerco Cooler Corporation, Nether-byres Corporation, Nettles Grocery Company, Incorporated, Nespelem Mining Corporation, Neves Syndicate, Ltd., Nevada Silica Corporation, New Century Spring Corporation, New China, Inc., Newspaper Circulation Features, Inc., Newlong Corporation, New Centennial Garage, Inc., Newspaper Capital Corporation, New Coat Apron and Towel Supply Company, Inc., Newal Corporation, New England Oil Company, New Era Construction Corp., New Era Motors, Inc., New England Airship Co., The, New England Venezuela Company, New England Oil Steamship Company, New England Securities Company, New Idea Lunch, Inc., New Jersey Mineral Company, New Jersey Publishing Co., Inc., of Clifton, N. J., Newark Lumber & Coal Co., New Mexico Oil Corporation, New National Oil Company, New Pittsburgh Coal Company, Newport Supply Company, New South Mills, Inc., New York Accounting Service, Inc., New York Audio Laboratory, Incorporated, New York Butchers' Supply Co., Inc., New York Delicatessen Company, New York Fish Market, Inc., New York General Hospital Association, New York Grand Opera Company, Inc., The, New York Germanic Trading Company, Inc., New York Pacific Corporation, Ltd., New York Press, Inc., The, New York Zetex Company, Inc., Nicoton Corporation of America, Niagara Domestic Appliance Corporation, Niagara Investing Corporation, Niagara Mortgage Corporation, Niagara Royalty Corporation, The, Nitro Chemical Corporation, Nixon-Nirdlinger Company, Nimar Tung Oil Company, Noche Buena Mining Company, Nobego Company, Inc., The, NoGearShift Transmission Company, Nolan-Gas Holding Corporation, Non-Stuck Auto Tire Chain Company, Nordon Corporation, Nor-land Processers, Incorporated of Delaware, North American Investment Securities Corporation, North American Fruit Company, Inc., The, North American Radium Corporation, North American-Peru Corporation, North American Petroleum Corporation, North American Railroad Men's Association, North American Bond & Share Corporation, North American Industrial Loan Company of New Jersey, North American Water Works and Electric Corporation, North American Timber Holding Company, Northwestern Commercial Co., Northeastern Coal & Export Corporation, Northwest Diamond T. Truck Company, Northeastern Dairy Farms, Inc., Nortex Drilling and Development Company, Northern Exchange Corporation, Northern Fur Coat Manufacturing Co., Inc., Northwestern Finance Corporation of America, Northern Gas Utilities, Inc., Norton Gammell Chevrolet Company, Norton Jennings Buick Company, Northern Louisiana Gas & Utilities Co., Northeastern Mortgage Co., Inc., Northwestern Pure Food Company, North Penn Mining Company, Northwestern Power Company, Northwestern Pulp & Paper Company, The, Northland Radio Manufacturing Company, Northwest Securities Corporation, Northern States Financial Corporation, Northern States Petroleum Corp., Northern States Holding Company, Northern Tree Service, Inc., Northern Tie & Treating Company, Nossokoff's Beauty Culture & Barber School, Inc., Novelty Corporation of America, Novol Corporation, Ltd., Nutrodent Gum Company, Nu Grape Company of America, Nu-Way Hotel Co., Inc., Nu Icy, Inc., Nurses' League Corporation, Nypennoky Natural Gas Company, Number Nine Oil Corporation, Nuway Tool Corporation, Nu-Vim Appliance Company.

Oasis Acres Incorporated, 0. J. Baied Engineering Laboratories, Inc., 0-K Rim Corporation, Oak Manufacturing Co., 0. M. Agency Corporation, O'Neal Construction Company, The, Oakland Roof Tile Company, Inc., 0. Sheck & Company, Ocean City Hotel Corporation, Ocean Tide Motor & Power Co., Inc., Office Bros., Inc., Offset Development Company, Officinal Products, Inc., Oilochron Corporation of America, Oil Carburetor Corporation, Oklahoma Eastern Gas Utility Company, Oil Fertilizer Co., Inc., Ohio Grocers Specialty Co., Oil Heating Equipment Manufacturing Co., Oil Industries, Incorporated, Ltd., Ohio Manufacturing Company, The, Ohio Mid-Cities Corporation, Oklahoma Oil and Exploration Company, Ohio Petroleum Company, Oil State Petroleum Co., Ogle Shipping Company, Oil Station Engineering Company, Oil States Royalty Company, Okmulgee Theatre Company Incorporated of Oklahoma, Ohio Valley Utilities Company, Oil Well Patent Co., Inc., Oil Well Corporation, Old Bond and Mortgage Co., Old Dutch Realty Development Company, Old English Malted Milk Co., Inc., Olney Lumber Company, Old National Corporation, Old Orchard Holding Corporation, Olean Oil Operators, Incorporated, Old Pyramid Cement Company, Old Spanish Fort Development Co., The, Omaha Rubber Co., The, Old Straight Creek Coal Corporation, Old Town Hall Association, Old Town Mortgage Company, Old Witch Company, Inc., The, Optical Industries Corporation, Onyx Mills Corporation, Operators Oil Company, Optical Projector Corporation, Operative Plasterers' International Association No. 38, The, Oneida Quarries Corporation, Operators Royalty and Producing Company, 1930 Provident Corporation, 1701 Locust Hotel Co., Organization Bureau, Inc., Oregon Crater Corporation, Orange Elixir, Incorporated, Oral E. Decamp, Inc., Orange Julius Stores Company, Organization-Maintenance, Inc., Ormiston Press, Inc., Orthodietetic Restaurants and Health Resorts Co., Inc., Ortho-Tone Corporation of America, Oriental Theatres Circuit, Inc., Osage Holding Company, Oscar R. Howard Company, Otis Garage, Inc., Otero Mining Company, Ott Mergenthaler Company, Otisco Mining Company, Overland Aircraft Corporation, Overland Air Lines, Inc., Ovington & Co., Incorporated, Overseas Capital Corporation, Owl Development Company, Owens Filtering Funnel, Incorporated, The, Owners Land Value Security Co., Owners Mutual Tire Factories, Inc., Owenwood Oil Corporation, Ozark Plateau Gas Company, Oxford Radio Corporation.

