AN ACT to amend Chapter 79 of the Revised Code so as to further extend the operation of the Mechanics Lien Law.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware, in General Assembly met:

Section 1. That Chapter 79 of the Revised Code be and the same is hereby amended by repealing 2846, Sec. 4, and by substituting in lieu thereof a new Section to be known as, 2846, Sec. 4, as follows:

2846, Sec. 4. To WHAT SUBJECTS MECHANICS LIEN LAW EXTENDED: The provisions of Sections 1 to 7 inclusive of this Chapter are declared to extend to work and labor performed and furnished, and to materials furnished in plumbing, gas fitting, paper hanging, paving, placing iron works and machinery of every kind in mills and factories, and to bridge building, and to the erection, construction and filling in of wharves, piers, and docks, and to all improvements to land by drainage, dredging, filling in, irrigating, and erecting banks ; and to the services rendered and work and labor performed and materials furnished by architects, and shall be as well by and against corporations as individuals; and in the case of the erection, construction and, filling in of wharves, piers and docks and improvements to land as aforesaid, the liens shall extend to the lots or lands in front of which said improvements are made; provided, however, that no lien shall attach in case the improvements be to the land alone, unless a contract in writing, signed by the owner or owners thereof, setting forth the names of all parties to the contract and containing a description by the metes and bounds of the land to be affected and by a statement of the general character of the work to be done, and of the total amount to be paid thereunder, and the amounts of the partial payments, together with the time when such payments shall be due and payable.

Approved April 25, A. D. 1917.