AN ACT to amend Chapter 160, Volume 32, Laws of Delaware, by providing for the Instruction of Pupils of all Public Elementary Schools and all Public High Schools of this State in Physiology and Hygiene with Special Reference to the Effects of Alcoholic Drinks, Stimulants and Narcotics upon the Human System.

Section 1. That Section 8 of Chapter 160, Volume 32, Laws of Delaware be and the same is hereby amended by striking out numbered paragraph 5 of said Section 8 and inserting in lieu thereof the following:

"5. Determining the minimum courses of study for all public elementary schools and all public high schools of the State. Provided, that among the rules and regulations adopted they shall prescribe that all elementary school subjects shall be taught in the English language in all schools in the State. Provided, further, they shall require that all pupils of all public elementary schools and, all public high schools of the State be instructed in physiology and hygiene with. special reference to the effects of alcoholic drinks, stimulants and narcotics upon the human system.

Approved March 22, 1929.