Act to amend Chapter 99 of the Revised Code of the Slate of Delaware. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met,

SECTION 1. That Chapter 99 of the Revised Code of the State of Delaware be amended by striking out the whole of Section 17 and inserting in lieu thereof the following, to wit:

"SECTION 17. The goods and chattels taken by virtue of an execution issued by a Justice of the Peace, shall be inventoried and appraised by the officer levying the same, and the execution shall not bind the goods and chattels until it shall be delivered to a Constable or Sheriff to be executed, and an execution shall, from the time it is so delivered, bind all the goods and chattels of the defendant within the bailiwick of such Constable or Sheriff, which shall be actually levied upon within thirty days thereafter; they shall not be sold until ten days after the appraisement, nor until they are advertised for at least ten days, in at least five of the most public places in the neighborhood, by advertisements setting forth the goods to be sold, and the day, hour and place of sale, and one such advertisement shall be delivered, to every, person whose goods are to be sold; and to the defendant's landlord, or to his, agent if there be such residing within the county, and one such advertisement shall be delivered to each plaintiff in the execution, and also to each plaintiff in any other execution or executions at the time in the hands of the Constable, or Sheriff, or shall be left at the usual place of abode of such plaintiff respectively if there be such place of abode within the county; and any plaintiff in any such execution as aforesaid shall reside out of the county, such advertisement shall be transmitted to said plaintiff, by mail, being enclosed and addressed to him at the post office nearest his place of abode at least ten days before the day of sale. The lien of a levy, made by virtue of such execution, shall not Limitation continue as against subsequent execution creditors longer than two years from the date of such lien."

SECTION 2. And be it further enacted, That from and after the passage of this act it shall be the duty of any Constable, Or Sheriff, upon receiving an execution, issued by a Justice of the Peace, to indorse on the back of Such 'execution the precise time of receiving the same.

Passed at Dover, March, 22, 1867.