Pacific Brotherhood Investment Company, The, Pacific Coast Uniform Co., Ltd., Pacific Coast Products League, Inc., P. & C. Company, Inc., Pacific Coast Air Lines, Inc., Pacific Exploration Company, P. F. Gordon, Inc., Pacific Gold Placer Company, P. H. Kelly & Sons Co., Inc., P. J. Minck and Co., Pacific Molydenum Mines, Inc., The, P. Rudovsky and Company, Pacific Refrigerating and Transit Corporation, Pacific Southwest Hardwood Company, Pacific-Southwest Loan & Mortgage Corporation, Pacific Spruce Corporation, Pacific States Securities Company, Paket Alloys, Inc., Pan American Frozen Products, Inc., Pan American Tile & Stone Mfgs., Inc., Pan American Fisheries, Ltd., Pan American Manganese Mining Corporation, Pan-American Share, Inc., Palmer and Company, Pann Petroleum Corporation, Palmyrs Pretzel Company, Inc., Palais Royal Stores, Inc., Panhandle Sand and Gravel Co., Palmer School, Inc., Partshares Corporation, Palace Valet Service, Inc., Parker & Company, Parkinson & Company, Parke-Davis Real Estate Co., Paramount Dairy Company, Participating Equities, Inc., Parsons Electric Service Company, Inc., Parkside Finance Association, Participating Investment Corporation, Ltd., Parish Investment Company, Paradise Nurseries, Inc., Park-O-Tell Holding Company, Park-O-Tell Operating Company of the Southwest, Parchment Paper Company, Paramount Packages, Inc., Parcel Post Meyer Scale Corporation, Ltd., Paramount Royalties of America, Incorporated, Paramount Sales Corporation, Parking Stations Securities Corporation, Parrish Dye Process, Inc., Parrish Dye Process, Inc., Parsonage of the Greenwood Circuit of the Methodist Protestant Church, Incorporated, Parrish Projection Corporation, Participating Properties, Inc., Paul J. Daemicke Company, Paul L. Smith Co., Paul Laurence Dunbar Lodge, Inc., Paterson Machinery Company, Paxinos Quarry Co., Inc., Pawling System, Incorporated, Paul W. Eichelberger & Co., Pecan Acres, Inc., Peerless Cab Company, Peerless Company, Peerless Electrical Appliance Corporation, Peabody Gas & Service Company, The, Peerless Service Stations of New York, Inc., Peerless Securities Company, Pecos Trading Corporation, Pennsylvania Allied Newspapers, Inc., Penn Auto Painting Company, Penn Bleacher Seat Company, Inc., Penn Bridge Company of America, Penn-Center Card & Gift Shop, Inc., Penn City Oil and Gas Utilities Corporation, Penn-California Mining Company of Delaware, Penene Corporation, Penn-Crude Company, Penn Commercial Company, Pennsylvania Crude Oil Company, The, Penn Delphia, Inc., Penn Delphia, Inc., Omaha, Penn Electric Advertising Corp., Pennsylvania Fur Company, Inc., Pennsylvania Favor Corporation, Pennsylvania Industrial Employers Association, Inc., Pennsylvania Industrial Credit Corporation, Penn-Louisiana Securities Corporation, Penn-Lincoln Corporation, Pennsylvania Motorists Publishing Company, Pennsylvania Manufacturers & Extract Company, Penn Operating Company, Penn Oak Company, The, Pence Petroleum Corporation, Penn Yo-Plumbing Supply Co., Inc., Penn Petroleum and Supply Company, Penfield Realty Company, Pennsylvania-Rosalyn Warehouse Company, Inc., Penn-State Distributors, Inc., Penn-Shady Drug, Inc., Pennsylvania Silverware Company, Inc., Penn File & Tool Works, Inc., Penn-Texas Utilities Corporation, Penn-Tex Land & Timber Company, Penn Trumbull Corporation, Penn-Tex Oil Company, Pennsylvania Tile and Insulation Company, Penn Yan Boat Corporation, Permanesque Builders, Inc., Pfeisterine Corporation, The, Peoples Commercial Company, Pequot Coal Company, Incorporated, Perryman Electrict Co., Inc., Perfect Foods Corporation, Personal Finance Company, Peoples Investment Service, Incorporated, Ltd., Personal Loans Corporation of Philadelphia, Personal Memory Company, Inc., Peoples Oil & Gas Company, Inc., Perennial Publishing Company, Perishable Shippers Association, Inc., Peoples State Company of Pontiac, Perishable Shippers Corporation, Peoples Service, Inc., Perkiomen Transfer Company, Peoples Utility Service Corporation, Peoples Welfare Company, Permanent Waterproofing Company, Petgen Company, The, Peters Development Corporation, Ltd., Petroleum Hydrogenation Engineering Corporation, Petroleum Hydrogenation Corporation of Mexico, Petroleum Holdings Corporation, Petz Motor Company, Inc., Petty Oil Corporation, Petroleum Products Exporters Company, Inc., Petite Polo, Inc., Petroleum Royalties Corporation, Petroleum Specialties Corporation, Phalanx Club, Inc., Phenix Metal Fireproofing Corporation, Philadelphia Brass Foundry, Inc., Philip Bremer and Company, Philmokin Coal Company, Phyllosan Corporation, Phoenix Corporation, The, Philip Ertel, Inc., Phoenix Engineering Company, Phillips Farm Utilities, Incorporated, Philadelphia Finance Company, The, Philippine Hardwood Company of Arne.rica, Photo Memoriam Corporation, Philadelphia Pants Co., Philadelphia Paper Box Machine Co., Inc., Physicians Research Association, Philadelphia Septic Tank Company, Philadelphia Thrift Corporation, Pictorial Advertising Corporation, The Picket & Volk Lumber Company, Pickwick Airway, Inc., Piahuy Development Syndicate, Pierce Hardware Company, The, Pickett Press, Inc., Pierce Producing Company, Inc., Pioneer Binding Company, Inc., Pioneer Broadcasting Company, Pine Dome Products Company, Pin Eliminator Company, The, Pinewald Home Builders Corporation, Pioneer Investors Corporation, Pilgrim Oil Company, Pilot Oil Corporation, Pioneer Publishing Company, Pineapple Products Corporation, Pioneer Radiocast Service Corporation, Pioneer Securities, Incorporated, Pinehurst Silk Mills, Inc., Pine Street Corporation, Pittsburgh Cleaners & Dyers, Inc., Pittsburgh-Cannelton Coal Company, Inc., Pittsburgh Engineering & Mfg. Corporation, Pittsburgh Foundation Company, Pittsburgh Market Reporter, Inc., Pittsburgh-Ohio Gas Co., Inc., Pittsburgh Pipe Tool Co., Pittsburgh Waterproofing & Insulating Products, Inc., Platinum Plazer Exploration and Reduction Company, Limited, Plains Royalty Corporation, Planters Packing Corporation, Plum Point Moulding Sand Company, Ponimok Corporation, Poet Et Cie, Pony Express Lines, Inc., The, Ponca Investment Company, Polynet Manufacturing Corporation, Poloner Progressive Association, Porterfield Aviation Interests, Inc., Port Dixie Corporation, Port Dixie Company, The, Port Isabel Bridge Company, Pollock Oil Co., Ponca Patent Development Company. Popular Photo Machine Corporation, Porto Rico Ore Company Popular Radio Hits Corporation, Ponca Specialty Manufacturing Company, Popular Songs of the Day, Inc., Portovault Shipping Corporation, Porter-Williams, Inc., Potomac Butter Company, Porterville Company, The, Post Directory Distributors Corporation, Power Door Company of Philadelphia, Power Door Corporation, Power Engineering Corporation, Porterfield Flying School Corporation, Power Finance Corporation, Power Generating Apparatus Corporation, Postal Pen Company, Inc., Pottawatomie Royalty Corporation, Prattcomp Corporation, Prairie Investment Company, Pratt & Kandt Manufacturing Corporation, Prairie Window Ventilator Corporation, Pestcoke Corporation, The, Premier Diamond Syndicate, Prescription Pharmacy, Inc., Pres-Sure Lubricators Co., Prudential Bond & Share Corporation, Professional Building Corporation of Washington, D. C., Professional Credit Financial Corporation, The, Price & Company, Prismatone Co., Inc., The, Professional Credit Corporation of America, Producer To Consumer System, Incorporated, Provincial Exploration Corporation, Producers