AN ACT to provide for an additional Constable in New Castle County.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly met:

Section r. That the Governor be and he is hereby authorized to appoint an additional constable in and for New Castle Co. Castle County. Said constable shall be appointed from New Castle County and shall always be a resident of said County. The term of office of a constable appointed under this Act shall be for four years, and whenever any vacancy in said office of constable shall occur by death, resignation, moving out of said Vacancy County, expiration of said term or otherwise, the Governor is likewise authorized to make an appointment for a like term of four years, and so on whenever such vacancy shall occur.

Section 2. That any person who shall be appointed constable under this Act shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, give bond with surety in like manner and for like amount as now provided by law in case of other County constables. .

Section 3. That any person who shall be appointed constable under this Act, after having duly bonded as provided in Section 2 of this Act, shall have and exercise all the powers and authority, and shall be subject to all the requirements, qualifications and duties, conferred and imposed by law upon County constables in and for New Castle County.

Approved April 5, A. D. 1923.