WHEREAS, Pierre S. duPont, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them' and due by them under the laws of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed:

A. C. Thous Cleaning Company, A. J. Krank Company, Abbey, Inc., The, Abner Drury Company, Accounting Machines, Inc., Acme Rayon Company, The, Acoustical Corporation of America, Adele Hotel Corporation, Adkins-Joines Co., Aerated Products Company of Wilmington, Aero-Thread Manufacturing Corporation, Agronomical Corporation, Air Control Corporation, Air Vent Window Shade Corporation, The, Al Sarena Corporation, Alcohol Impex Corporation, Aldox Corporation, Allied Brewing and Distilling Company, Incorporated, Allied Investors Corporation, Allied Mortgage Companies, Inc., Alpha Holding Company, Amalgamated Financial Corporation, amDieg Corporation of America, The, American Academy of Aeronautics, Inc., American Aeronautical Co., American Alloy Corporation, American Bren Manufacturing Company, American Business Corporation, American Castype Corporation, American Cellulose Products Corporation, American Coal & Coke Co., American 1 Defense Housing Corporation, American Die & Tool Corporation, American Fiber Products Company, American Finance and Commerce Co., American Forum of Democracy, Inc., American Homes, Inc., American Investment Company of Washington, D. C., American Landscape Corporation, American Masons, Inc., American Minerals Company, American National Transport System, Inc., American Tecklite Company, American Tin and Steel Corporation, American University, Incorporated, American Weaving Co. (China) Inc., Amiesite Paving Company, The, Ancient Order of Ladies and Knights of Liberty, Inc., Andray Associates, Inc., Anglers, Inc., Anglo-American Industrial Corporation, Anglo-American Real Estate Corporation, Angus Valley Ranch, Inc., Apartment 2110, Inc., Appalachian Manganese Corporation, Approved Homes, Incorporated, Aquatone Corporation, Artie Airport Association, Art and Archaeology Press, Incorporated, Art in Federal Buildings, Incorporated, Artisans Finance Corporation, Ashmann Company, Inc., The, Associated Builders Supply Company, Associated Mortgage Companies, Inc., Astillero Colombian Oil Corporation, Atex Oil Corporation, Athlone Mining Co., Atlantic States Construction Company, Incorporated, Atlas Crane and Excavating Company, Atlas Haven Coal Mining Co., Inc., Atlas Pipe Bender Corp., Audit Bureau of Sales, Inc., The, Aument and Reynolds, Inc., Auto Service Corporation, Automatic Dimming and Illuminating Devices, Inc., Automatic Projector Corp., Aviation Building Corporation, Aviation Motor Fuels, Inc.

B. C. B. Industries, Inc., Baird Parent, Inc., Baird Television Corporation, Band Mill Forest Products, Inc., Bankers Consolidated Corporation of the D. C., Banner Coal Company, Bates Company, The, Beacon Oil Royalties, Inc., Belhaven Surf Club, Bell Loan Service, Inc., Bellanca Marine & Aircraft Manufacturing, Inc., Belmont Gardens Company, Benevolent Pioneer Literary Association of Wilmington, Delaware, Benning Construction Company, Bertly Company, Inc., Bible Corporation of America, Big World Store, Inc., Birmingham Textile Company, Black Hawkins Morocco Corporation, Black's Gold Mining Company, Blanco Mining Company, Blue Ridge Securities Corporation, The, Bolling Construction Co., Bombard Bros. Loan & Finance, Inc., Bon Ton Millinery, Inc., The, Boris Morros Pictures, Inc., Boulevard Construction Corporation, Boulevard Hotel Corporation, The, Bow-Facing Oarlock Corporation, Brandywine Construction Company, Brapor Corporation, Brayland Stock Farm Company, Brazilian Iron Ore Company, Brendan Investment Company, Briarwood Arms, Inc., Broadcasting Abroad, Ltd., Broadway Food Market, Inc., Bronzoid Corporation, The, Brooklyn Daily Eagle Broadcasting Company, Inc., Brooks-HarveyKoppel Company, Inc., Brown & Madden, Inc., Brunswick Shipbuilding Corporation, Buckeye Oil & Gas Company, The, Buckwalter Stove and Mfg. Company, Bulwark Corporation, Butterworth Construction Co., Buyers Service Cooperative Association.