Exploration Company, Prudential Finance and Surety Company, Progress Film Service, Inc., Prudential Finance Corporation of St. Louis, Progressive Film Corporation, Products Holding Corporation, Prime Investments, Inc., Protected Investment Corporation, Producers Independent Oil Company, Prudential Land and Investment Company, Protex Manufacturing Co., Inc., Prudential Management Corporation, Professional Men's Club, The, Production Meter Company, Producers Natural Gas Corporation, Producers Natural Gas Corporation of America, Property Owners' Leasing Bureau, Inc., Property Ownership Corporation, Protective Sales Co., Inc., Profit-Sharing Shoe Company, Inc., Provident State Securities Company, Prudential Securities Company, Print Shop, Incorporated, The, Professional Trading Corporation, Price-Writer Corporation, Publibus Advertising of America, Inc., Pyramid Associates, Inc., Publicity Bureau, Inc., Publicity Corporation of America, Puresweet Confections, Inc., Public Gas & Service Company, The, Public Gas Corporation, Publisher's Investment Corporation, The, Pure Motoroil System of West Tennessee, Inc., Pure Motoroil System of Southeast Missouri, Inc., Pure Motoroil System of South Mississippi, Inc., Pure Motoroil System of Louisiana, Inc., Pure Motoroil System of South Texas, Inc., PyroNon Paint Company, Inc., Publix Oil Holding Company, Publishers Press, Incorporated, Public Recognition, Incorporated, Pyramid Rock Asphalt Co., Inc., Publishers Service Company, Inc., Publishers Service Semi-Monthly, Inc., Publishers Service Engraving Company, Inc., Public Service Utilities Company, Public Service Company of America, The, Puritan-Tuttle Coal Company, Inc., Public Utilities Investment Trust, Inc., Public View Baking Co.

Queensboro. Amusement Company, Inc., Quaker City Construction Co., Inc., Quinlan Company, The, Quaker City Block & Brick Co., Inc., Quaker City Investment Trust, Inc., Quaker Fruit Stores Co., Quincy Investment Company, Quaker Maid Petroleum Co., Inc., Quapaw Mining Corporation, Quality Print Shop, Inc., Quaker Products Company, Quality Seafood Markets, Inc., Quaker State Refactories Corporation, Rahn Aircraft Corporation, Rainbow Amusement Park Company, Radiocoin Corporation, Radio Counselors, Incorporated, R. C., Inc., Rainer & Connell Company, Radio Dealers Association of America, Inc., Radio Electric Clock Corporation, Railways Freight Extension Service, Incorporated, R. G. Anderson Shops, Incorporated, R. H. Smith, Inc., Railway-Highway Devices Corporation, Radigan-Hungerford Corporation, The, R. H. Martin, Inc., R. J. R. Corporation, The, R. L. Parkinson, Inc., R. M. Hunter, Inc., R. M. Hollingshead Corporation, R. M. McMullen Corporation, Rafael Portrait Studios, Inc., Radium Products Laboratories, Inc., R. R. Storage & Sales Co., Radio Sales Company, Incorporated, Radio Science Corporation, R. S. Rathburn Contracting Company, Radio Tone Filters, Inc., Radio Tone Control Company, R. T. M. Securities Corporation, Ralph W. Lambert & Co., R. W. Spurlock Investment Co., R. W. Evans and Company, Ramsey Oil Corporation, Ranger Packing Company, Inc., Ramsdell & Son, Incorporated, Razor Blade Vending Corporation, Ltd., Rayon Equip-, ment and Engineering Corporation, The, Rare Gas and Electric Products Company, Inc., Raylaine, Inc., Rapp Lumber Company, Incorporated, Rapids Water Softener Co., Ray-X, Inc., Regent Associated Shares, Inc., Realty Assets Corporation, Red Bird Corporation, Reflectograph Corporation, Reff and Company, Inc., Rectified Combustion Corporation, Ree Corporation, Real De Guadalupe Mining Corporation, Inc., Re-Discount Company of America, Rec./ ord Executive Personnel Service, Inc., Real Estate Reporting & Service Co., Inc., Real Estate Bond and Share Corporation, The, Reinholt Exploration and Development Co., Realty Financial Corporation, Refinoil Manufacturing Corporation, Realty Mortgage and Finance Company, Reed Novelty Company, Re-Organization and Management Company, Limited, The, Real Oil Corporation, Reading Pretzel Bakeries, Inc., Refined Steel Products Company, Realty Value Refunding Company, Inc., Republic Airports, Inc., Republic Arbitrage & Trading Corporation, Remsen Corporation, Rehoboth Heights Development Company, Reilly, Inc., Reosorie Laboratory, Incorporated, The, Remo-Lite Corporation, The, Regal Mining Corporation, Reliance Royalties, Inc., Republic Realty Company, Reliance Thrift Bond Company, Retailers Asso., Inc., Reynolds Bros. Lumber Company, Inc., Reserve Company, The, Rewhite Corporation, Ltd., Reynolds Encampment No. 3, Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Delaware, Inc., Rexcraft, Inc., Research Laboratories' Company, Research Oil and Production Company, Research Oil Company, Revolute Products, Inc., Refining Products Corporation, Research Process Company, Resource Securities Corporation, Retailers Service Corporation, Rice Corporation, Richer Gear Corporation, Richardson Grain Separator Corporation, Richey Petroleum Company, Ridgeway Dairy Co., Inc., Ridgeway Refrigerator Company, The, Rio Coal Company, Inc., Ritz Corporation, Risler Corporation of America, Riverside Development Company, Inc., Limited, The, Riverdale Motor Corporation, Rittenhouse Press, Inc., The, Robb Amusement Company, Roadway Advertising Company, Inc., Robert Berkerick's Sons, Inc., Robertson Expedition, Inc., Robert F. Briody Co., Inc., Robert Miller, Inc., Roberts-Campbell Motors, Inc., Robinson Fiber Corporation, Robinson-Jenkins-Osborne Company, Robnell Securities Corporation, The, Rock Creek Timber Company, Rockport Corporation, Rockwood Corporation of St. Louis, Rockwood Corporation of America, Rockwell Mfg. Co., Inc., Rocky Mountain Mining Corporation, Rome Brass Radiator Corporation, Roller Engine Co., Roger F. Price, Inc., Rodema Holding Corporation, Rodak Import & Export Corporation, Rogue River Placer Company, Rogue River Mineshares Corporation, Roland Steel Products Corporation, Roll Top Door Corporation, Rose Bros. Company, Roosevelt Civic Legion, Inc., Rosekrau Company, Ross-man Corporation of California, Rosslyn Engineering Company, Roosevelt Floral Company, Rosentoor Gas and Electric Fixture Co., Inc., The, Rose International Chemical Company, Ltd., Ross and Republic Marble Company, Rosin and Turpentine Investment Company, Rota Bros., Inc., Rotary Disk Plow Company, Rothacker Film Corporation, Rotary Lift Company, Rotary Motors Company, Rotor Oil Motors Corporation, Royal Aero Corporation, Rowbotham and Company, Inc., Royal Distributing Company, Royal Development Company, Royal Exploration Company, Royal Finance and Credit Company of Maryland, Royal Gasoline Stations, Inc., Royalty Income Corporation, Royalty Investors, Inc., Royalties Number One, Incorporated, Royal Oil Corporation, Royal Railway Supply Co., Inc., Royal Railway Improvement Corporation, Royalty Shares, Inc., Royalty Savings Corporation, Royal Tire Service of Philadelphia, Inc., Royal Tire Service of Abilene, Inc., Royal Tire Service of Amarillo, Inc., Royal Tire Service of Georgia, Inc., Royal Tire Sales, Inc., Royal Tire Service of Nassau County, Inc., Rubber-Brush Corporation, Ltd., Rudnick's Bazaar, Incorporated, Rumson Investment Company, Rudley Mfg. Co., Rudolph Motors Company, Rufus S. Lusk, Incorporated, Rural Finance Corporation, Ruxton Corporation, The, Russell Hill Baking Company, Inc., Rydal Investments, Inc., Rustless Iron Manufacturing Corporation, Rushing Lease Holding Corporation, Russell Parachute Company, Ruth Safety Garages, Inc.

