AN ACT to Amend Article 3, Chapter 90 of the Revised Code of the State of Delaware, relative to Child Labor.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met: 314s, Sec. 4.5.

Section 1. That Article 3 of Chapter 90 of the Revised Code of the State of Delaware be and the same is hereby amended by repealing 3145 Section 45 thereof and by inserting in lieu thereof the following to be known as 3145, Section 45.

3145. Section 45. No child under sixteen years of ageshall be employed, permitted or suffered to work in operating or assisting in operating steam boilers or blast furnaces or any of the following machines, which, for the purposes of this Act, are considered dangerous; circular saws, wood shapers, wood jointers, paper lace machines, job or cylinder printing presses operated by power or other than foot power, stamping machines used in sheet-metal and tinware or in paper and leather manufacturing, or in washer and nut factories, metal or paper cutting machines, corrugating rolls, such as are used in making corrugated paper, or in roofing or wash board factories, dough-brakes or cracker machinery of any description, wire or iron straightening or drawing machinery, rolling-mill machinery, power punches or shears, washing or grinding or mixing machinery, calendar rolls in paper and rubber manufacturing, or other heavy rolls driven by power, passenger elevators or lifts, or upon or in connection with any dangerous electrical machinery or appliances. Nor shall any child under sixteen years of age be employed, permitted by child under sixteen or suffered to work, in any capacity, in adjusting or assisting in adjusting any belt to any machinery, or in proximity to any hazardous or unguarded belts, machinery or gearing, or in oiling, wiping or cleaning machinery, while any of the same is in motion, nor on scaffolding, nor in heavy work in the building trades, nor about docks or wharves, nor in stripping or assorting tobacco, nor in, about or in connection with any processes in which dangerous or poisonous acids are used, nor in the manufacture or packing of paints, colors, white or red lead, nor in the manufacture or preparation of compositions with dangerous or poisonous gases, nor in the manufacture or use of dangerous or poisonous dyes, nor upon any railroad, steam, electric or otherwise; nor upon any vessel or boat engaged in the transportation of passengers or merchandise, nor in operating motor vehicles of any description nor in any tunnel or excavation, nor in, about or in connection with any mine, quarry, coal breaker or coke oven, nor in or about any distillery, brewery, or any establishment where alcoholic liquors are manufactured or bottled.

In addition to the foregoing, it shall be unlawful for any child under sixteen years of age to be employed, permitted or suffered to work in any other occupation dangerous to the life or limb or injurious to the health or morals of such child, as such occupation shall, from time to time, after public hearing thereon, be so determined and declared by the Labor Commission of Delaware; provided, however, if it should hereafter be held by the Courts of this State that the power herein sought to be granted to the said Commission is for any reason invalid, such holding shall not be taken in any case to effect or impair the remaining provisions of this Section.

Approved February 23, A. D. 1923.