C. A. Didden Company, Inc., C. E. Nichols Company, C. I. 0. Club, C. L. Pierce & Company, California United States Bond and Mortgage Corporation, California Vegetable Juices, Inc., Caliga Mining Co., Inc., Calmonica Petroleum Corporation, Camden Gas Corporation, Camera, Inc., Cameron Fuel Oil Motors Corporation, Campbell Upholstering Co., Canada Packers, Inc., Candell Company, Inc., Capital Tire Safety Co., Inc., Capitol City Motor Sales, Inc., Capitol Restaurant Corporation, Caplen Oil Company, Inc., Carbonate Hill Mining Company, Inc., Cardinal Industries, Inc., Carl R. Camp, Inc., Carlisle Realty Company, Carolina General Investment Corporation, Carolina Holding Corporation, Carraway-Byrd Corporation, Cascade Oil & Gas Company, Caterpillar Club, Inc., Cauthen Aircraft Corporation, Central American Lumber Company, Inc., Central American Shipping Company, Inc., Centre Realty and Mortgage Holding Company, Century Enterprises, Inc., Chamber of Commerce of Milton, Delaware, Incorporated, The, Chamberlain Operating Company, Charles Babst Company, Inc., Charles C. Purdy, Inc., Charles F. L. Hutchison, Inc., Chasfid, Inc., Circle Industries, Incorporated, City Baking Company, City Motor Supply Company, City Trading Corporation, Clarendon Mining Company, Climax Electrical Refrigeration Company, Clipper Homes Sales Corporation, Clothes-Horse, Incorporated, Co-Ed Cola Company, Coastal Finance Corporation, Collier Brothers, Inc., Colonial Pie Company, Inc., Colonial Stores, Incorporated, Colonial Utilities, Incorporated, Columbus Savings & Loan Association, Combiser-Coop System, Inc., Commercial Loan Association, Commercial Mortgage Investment Corporation, Committee of One Million, Incorporated, The, Composite Rubber Products Corporation, Concrete Vibrator Equipment Company, Condor Fishers' Gold Mines, Inc., Conerly Contact Club, Inc., Congressional Funeral Home, Inc., Conner Publications, Inc., Consolidated National Distributors Corporation, Consolidated Radio Productions of America, Inc., Contest Corporation of America, Continental Canteen Corporation of America, Continental Marine Corporation, Continental Mortgage Company of Baltimore, Continental Signal Corporation, Convenient Vendors, Inc., Convict Ship Company, Copeland Foundation, Inc., Cormat, Inc., Corum Mines Co., The, Cotton Shopper Company, Cotton Exporters Finance Corporation, Coulter Corporation, The, Country Homes, Inc., Courtney Products Company, The, Cousin Lee's Radio Park, Inc., Covenant Club, Coyle Safety Carton Company, Crosby, Ltd., Crown Cap Remover Corporation, Crown Rock Wool Corporation, Crown Theaters Corporation, Cumberland Securities Corporation, Custom Built Houses, Inc.

D. M. Poultry Co., Dale Holding Company, Darrell V. Martin, Inc., Dawley Oil & Gas Corporation, Day Housing Corp., De Forest Inventions, Inc., Defense Contracts Service Corporation, Defense Realty Company, Inc., Delaware Auto Body, Inc., Delaware Auto Sales, Inc., Delaware Conference of the Methodist Church, Incorporated, Delaware Construction Company, Delaware Contractors Association, Delaware Herald-Times Corporation, The, Delaware Hotels, Incorporated, Delaware Licensed Beverage Association, Delaware Piling, Inc., Delaware Realty & Development Corporation, Delaware Shipyards, Inc., Delaware Sportservice, Inc., Delmarva Roofings, Incorporated, Delstate Builders, Inc., Diamond State Amusement Co., Diamond State Construction Company, Diamond Tours, Inc., Dickinson Cord Tire Corporation, Diraplane Manufacturing Corporation, District Iron and Metal Company, Diversified Investment Trusts, Inc., Dobbs Oil and Gas Company, Dr. Gross Laboratories, Inc., The, Doll House, Inc., Dorados Company, Inc., The, Dover Floral Company, Drehta Corporation, Duffy & Brothers, Inc., Duval Tea House, Inc., Dyersdale Petroleum Corporation.

