AN ACT providing for securing a site and erecting a State Armory and Arsenal.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

Section 1. The Armory Commission, consisting of the Governor, the State Treasurer, the Adjutant General, Quartermaster General, and the commanding officer of troops, be, and it is hereby authorized and directed to secure by gift or purchase, a lot of ground at some suitable place within the State of Delaware, to be selected by said Armory Commission upon which to erect a State Armory and Arsenal, and that when such ground is secured the title to same shall be taken in the name of the State of Delaware. Upon the acquirement of a title to a suitable lot of land as above provided, the State Armory Commission is hereby authorized and empowered to draw its warrant on the State Treasurer for the purchase price of such land, and after title has been properly vested in the State of Delaware, the State Armory Commission shall have plans prepared for a suitable Armory and Arsenal to be erected thereon. The cost of the Armory and Arsenal, and the site upon which same is to be erected, and all equipment, including plumbing, lighting, heating and lockers, shall not exceed the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, and the said sum of fifteen thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this Act, is hereby appropriated out of the State Treasury, to be paid by the State Treasurer upon warrant drawn by the Armory Commission.

Section 2. That after the plans have been prepared and accepted, the State Armory Commission shall advertise for bids and shall make an award for the erection of the said building, to the lowest and most responsible bidder, and when the contract is awarded the successful bidder shall enter into such contract as the Armory Commission may require, and give bond for such an amount as the Armory Commission may think necessary for the proper enforcement of the contract. No money shall be paid on account of said buildings until the completion and acceptance by the Armory Commission. When such building is completed and accepted by the Armory Commission, then the Armory Commission shall draw its warrant on the State Treasurer for the amount due such contractor in accordance with his bill and contract aforesaid.

Section 3. That when such building has been completed and accepted, all Government and State Military properties that the Military authorities of the State may desire, shall be stored in the State Arsenal and the use and occupation of the remainder of the Arsenal or Armory shall be turned over to such State Military organization, or organizations, as may be existing or may hereafter exist, subject to the supervision of the proper Military authorities of the State.

Approved April 13, A. D. 1911.