Safety Aircraft Corporation of America, S. Clifford & Co., Safety Diaper Corporation, Saf-De-Lite Corporation, S. Di Simo Co., Inc., Safety Elevator Corporation of America, Safety Floating Deck Corporation, S. G. S. Industries, Inc., S. H. Rose, Inc., Real Estate, S. H. Frensdorf, Incorporated, S. Lovejoy Sons & Co., Safety Liquid Fuel Torch Corporation, Sa-Lax Mfg. Co., Inc., S. M. Wilson Corporation, S. N. Crowen and Associates, Inc., Sager Pen Company, The, Sabean Recreation Club, Inc., S. S. Newport, Inc., Safe-Well Corporation of America, S. W. String Company, Inc., St. Croix Valley Milk & Produce Company, St. Clair Carrousel Company, St. John's Lodge No. 7, F. & A. M., Incorporated, St. Louis Pump Corporation, Saint Paul Mission of the Union American Methodist Episcopal Church of Wilmington, Delaware, Samples Coal Company, Sales Engineers, Inc., Salisene, Inc., Samuels, Inc., Samson Oil Corporation, Samas Products, Incorporated, Salvage Power Corporation, Samuel S. Kerschbaum, Inc., Sales Stimulator Company, Inc., Sanitarie Distributing Agency, Inc., The, San-Dis Engineering Corporation, Sanitation Engineering Corporation, Santa Fe Royal Oil Co., Sani-Garb Company, Inc., The, Saprolite Gold Mining Company, The, Sanivac Hydraulic Vacuum Corp., Ltd., San Ignacio Pacific Salt Co., Santorini Importing Co., Inc., Sandra Laboratories, Inc., Sani-Mode Homes, Inc., Sanshaw National Holding Corporation, Sandrock Oil Company, Sanitary Plumbing Company, Sandstone Quarry & Gas Development Company, The, Sanitary Receptacle Company, Sani-Silk, Inc., Sanderson & Son, Inc., Sarasota Fruit Products Company, Sardinian Touring Co., Inc., Sauter-Bugglin Radio and Music Shop, Inc., Saunders Drive It Yourself Company, Inc., Saunders Fly It Yourself System, Inc., Satsumaland, Inc., Sauganash Investment Co., Saturn Oil Company, Saunders System Baltimore Company, Saunders System Southern Company, Saunders System Illinois Company, Saunders System Cedar Rapids Co., Saunders System Colorado Springs Co., Saunders System Ohio Company, Saunders System Iowa Company, Saunders System Wichita Company, Saunders System Houston Company, Saunders System Kansas City Company, Saunders System Oklahoma City Company, Saunders System Richmond Company, Saunders System Rockford Company, Saunders System Tulsa Company, Savon Clothes, Inc., Save Electric Products, Inc., Savannah Foundation Company, Savings Investment Company, Savoy Restaurant & Catering Co., Inc., Saxton Shale Brick & Tile Co., Schaefer China Company, Inc., Scenic Golf Operating Co., Inc., Scenic Golf, Inc., Schermerhorn Securities Corporation, Schoenwald De Mers Corporation, School Radio Corporation of America, Schroeder Development and Finance Company, Schuyler National Corporation, Schwerin Realty Co., Schwerin Thrift Plan, Inc., The, Scientific and General Research Corporation, Scientific Investors Management Corporation, Scientific Management Corporation, Scott's Natural Iron Tonic Company, Scout Royalties, Inc., Scotch Valley Coal Company, Scott Welded Products, Inc., Sculptograph Corporation of America, Scrap Iron & Metal Corporation, The, Sculptograph Sales Corporation, Seaboard Airways, Inc., Seaboard Acceptance Corporation, Seaboard Animated Sign Company, Security Burners, Inc., Seaton Bakery, Inc., Security Bond and Realty Corporation, Second Community Trading Corporation, Seaman & Co., Inc., Security Distributors Corporation, Seaboard Finance Corporation, Seaboard Hotel Corporation, Securities Holding Corporation, Security Investment and Development Company, Seabrook International Corporation, Seal-Kast Corporation, Security Loan Association, Security Manufacturing Company, Security Manufacturing Company, Security Oil and Gas Company, Seaboard Products Corporation, Second Reserve Royalty Corporation, Searight Royalty Participations, Inc., Securities Research Corporation, Seasoned Securities, Inc., Sea Safety Stock Exchange, Inc., Security Sales Corporation, Ltd., Seaboard Service Corporation, Limited, Security Trust Company of Fargo, The, Seminole Coal Company of Delaware, Service Equipment Company, Selling-Finance Publishing Co., Senator Fluorspar Company, Selected Food Products Corporation, Serelco, Inc., Seltzer Investment Company, Selectric Phonograph & Radio Corporation, Self-Re-Heel Top, Inc., Seiler School, Incorporated, The, Self Service Pump Company, Selected Shares and General Corporation, Self-Service Merchandising Corporation, Selected Stocks, Inc., Service Tire Company, Inc., Sesler Brothers, Inc., Settler Company, Shanjay Quicksilver Mining Corporation, Ltd., Shanghai Speedway, Inc., Sharpies Industrial Sales, Inc., Sharfarman-Lewis Company of Delaware, Sheldon-Alamo Royalties Corporation, Shelf Bus Company, Sheak Brothers, Incorporated, Sheet Metal Products Company, Sheer & Sacks, Inc., Sheldon Superior Mining Company, Sherritt & Company, Sherman Cigar Company, Sheridan Mining Corporation, Sheriff Motor Company, Sherman Metal Products Company, Shenandoah Orchards, Inc., Shenandoah Valley Theatre Corporation, Shock Absorbing Tire Holding Company, Shone-Drumm Manufacturing Company, Shuley House Company, Shoe Lace Fastening Devices, Inc., Shirley Oil Company, Shopper Publishing Company, Incorporated, Shields Sea Food Market, Inc., Silk-soap Company, Inc., Silver Dome Consolidated Mines Corporation, Silent Drama Corporation, Silab, Inc., Silveray Lighting Co. of Philadelphia, Silver Seal Corporation, Silver Spring Dyeing and Cleaning Company, Silvertone Theatres & Sound Corporation, Sika Waterproofing Corporation, Simplex Burner Company, Sioux Gasoline Corporation, Simpson Publication, Inc., Singleton Realty Company, Incorporated, Singer Transportation Company, Sin-Tuk Corporation, Simplex Radio Company, The, Skowras Bros. and Dispon Theatrical Enterprises, Inc., Skouras Brothers Investment Co., SiesElliott Poster Advertising Co., Inc., Skotch Golf, Incorporated, Sisco Holding Corporation, Ltd., Six