E. Jas. Peters, Inc., E. L. Spillers Production Company, E. T. Shea & Company, Eagle Industrial Corporation, Eagle Rubber Products Corporation, The, East Florence Courts, Inc., Eastern Sales Company, Eastern Seafood's Corporation, Eastern Shore Poultry Buyers Association, Ed C. Wright & Co., EdraLee Oil & Gas Co., Edroy Hosiery Company, Educational Recordings, Inc., Ekey, Incorporated, Electric Company of Guatemala, Inc., Electric Gun Corporation, Electro Surgical Appliance Corporation, Elvin, Incorporated, Emergency Signal Corporation, Empire Gold Mines, Inc., Empire Oil Products Company, Employees of Eclipse-Needles Co. Protective Association, Engineering Products Corporation, Eskay Loan Company, EsmeraldaParral Mining Company, Euclid Candy Company of New York, Inc., The, Everyday America Productions, Incorporated.

F. G. Niell Restaurant Corporation, F. N. S. Contracting Company, F. M. Pratt Company, Inc., Fairfield Mining Company of Utah, Fairfield Products Company, Inc., Fairview Gardens, Inc., Falls City Oil and Refining Co., Family Service of the District of Columbia, Inc., The, Farm Products Co-Operative Association, Farrell-Unkles Company, Inc., Fay Corporation, The, Federal Consulting Service, Inc., Federal Household Sales Co., Inc., Federated Ore & Steamship Corp., Fernwood Coal Mining Company, Fidelity Pharmacy, Inc., Fidelity Service, Incorporated, Fidelity Trading Company of California, Field Corporation, Fields Fashions, Inc., Filtration Equipment Corporation, Finance Corporation of America, California, First Interamerican Trading, Inc., First Investors Income Fund, Inc., Fiscal Research and Management Corporation, Fiscal Securities and Research Corporation, 5429 Conn. Ave., Inc., Food Distributors & Grocers Exchange, Inc., Food Distributors, Inc., For-U-Hosiery Mills, Inc., Forest Hill Park Toboggan Company, Forged Carbides Incorporated, Fortinberry Company, Inc., The, 400 Social Club, Inc., 432 Seventh Street Corporation, 4th Ward Democratic Club, Fox Automotive Products Corporation, Frances Realty Company, Fred Cocciolone, Inc., Friction Products Corporation, Fruit and Produce Buyers, Inc., Fruit and Produce Jobbers Association, Fryeburg Corporation.

Gasifier Manufacturing Company, The, Gasomiser Corporation, Geffen's Ready-To-Wear, Incorporated, General Contract Purchase Corporation, General Engineering Company, General Metallizing Company, General Plastics Corporation, General Stores Advertising Company, Inc., General Trustees Company, General Warehouse Company, Geneva Trading Corporation, George Dreyman, Inc., Georgic Investment Fund, Incorporated, Germ-Free Appliances, Inc., Giant Cafe, Inc., Gigantic Thrill Circus, Inc., The, Gillespie's, Inc., Glade Valley Trucking Corporation, Glass Institute, Incorporated, Glasscrafters, Inc., Glen's Patents and Holdings, Inc., Globe Pictures Corporation, Gluck's, Inc., Glycan Laboratories, Inc., Goedrich Chemical Company, Gordon & Ferguson, Inc., Graham & Painter, Ltd., Grampp Specialities, Inc., Grand Marnier, Incorporated, Greater Pittsburgh Motorcycle Club, Inc., Green Guards of America, Incorporated, Gregar Construction Company, Grouse Precision Machine Company, Gulf & Waterways Barge Lines, Inc., Gummed Tape Corporation, Gun Perforating & Well Testing Service Company, Gwinn Coal Co., Inc.

