AN ACT authorizing the State Board of Charities of the State of Delaware to exercise certain powers and to perform certain duties relating to Child Welfare.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

Section 1. That in order that the State may more effectively exercise the duty and obligation which it owes to minor children, who for any cause are in need of care and protection, the State Board of Charities of the State of Delaware is hereby authorized to exercise the powers and perform the duties as set forth in Section 2 of this Act and relating to child welfare.

Section 2. Powers and Duties. To search out through investigation, complaints from citizens, or otherwise, the minor children in the State who are in need of its care and protection and shall as far as possible, through existing agencies, public or private, its own welfare workers or through such other resources, aid such children to a fair opportunity in life.

To make surveys and in other ways to ascertain the facts and conditions which cause or contribute to the need for State care and protection of children and extent of such need.

To present the facts so ascertained to the people through conventions, conferences and addresses to the end that a Statewide program may be effected for the elimination and suppression of the causes which bring the necessity for such care.

To establish and maintain homes or other agencies for the care of dependent, or neglected minor children or to contract with any approved agency or home for the care of such children and also to receive and care for dependent or neglected children committed to its care, and if possible to arrange for a thorough physical and mental examination of every such child, to investigate in detail the personal and family history of a child and its environment, and to place such children in family homes or in approved suitable institutions, and to supervise such children however placed.

To solicit, obtain and hold gifts, devises and bequests of money, real estate, and other things of value to be used in support of the development and carrying on of child welfare work.

Section 3. The State Board of Charities when making its annual report as required under 1005A, Section 3A, of 1919, Delaware Laws, Volume 30, Chapter 64, shall include a complete and comprehensive report relating to all child welfare work performed or executed in accordance with this Act, together with any recommendation said Board may desire to make.

Approved April 21, 1933.