Nations (Iroquois) Development Corporation, Slaughter Beach Corporation, Sloat Corporation, Sloterbeck Chevrolet Company, Slenda-Form Laboratories, Inc., Slovak Manor Homesite Building Association, Smit-A Lite Company, Inc., Smith-Reynolds Flying Service, Incorporated, Smith Realty Co., Inc., The, Smith & Terry Transportation Company, Inc., Smith & Terry Coastwise Company, Inc., Smith-Zollinger, The, Smullen & Barry, Incorporated, Smoky City Cleaner Co., Snyder Multiform Corporation, Sneed Petroleum Corporation, Sneed Royalty Company, Smyser & Scott, Inc., Snow White Rabbitry, Inc., Snowflakes Water Company, Sobri Company, The, Sodamat Corporation, The, Soft Drinks, Incorporated, Solar Research Corporation, Somerset Amusement, Inc., Sommers Corporation, The, Sonora Products Corporation of America, Sorp Corporation, The, Sorrell and Son, Inc., Southeastern Aeronautic Association, Southeastern Airways, Inc., Southern Associates, Inc., South America Land and Cattle Company, South American Mines, Inc., South American Oil and Development Corporation, Southern Building Company Incorporated, Southwest Builders, Inc., Southwest Builders and Owners Corporation, Southland Citrus Fruit Company, Southern Consumers Gas and Utilities Corporation, Southwest Ceramic Products Company, Southern Compress and Storage Co., Southwestern Confection & Supply Corporation, Southland Development Company, Southern Dairymen, Inc., Southern Department Stores, Inc., Sound Equipment Operating Co., Southern Foods Corporation, Southmere Farms & Fruit Company of Indian River Florida, Southern Finance & Investment Corporation, Southern Gift & Art Association, Sound Gravel Company, Southwest Hotels, Inc., Southern Indiana Consolidated Utilities Corporation, Southern Investment Dealers, Inc., Southeastern Investors Incorporated, Southern Idaho Investment Corporation, Southwestern Investors, Incorporated, South Jersey Colloidal Phosphate Company, Southeast Motor Company, Inc., Southern Metal Products Company, Southern Mines & Quarries, Inc., Southern Oil Company, Southern Petroleum Company, Southern Planting Company, Southern Products Corporation, Sound Pictures Finance Corporation, Southern Paint & Glass Company, The, Southern Properties, Inc., Southern Publishers, Inc., South Plains Products Company, Inc., Southwestern Royalties of America, Inc., Southern States Oil Corporation, The, Southwest Service Station, Inc., South Street Sweet Shop, Inc., Southwestern Theatres, Inc., Southland Utilities, Inc., Southwestern Virginia Railway Company, Southern Wesix Company, Southwest Warehouse Corporation, Speed Auto Laundries, Inc., Speed-E-Way Perfect Laundries of Buffalo, Inc., Speculative Investors Corporation, Specification Motoroil System, Inc., of Southern California, Ltd., Specification Motor Oil System of Missouri, Inc„ The, Specification Motoroil System of Illinois, Inc., Sperry, McKee and Crane, Inc., Speak-O-Phone Corporation of California, Ltd., Speak-O-Phone Recording Studios, Inc., Speak0-Phone Corporation of Washington, The, Spencer Products Corporation, Specialty Products Co., Inc., Sparr Realty Corporation, Speakman Richardson Co., Specification Tire Company, The, Spink Construction Corporation, Sportswear Manufacturing Company, Spray Bottling Company, Square Deal Explosives Company, Square Deal Royalty Company, Spray Equipment Company, The, Sprenger Food Company, Springer Garage Company, The, Squirrel Hill Indoor Golf Club, Inc., Sprague, Myers & Wilson, Inc., Spring Street Realty Corporation, Ltd., Spruce & Thirteenth Streets Corporation, Springthorpe Textile Machine Company, Sta-Brite Products Corporation, The, Sta-Green Products Co., Inc., The, Standard Auto-Tite Joints Company, Standard Advertising, Inc., Standard Accessories, Inc., Standard American Investors Corporation, Standard Boring Tool Company, The, Standard Cycle Corporation, Sanfro Corporation, Standard Corporations, Inc., Standard Commercial Machine Corporation, Standard Class Publications, Inc., Standard Dial & Scale Corporation, Standard Drug Manufacturing Company, Inc., Standard Equities, Inc., Standard Electric Refrigerator, Inc., Standard Furnace Company, Standard Fish & Produce Company, Standard Finance Company of Frostburg, The, Standard Flexible Compound Co., Standard Industrial Products Company, Standard Lining Company, Stanley Leather Goods Company, Inc., Standard Motor Fuel Company, Standard Management Corporation, Standard Mines, Inc., Standard Natural Gas Company of Indiana, Standard Ohio Securities, Inc., Standard Oilshares of America, Inc., Standard Oil Royalty Corporation, Standard Oil and Refining Company, The, Standard Remedys Co., Inc., Standard Steamship Company, Stanley Sales Corporation, Standard Store Service Company, Inc., Standard Scale & Supply Corporation, The, Standard Steel Window Company, Standard Typewriter Easterner Company, Inc., Staybestos Brake Lining Company; Statesamerica Corporation, Stark & Company, Inc., State Finance Corporation, Star Oil Company, Sterilizing Company, Inc., The, Sterling Coal Company, Stermil Company, Inc., Sterling Chemical Corporation, Stellarene Corporation, Steffans Candy Mfg. Co., Stevenson and Company, Steel-City Acceptance Corporation, Stewart Clothing Corporation, Steel Dome Box Toe, Inc., Sterling Garment Manufacturing Company, Steel-King Casket Company, Sterling Manufacturing Company, Stevens Master Specification, Inc., Sterling Oil Company, Sterling Paint Corporation, Steam Range Corporation, Sterling Systems, Inc., Steel's Stores, Inc., Steam Specialties Company, Stirlen & Garland, Inc., StognerDalton Drilling Company, The, Stock Exchange Clearing Corporation of Wilmington, Storrie Coal Company, Stone-Davis Mines Corporation, Strowd Holcombe Cotton Mill, Inc., Strauss Laboratories, Inc., Strawberry Mansion Business Men's Association, Straits Realty, Inc., Sturzza Corporation, The, Student Finance Corporation, Sugarmelons, Incorporated, Sugar-Jel