H. Herbert Hirzel & Son, Inc., Haines, Incorporated, Hall & Smith, Inc., Hamilton Builders, Inc., Hammond Electrostat Co., Hampton Manufacturing Corporation, Hank Miller, Inc., Harmeson Trading Corporation, Harold Masors, Inc., Harvey and Lewis, Incorporated, Harvey Matthews and Co., Head-Thompson Company, The, Headley Crane Service, Inc., Headley's Transfer & Warehouse Company, Headley's Warehouse Company, Helen Hamilton, Inc., Helios Lighter Corporation, Hellenic Trading Corporation, Heng Fung Weaving Company, Inc., Hennings, Inc., Hermes Mining Corporation, Herschbach Petroleum Corporation, Hicks Motors, Inc., High Research Corporation, Highway Guardian Corporation, Hildebrand and McCarthy, Inc., Hills Playground Equipment, Inc., Hines Stainless Steel Window Corporation, Hobsco Corporation, Holden Markets, Inc., The, Holland's Restaurant, Inc., Holloway Terrace Social Club, Holly Bluff Bridge Company, Hoopes Lumber & Coal Company, Hopkins Oil & Gas Corporation, Horel Publications, Inc., Horner Building, Inc., Hosiery Yarn Company, Housing Corporation of America, Howell Manufacturing Co., Inc., Hubbs Stores Corporation, Hugh M. Smyth Company, Hulsey Company, Inc., The

I. X. L. Radio, Inc., Incandescence, Inc., of Philadelphia, Independent Skilled Glass Workers Union, Index, Inc., Industrial Finance Corporation of Delaware, Industrial Oil and Gas Co., Ingraham Cafes, Inc., Inland Shipbuilding Corporation, Industries, Inc., Inland-Texas Oil Company, Institute of Business Administration, Incorporated, Institute of Knowledge, Inc., Insurance Advisors, Inc., Insurance Sales Corporation, Intercoastal & Waterways Barge Lines, Inc., Intercollegiate University and Union Theological College, Inc., International Ancient Free and Accepted York Rite Masons, International Compact Association Prince Hall Original (Incorporated) , The, International Cypher Machine Company, International Golf Plate Corporation, International Investments, Inc., International Power Securities Corporation, International Service Corporation, International Star Firearms Co., Interstate Architects & Engineers, Inc., Interstate Industrial Finance Corporation, Interstate Manganese Corporation, Investment Building Corporation, Investors Realty Improvement and Development Company, Isthmian Airways, Inc.

J. & H. Realty Co., J. J. Fitzgerald & Co., Inc., J. L. Henzy Co., Inc., J. Rozier Biggs, Inc., J. W. Hamilton, Inc., J. W. Pepper and Sons, Incorporated, J. Warren Myers, Incorporated, Jackson Oil and Gas Company, Jacwald, Inc., James F. Waters Carbon Chemical Corporation, James H. Palmer Lumber Company, The, Jankrieg Holdings, Inc., Jay-Hall Inc., Jefferson Construction Co., Inc., Jimmies Auto Parts, Inc., John Gilbert Craig, Inc., John R. & M. J. Browne Funeral Home, Inc., John W. Toadvine, Inc., Jones-Wendell Corporation, Jordan-LeNord, Incorporated, Joseph H. Beck and Company, Josiah Ditch Corporation, Joy Shops, Inc., Julius H. Rieley, Inc.

K. & I. Finance Corporation, K & S Amusement Co., K. T. K. Realty Corporation, Karen Holding Co., Kawith Manufacturing Company, Kay Kamen, Ltd., Kayes, Inc., Kellogg Export Corporation, Kellogg Service, Incorporated, The, Kensington Loan and Storage Company, Keystone Association of General Laborers, Inc., Keystone Corporation, Keystone Equipment Corporation, Kleeners Kleening System, Inc., The.

