AN ACT to Further Amend Chapter 60 of the Revised Code (1915) of the State of Delaware in reference to General Elections.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met :

Section 1. Amend 1815. Sec. 95, Chapter 60, of the Revised Code (1915) of the State of Delaware by the addition of a new paragraph to said 1815. Sec. 95 of said Code to be as follows :

All necessary costs and expenses incurred in carrying into effect the proclamation of the Governor relative to Special Elections, unless otherwise provided by the Laws of this State, including the compensation of registration officers as provided by 1642. Sec. 24 of the Revised Code of Delaware, as amended, and the compensation of election officers as provided by 1792. Sec. 72 of said Code, as amended, shall be paid by the State Treasurer from any monies in the State Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, upon proper warrants and vouchers submitted to the Governor and approved by the Auditor of Accounts.

Section 2. All Acts, or parts of Acts, inconsistent with this Act are hereby repealed to the extent of the inconsistencies only.

Approved May 26, 1933.