Company, The, Subway Oil Company, Suburban Polishing Company, Suburban Poultry Homes, Inc., Subocean Salvage Corporation, Surinam-American Trade Agency, Inc., Sunny Bank Poultry Farms, Inc., Superior Brick Company, "Sunrise Cleaners and Dyers, Inc.", Summit Council No. 18, Junior Order United American Mechanics, Inc., Sunrise Coal Company, The, Supreme Council of the Legion of the Red Cross, Super-Disel Engine & Mfg. Co., Sullivan Engineering & Construction Co., Inc., Superior Furniture Mfg. Co., Superior Film Products Company, Super Gas & Oil Company, Summit Heights Holding Corporation, The, Sunset Hills Properties Incorporated, Sundale Investment Company, Summit Lumber & Coal Co., Superior Linking Machine Corporation, Super Motor Service Co., Inc., Super-Method Cleaners, Inc., Sunshine Petroleum Syndicate, Incorporated, Super-steam Products, Inc., Sulphur Products Company, Inc., Super Production Machinery Corporation, Sunset Pacific Oil Company, Sun-land Refining Company, Sun Royalty Corporation, Superior Securities Corporation, Sunbrite Stores, Inc., Suburban Syndicate of Pennsylvania, System Auto Laundries, Inc., Swallow Airplane Company, Szczepan Gniwek, Inc., Syndicated Investment Corporation, Sweet's Laundry Shops, Inc., Swaim Oil Co., Sykes-Rigney Company, Swift Realty Company, Sweet Sixteen Shop of Youngstown, Inc., Symphony Tube Laboratories, Inc.

T. A. Flynn & Son Co., Inc., T. A. Gillespie Loading Company, T. Bruce Clark, Inc., T. B. Shannon Company, T. H. T. Corporation, T. H. Evans & Company, Incorporated, T. J. Young, Inc., T. J. Vandoren, Inc., T. M. Gibbs Construction Company, Inc., The, Talking Picture Appliance Corporation, Tavernette Corporation, Tacucudy Company, The, Taylan Expedition, Limited, Inc., Taylor-Easterling & Co., Inc., Tator-Inc., Taylor Machine Company, Inc., Tach-On Corporation, Tarn O'Shanter Natural Golf Courses, Inc., Tanhuijo Petroleum Corporation, Tabasco Plantation Co., Tapered Roller Bearing Co., Inc., Tax Service Corporation, Taste-Treat Corporation, Terralyte Corporation of America, Texas Chief Oil and Gas Co., Texas Chief Oil and Royalty Corporation, Texas Consumers Water Company, Telegram Company of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., The, Texas-Canadian Oil Corporation, Terra Cotta Securities Company, Terminal Cab Corporation, Texas Exploration Company, The, Texas Flying Service, Inc., Telluride-Gold Mountain Mining Company, Terre Haute Steamship Corporation, Texas Industrial Corporation, Terratile, Inc., Television, Inc., Terminal Land Corporation, Teel Laundries, Incorporated, Telephone Message Bureau, Inc., Terra-Marine Airplane Co., Inc., Texana Oil Company, Ternpleman Oil Corporation, Tennessee Oak Flooring Company, Texas Pecan Industrial, Inc., Texas Properties Corporation, Terminal Poultry Company, Terrill Realty Development Company, Telephone Stock & Bond Co., Texas Southern Oil Corporation of Boston, Tee Stone Corporation, Texas Toy and Novelty Manufacturing Co., Inc., The, Tennessee Valley Oil and Gas Company, Therapeutic Appliance Corporation, Thermokept Cane Sugar Products Co., Inc., Thayer Corporation, Thermokept Dairies, Inc., Thearle-Duffield Fireworks Co., Thies Holding Company, Theatrical Industries Corporation, Thatcher Investment Company, Theatre Managers, Inc., Theatre Realty Company of Stamford, Incorporated, The, Thermatic Sales Corporation, The, Thumb Butte Gold Mining Company, Thorton Company, Inc., Thomas Carroll, Inc., Thomfordt-Faunce Co., Inc., Thomson Oil Company, Three "R" Mines, Inc., Three Star Lumber & Contracting Company, Ltd., Three Star Mines Corporation, Three Sheet Poster Advertising Co., The, Thomas Screen Ventilator Company, Three-Year Stock Syndicate, Incorporated, Tile-Crete Corporation, Tilton Laboratories of Chicago, Inc., The, Tidewater Rolling Mills, Incorporated, Tilt Top Cap and Closure Co., Tioga Company, Ltd., Time Finance Corporation, Tim Kip Aviation Corporation, Tindel-Phillips Corporation, Tip Top Tailors, Inc., Torn Browns Highway Lanterns, Inc., Tobe Deutschmann Corporation, Tomadelli Electronic Corporation, The, Toll Gate Golf Club, Inc., Todd Royalty Syndicate, Town Crier Publishing Company, Torridaire Export & Sales Corporation, Townsend Fire Company, Torb, Inc., Trimona Aviation* Corporation, Trans-America Royalty Corporation, Triangle Concete Products Company, Traveller Corporation, Traton Company, The, Trans-Continental Trading Corporation, Transpacific Corporation of America, Treadway Corporation, Transportation Corporation of America, Tripples Company, Inc., Trainor Company, The, Transportation and Development Co., Transcontinental Fiscal Corporation, Trix Food Products, Inc., Trinidad Gold Mining Company, Transport Holding Corporation, Tremore Holding Corporation, The, Traveltours, Inc., Transoceanic Industrial Corporation, Travelight Manufacturing Company, Tremont Oil & Royalty Company, Travel Publications Incorporated, Trans-Pacific Holding Corporation, Ltd., Trident Packing Company, Trent Process Corporation, Tri-State Steel Company, The, Tri-State Ice Cream Company, Traffic Signs & Signals, Inc., Tri-State Sintering Company, Trinity Trust Company, Tropical American Corporation, Trustees Certificates, Incorporated, Trues-dale Corporation, Trustee Company, Inc., The, Trusteed Equities Foundation, Incorporated, Triune Electric Actions Co., Tropical Gold Mines, Inc., Truth, Inc., Tropical International Corporation, Tru Lax Corporation, Tropico Manana Corporation, Tropical Savings and Loan Co., Ltd., Tugboat "Active" Company, Tubeweld, Inc., Tugboat "Lookout" Company, Tung Oil Sales Corporation, Turbo Corporation, The, Turnock Engineering Company, Turnbow Oil Corporation, Turnbow Production Company, Turkish Tobacco Monopoly Corporation, Twentieth Century Food Products, Inc., Twin Lakes Timber Company, Tyler Motor Company, Inc., Tywame Royalty Company, 21st Century Press, Incorporated.