L. C. Stringer Engineering Corporation, L. G. White, Inc., L. J. Todd, Inc., Labor Relations Institute, Inc., Laco Oil Company, Lady Delaware Lodge, Inc., Lakota Oil and Gas Company, Lafayette Restaurant, Inc., Lander Drug Co., Inc., Langdon Mill & Lumber Company, Inc., Larkins & Warr, Inc., Laurel Farms Incorporated, Laurence Adams Malone, Inc., Laymembers Co-Operative and Protective League of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Incorporated, The, Leading Meat Market, Inc., Lektophone Corporation, Lenox Building Company, Leonard Oil & Gas Company, The, Leslie Export Corporation, The, Lewis Berman Home Shop, Inc., Li-Co Sales, Inc., Liberty Finance Corporation, Liberty Service, Inc„ of Oklahoma, Lincoln Educational Company, Linde & Evans, Inc., Linguafilm Clubs of America, Inc., Lithoprintex Corporation, Local No. 26 Journeyman Plumbers, Gas and Steamfitters and Steamfitters Helpers, Incorporated, Local Properties, Inc., Lock-Tite Hanger Corporation, Lockstrip Corporation, The, Loid Company, Inc., The, Lomaflora Company, Louis' Cut Rate Drug Store, Inc., Lubin Perfumery Corporation, Lucky Star Mining Company, Inc., Lumin, Incorporated, Lynn Drug Co., Inc., Lytle Chemical Corporation.

M. C. 0. Corporation, M. H. Goodis, Inc„ M. & J. Tax Title Company, The, M. & S. Company, Inc., Macadd Corporation, Madeleine, Inc., Magnet Advertising Corporation, Major Brands Sales Company of Missouri, Inc., Major Distributing Company, Mammoth Producing & Refining Corporation, Managing and Investing Incorporated, Manley Oil Corporation, Mann Estates, Inc., Marbert Corp., March Oil Corporation, Marine Equipment & Construction Corporation, Marogg Products Corporation, Marplace Recovery Company, Marquette Acceptance Co., MarrBrinton Company, Marshall Advertising Agency, Inc., The, Martin's Credit Clothing Company, Mary Ellen's Kitchens, Inc., Maryland Coal & Coke Co. of Delaware, Maryland Mortgage and Guaranty Company, Masonic Hall Company of Millville, Delaware, Master Aircraft Corporation, The, Master Barber & Journeyman Association, Maury-Cole Company, Maya Corporation, McAlester Coal Mining Company, McElroy Shepherd & Company, McKinley Service Station, Inc., Merchants Investment and Loan Corporation, Mesa Oil & Refining Corporation, Metal Cabinet and Built In Corporation, Metropolitan Contractors, Inc., Mid-Eastern Investment Corporation, Mid-West Brick and Tile Sales, Inc., Midas Mining Company, Inc., Midcontinent Drilling Contractors, Inc., Middletown District Parsonage Association, The, Midland Credit Corporation, Mildine Corporation, Mile High Smelting & Refining, Inc., Miles Smith Corporation, Milford Base Ball Club, The, Milford Syndicate, The, Miller, Franklin, Bassett & Company, Miller, Franklin & Company, Miller, Franklin Engineering Company, Miller, Franklin Industrial Company, Miller, Franklin International Limited, Miller, Franklin Investment Company, Mills and Davis, Inc., Minnesota Development Company, Minute-Brew, Inc., Miracle Door Company of Delaware, Miriam Leiterman, Inc., Modern Homes, Inc., Modern Industries, lnc., Modoc Corporation, Moisselle Welded Rail Joint Patents, Inc., Monroe Auto Body, Inc., Morgan Consolidated Oil and Gas Company, Morheat Coal & Fuel Co., Mortgage Discount Company of California, Motor Sport, Inc., Motor Transport Engineers, Incorporated, Mount Pearl Mineral Company, Inc., Moyer Coal & Lime Company, Murdock Research Laboratory, Inc., Murray Development Company, Muser Bros., Inc., Mutual Oil Corporation.

