An Act supplementary to an Act entitled "An act establishing a college for Agriculture and Mechanic Arts," passed at Dover, March 14, 1867.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met, That the number of students from each county, at any time shall not exceed thirty. Each hundred in each county shall have an equal number of the appointees to the college established by the act entitled "An act establishing a College for Agriculture and Mechanic Arts in this State," passed at Dover, March 14, 1867, and in making the nominations of the pupils under the act aforesaid hereafter, the hundred as herein named shall always be construed to mean such territory as was embraced within the of the respective hundreds in each county at the time the counties were each embraced within limits of ten hundreds only.

SECTION 2. They shall be nominated in this manner: each member of the General Assembly for the time being, whether during a session or in vacation as occasion may require, shall annually nominate, the students to which his or their hundred shall be entitled, and nominations from hundreds within the meaning of this act shall be made whenever a vacancy occurs in a hundred by non-acceptance, death or otherwise. When there are two or more members of the General Assembly from one hundred, they shall decide who shall nominative from the hundred or hundreds within the meaning of this act having no resident member, together with the hundred where they may reside, by writing the names of the hundreds on separate paper and drawing as by lot; the hundred which a member may so draw the same shall be his so drawing to nominate therefrom during his term.

SECTION 3. No person shall be nominated on [the] part of the State as a student of Delaware College who is under the age of sixteen years or over twenty-one.

Passed at Dover, March 15, 1869.