AN ACT to Repeal 1666, Section 9, Chapter 57 of the Revised Code of the State of Delaware, entitled "Department of Elections for the City of Wilmington," and to substitute in lieu thereof a New Section providing for the Time When Names Shall be Submitted for the Appointment of Registration Officers. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met: Section 1. That 1666, Section 9, Chapter 57 of the Revised Code of the State of Delaware entitled, "Department of Elections for the City of Wilmington," be and the same is hereby repealed and a new section be substituted in lieu thereof as follows:

1666. Section 9. Registration Officers. APPOINTMENT; WHEN; QUALIFICATIONS; DIVISION BETWEEN PARTIES; POLITICAL COMMITTEES TO FUNISH LISTS; IN DEFAULT OF SUCH LISTS; DEPARTMENT MAY APPOINT; TERMS OF OFFICE: They shall in in the month of June, in each year in which a general election is held, appoint for each election district in the City of Wilmington, three capable persons, who shall be voters and residents in the election district, for which they shall be appointed who shall be registration officers of the Election District for which they are appointed ; one of whom shall be designated as "Registrar," and the other two "Assistant Registrars", and not more than two of them shall be of the small political faith ; provided, that the total number of registration officers in each representative district shall be divided as equally as possible between the two leading political parties, as the same shall be determined upon by the Department of Elections at the time of making the appointments. And further, for each appointment accredited to any political party under this section, the City Executive Committee of such political party shall furnish the Department of Elections on or before the first day of May of the year in which said appointment is to be made, a list of three names of properly qualified persons from which the Department of Elections shall make its appointments. If the said lists of names are not furnished as aforesaid, then and in that event the Department of Elections shall appoint some suitable person or persons, of such political faith having all the qualifications provided by this section. Terms of The terms of office of such registration officers shall begin on the first Tuesday in July next after their appointment and shall continue for two years thereafter, and until their successor shall be duly chosen and qualified, unless sooner removed as provided in this Chapter.

Approved April 25, 1931.