U. A. C., Inc., Uintah Basin Producing & Refining Company, U-Drive-It, Inc., U. I. C. Management Corporation, U. S. & Canadian Bond & Share Company, U. S. Coal Machine Company, The, U. S. Mfg. & Sales Corporation, U. S. Movie Postage Service Corporation, U. & S. Provision Company, Inc., U. S. Packing Company, U. S. Tire Service, Inc., University of Arts and Sciences, Inc., The, Universal Bricklite Corporation, Uppercu-Burnelli Aircraft Corporation, Underfiring Coal Corporation, Universal Confections Corporation, Universal Coin Radio Company, Inc., Universal Discount & Acceptance Corporation, Units Distribution Group, Inc., Underwriters & Distributors Securities Co., Inc., Universal Fibre Corporation, Universal Frame & Sash Co., Universal Finance Corporation, Unit Holding Company, Universal Inlaid Traffic Director, Inc., Ultimo Manufacturing Co., Universal Metal Seal Corporation, Universal Metal Products Corporation, University Miniature Golf Club, Inc., Universal Mortgage Company, Universal Oil Well Cementing Company, Unity Oil Corporation, Universal Perfume Corporation, Universal Sound and Television, Inc., Universal Signal Company, Universal Spectrum Screen, Incorporated, Unirok Sales Company, Underwriters Securities, Inc., Unbreakable Talking Disc Corporation, The, Universal Toy Corporation, United Aviation Corporation, United Accounting Machine, Incorporated, United American Protestant Association of Delaware, Union Beach Steamboat Co., Inc., United Broadcasting System, Inc., United Broadcasting Company, Ltd., Union Central Corporation of Delaware, United Chain Stores Realty Co., United Construction & Engineering Company, United Equities Corporation, United Enterprises, Incorporated, United Eastern Gas Company, United Food Products Corporation, United Fuel Corporation, United Finance Corp. of Georgia, United Goat Dairy, Inc., United Home Products Company, United Ice & Fuel Company, United Investment Assurance Corporation, United Jewelers, Inc., The, Union Lavoratrice di Soccorso Teramo, United Motors Clubs, Inc., United Mutual Co-Operative Grocers Corporation, United Mining Company of Alaska, United Mica Corporation, United Magma Copper Company, United Merchants Advertising Company, Union Natural Gas and Utilities Corporation, United National Industries, Inc., United Oil & Utility Company, United Pilgrim Gold Mines, Inc., United Public Utilities Company, United Properties & Service Corporation, United Railways Industrial Corporation, United Radio Investment Corporation, United Realty Alliance, Inc., United Restaurant Baking Co., Inc., United Radio Corporation, Union Roofing Co., Inc., United Sponge Producers of America, Inc., United Service Royalties, Inc., United Service and Manufacturing Corporation, United Skillkrafters Corporation, United Services Association, Inc., United Service Stations, Inc., United Serv-U-Well Wholesale Grocers, Incorporated, United Securities Bond & Mortgage Co., United Spiritualist Association, The, United Sales Company, The,. Union Supply Company, United States Annuity Agency Company, United States Bank Shares, Inc., United States Broadcasting and Television Corporation, United States Bureau of Research, Incorporated, United States Blower and Heater Corporation, United States Commerce Publications, Inc., United States Chamber of Aeronautics, Inc., United States Floral Company, United States & Foreign Securities Company, United States General Agency Company, United States Holding Corporation, United States and Latin American Corporation, United States Motor Industries, Inc., United States Markets, Inc., United States Miniature Golf Housing Corp., United States Oil Company, Inc., United States Public Utilities Corporation, United States Rotary Dryer Corporation, United States Rattan Company, United States Silica Corporation, United States Shares Investing Company, Inc., United States Thrift Gift System, Inc., United States Union Corporation, Union Thrift Corporation, United Tire Stores Corporation of America, United Theatres Corporation of America, United Tung Oil Corporation, Union Westchester Corporation, United Westvaco Company, Union Wire and Iron Company, The, United-West Stores Co., United Wood Treating Corporation, Utrecht Coal Co., Inc., Used Car Export Corporation, Utilities & General Investors Corporation, Usuco, Inc., Utility Light & Heat Corporation, Utilities Management Co., Urmi Oil Company, Utah Oil Corporation, Utilities Royalty Corporation, Utah Stores Corporation.

Valley Arcade, Inc., Valumet Chocolate Company, Inc., Valde, Inc., V. M. Oilier Company, Valley Motor Co., Vacuum Packing Corporation, Valley Plastering Co., Van Alstyne Milling Company, Vapro Company, Vaughn Corporation of America, Inc., Van Der Drug Company, Varonne, Inc., VanaII Petroleum Company, Van Royalty Corporation, Dallas Texas, The, Vaughn-Rush Drilling & Producting Company, The, Vandeventer Securities Corporation, Venezuela Coastal Oil Corporation, Venango Corporation, Venco Corp., The, Vegetized Foods, Incorporated, Verdier & Hardy, Inc., Venice Hunting & Trapping Company, Inc., Velodrome, Inc., Vending Machine Corporation of Michigan, Vending Machine Corporation, Ventura Mining Company, Veg-O-Weet Products, Inc., Venezuela Securities Company, The, Vermont Securities Corporation, Victor Air Valve Corporation, Vi-Zenz Corporation, Victor Check-writer Mfg. Corporation, Viking Corporation, The, Victor-Frame Oil & Development Company, Victor, Incorporated, Vick Royalty Co., Victor Rubber Mfg. Co., The, Vigo Tire Service, Inc., Visit America, Inc., Vitreous Art Rock Corporation, The, Virwool Cloth Corporation, Vitaglo Corporation, The, Vitamin Company of America, The, Virginia Dare Products Company, Vita Dry, Inc., Vitamin Flour, Inc., Virginia Holding Corporation, Vindor, Incorporated, Vitimin Milling Corporation, Virginia Snow, Inc., Vine & Sunset Hotel Company, Ltd., Virginia-Tennessee-Carolina Co., Vulcan Auto Parts Co., Vogue Boot Shop, Inc., Vosbikian Bros. & Co., Inc., Vogue Co., Voice of the Sky, Inc., Vogue Radio Corporation, Von Winkler Laboratory, Incorporated.

W. B. Mitchell, Inc,, Waconda Copper Company, W. C. Hayes & Co., W. C. Newman Corp., The, W. E. Floding Company, The, W. E. Gregory & Company, W. E. Noyes Co., Wage Earners Realty and Finance Corporation, The, W. G. Gates & Company, Wade H. Harley Gas & Oil Company, Incorporated, W. H. Owens & Company, W. H. Wilson & Sons Oil Co., Wakefield's, Incorporated, W. J. Stearns Engineering Co., Inc., W. J. Early Sons Foundry Corp., W. J. O'Leary Company, The, W. L. C. Plumbing Supply Co., W. L. Clark Company, Incorporated, W. M. Harris & Sons Co., W. N. Albertson Company, Wachtel Sales Corporation, W. S. M. Amusement Corporation, W. T. Farley, Inc., Wakeless and Wireless Torpedo Works, Inc., Walker and Company, Incorporated, Wallace Engineering Corporation, Wallace Motor Co., Walker Signal and Equipment Corp., Wallings Syndicated Services, Inc., Wall Street Trading Corporation, Walnut Company, The, Walter Hardware Co., Inc., Walmo, Inc., Walter Johnson Base Ball Game, Inc., The, Walter Kaufman, Inc., Walsh Paving and Construction Corporation, Walter Raymond Company, Inc., Wanner Malleable Castings Company, Wann Vending Corporation, Ward Built Homes, Inc., Wardman-Cheverly Estates, Incorporated, Wardman Roosevelt Corporation, Ward Sudderth, Inc., Warga Industries, Inc., Warnasco Products Corporation, Warner Sugar Refining Company, Warren Gears, Inc., Warren Holding Corporation, Warren Weariest Corporation, Washington Bowling-Billiard Company, Washington Brokerage Company, Washington Heights Musical Club, The, Washington Information Bureau, Inc., The, Washington Investment & Construction Corp., Washington Irving Investing Corporation, Wasserman Institute, Inc., Washington Pharmacy, Inc., The, Wasson Sales Co., Inc., Waterbus Corporation of America, Waterside Cinder Block Corporation, Waterfront Holding Corporation, Waterways Transportation Company, Inc., Waughrine Medicine Company, The, Wave Ways Recreation Co., Inc., Wear-Ever Cushion & Mattress Co., Weatherby Ore Separator Company, Weather Proof Utilities Corporation, Webb Cut Stone Company, Inc., Webster Contracting Company, Weco Marble Company, Weisberg Buttons, Inc., Weithas Finance Corporation, Wee Golf and Lunch, Incorporated, The, Weld Best Metals Corporation, WelteMignon Corporation, Well Oil Corporation of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Western Aviation Corporation, West American Trading Company, West Coast Air Transport Corporation, Western Capital Company, Ltd., Wesley's Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church, West Coast Utilities Corporation, West Drilling Company, Western Empire Mines Company, Ltd., West Gold Mining Company, Western Hemisphere Trading Corporation, Westcliff Investment Corporation, West Indies Products Co., Western Mining, Milling & Refining Co., Western Mines Syndicate, Incorporated, Western National Corporation, Western Oil & Gas Company, West Philadelphia Bowling Recreation, Inc., Western Plate Glass Company, Western Paper Sales Co., Inc., Western Reserve Gas Company, Western Royalty & Producing Corporation, Westark Radio Stores, Inc., Westlake Securities Corporation, Ltd., Western States Investment Company, Western States Oil Corporation, West Teziutlan Copper Company, Western Transportation Co., West Texas Gas Utilities Corporation, West Texas Oil Lands Corporation, Weston Tobacco Syndicate, Inc., Western Willite Company, Wetzel Lumber Company, Wharton Manufacturing Company, Wheaco Cereals, Inc., Wheelock Trading Corporation, Whelan Tailors, Inc., Whitehall Amusement Company, Inc., Whitehead Bridge Studios of Pennsylvania, Inc., Whitmont Corporation, Whitefield Citrus Corporation, White Model Bakers, Inc., Whitlock Metered Mail Co., Ltd., Whitlock Manufacturing Company, White Rose Spring Water Co., White River Development Co., Whitney Syndicate, Inc., Whitman Sound Corporation, Wichita Petroleum Company, Wids Rubber Corporation, Wiik Trading and Transportation Co., Willard Apartment Co., Inc., Wm. A. Beck, Inc., Wilkes-Barre & Hazleton Railway Corporation, Wilkes-Barre & Hazleton Terminal Corporation, Williamsport Button & Mfg. Co., Inc., Wilkie-Buick, Inc., Wilco Chemical Corporation, Wildamus Corporation, William E. O'Donnell, Inc., Williamson Electric Newwares Corporation, William E. Slattery Company, Inc., Wilright Gas Company, William Hatton Company, Wm. H. Pohle Music Co., Wilpet, Inc., Wilkie-Levy Company, Ltd., Wildel Mfg. Co., Williams Mechanical Parker Co., Wm. Penn Oil Company, William Rabinowitz, Inc., Wm. P. Young & Son, Inc., William Parke, Incorporated, Will-Ro-Realty Corporation, Wills Storage Heater Co., Inc., William S. Phillips Construction Company, Wilhelm's Trouble Proof Awnings, Inc., Wilmington Cigar Company, Wilmington Coal Company, Wilmington Electro-Plating Co., The, Wilmington Manufacturing and Jobbing Company, Wilmington University, Inc., Wilson Finance Company, Wilson Pictures, Inc., Wing On Company, Inc., Winokur Pharmacy, Inc., Winkelman Shoes, Incorporated, Winnebago Securities Corporation, Winkler-Thompson Co., Inc., Wire Cord Hose Pipe Company, Wired Heat Co., Ltd., Wisdom, Incorporated, Limited, Wiseley Lock-Joint Derrick Corporation, The, Winsor Tractor Equipment Corporation, Woerderhoff Shoe Company, Inc., Wolf Creek Coal and Development Company, Wolff Coal Saver Company, Wolfgas, Inc., Wolfe & Lewis, Incorporated, Wolfe Oil Corporation, Wolf and Sheffit, Inc., Woman Patriot Publishing Company, The, Woodlite Co., Ltd., Woodley Flower Shop, Inc., Woodbury Mills Corporation, Woodside Motor Service Company, Wood Properties, Incorporated, Wood & Tucker, Inc., Wood and Wolcott, Inc., Workmen's Finance Service, Inc., World Wide Distributing Corporation, Wright Appliance Company, Inc., Wright Furniture Co., Inc., Wyoming Golf Course, Inc., The, Wylie, Masser Shoe Co., Inc,, Wyoming-Montanan Pipe Line Company.

X-Otic, Inc.

Yellow-Cab Company of Los Angeles, Yextla Co., Yellowstone Petroleum Corporation, Yellow Pine Co. of Philadelphia, Yowell Contracting Company, Young Painting and Decorating Company.

Z-Corporation, Zinser Corporation, The, Zenith Engine Company, Zaney-Gill Corporation, Zermomat, Inc., Zenith Oil Corporation, Zane Tire Service, Inc., Zero-Vender Corporation, Zephyr Washed Air Company, Zonia Copper Mining Company, Zurruz Products, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, C. D. BUCK, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this nineteenth day of January, in year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-four and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and fifty-eighth.


By the Governor:


CHARLES H. GRANTLAND, Secretary of State.