Nachman's, Inc., Nambei Enterprise Corporation, Nanticoke Fin and Wing Club, Inc., The, Nasco Finance & Securities Corporation, National Associated Engineers, Inc., National Beverage Food Company, Inc., National Coffeedor Corporation, National Commodities Sales Corporation, National Distributing Corporation, National Electric Signal Company, National Fire Detector Corporation, National Home Defense Volunteers of America, lnc., National Restaurant Manageinent Corporation, National Trav-O-Tel, Inc., National Trav-O-Tel System, Inc., The, New Appliance Corporation, New Castle Pharmacy, Inc., New Castle Publishing Co., New Jersey Industries, Inc., New Residents Directory, Inc., New Way Laundry Company, Inc., New York Consolidated Industries, Inc., New York Laboratories, Inc., New York Lunch, Inc., Newark Builders Incorporated, Newkirk Industries, Inc., Nicaragua Development Corporation, Norcross-Warren Shipbuilding Corporation, North American Discount Corporation, North American Products Corporation, North-American Roofing Supply Company, Inc., North Canyon Mines, Inc., North Kansas Power and Light Company, Northeast United Democratic Club of Philadelphia, Northwestern Dairy Forwarding Company, Northwood Properties, Inc., Norway-Clinton Oil Corporation, Nu Life Battery Corporation, Number One Company, The.

Oceanic Lines, Inc., Office Machines Corporation, Oil Processes, Incorporated, Oilfields Development Corporation, Old Mill Corporation, 166 West 48th Street Corporation, Ordnance Laboratories, Inc., Orient Importing Co., Inc., Orleman-Eddington Studios, Incorporated, Osmo Garden Company, The, Ottey's Garage, Inc., Otto Randolph, Incorporated, Outlet Shops, Inc.

P. H. Enochs, (Inc.), Pacific American Company, Pacific Empire Holdings, Incorporated, Padel Company, Palmora Company, The, Pan-American Boat Company, Pan-American Broadcasting Corporation, Pan American Company for General Construction Works, Pan American Magnesite Company, Pan-American Trading & Development Company, Inc., Pan-Continental Investing Corporation, Pan Slav Union, Inc., Panam Corporation, Pandex Corporation, Parker-Gilbert Corporation, The, Parking Meter Sales and Service, Inc., Patentic Corporation of Delaware, Paul H. Wendel, Inc., Paul J. Sheridan, Incorporated, Pauline C. Roberts, Inc., Pawnee Petroleum Corporation, Peerless Finance Company, Peggy Terry, Ltd., Pelman, Inc., Peltz Painters and Decorators, Inc., Pendulum Investment Company, Penn-Clay Motor Sales Company, Penn Construction & Engineering Co., Inc., Pennon Company, Inc., Pennsylvania Association of Daily Vacation Bible Schools, Pennsylvania Hosiery Mills, Inc., Pennsylvania Petroleum and Automotive Association, Penwick Distilling Company, Perry Oil Company, Petroleum Fibre Corporation, Philadelphia Cartage Conference, Inc., Philip Corbin, Inc., Philips-Thompson Company, The, Photoelectric Business Machines, Inc,, Physiocratic Society, The, Piedmont Credit Company, Piffer Corporation of America, Pinecrest Development Corporation, Pinehurst Farms, Inc., The, Pinellas Investment Corporation, Pittsburgh, Corporation, Pittsburgh Dispatch Publishing Co., Pittston Brewing Corporation, Plastic Artcraft Corporation, Plow-Wake Corporation, The, Pompano By the Sea Company, Poteau Fuel Company, Pozzorite Corporation, The, Pratt Engineering and Machine Co., Inc., Presidential Pharmacy, Inc., Prime Western Metals Company, Princeton Coal Company, Priorities Service Organization, Inc., Procarmin incorporated, Processing Materials, Inc., Producers Lumber Company, Producers Releasing Corporation of Eastern Pennsylvania, Progressive Union of Republicans, Democrats and Independents, The, Protein Corporation, Protestant Publishing House, Incorporated, The, Prudential Enterprises, Inc., Public Gas & Coke Company, Pueblo Exploration Co., Inc., Pyramid Finance Corporation.

Quaker Knitting Mills, Inc., Quality Builders, Inc., Queen Elizabeth Fund, Inc., The, Quicksilver Mines, Inc.

R. A. Langworthy, Incorporated, R. E. Milor Company, Radiator Heating and Improvement Company, Inc., Railway and Express Company, Real Estate Investments, Inc., Real Estate Trustee, Inc., Realty Properties, Pa., Inc., Record Publishing Company, Inc., Recorded Advertising, Inc., Reed's Sea Food Delicatessen, Inc., Reed Service Station, Inc., Rehoboth Heights Development Company, Remo Royalty Company, Revo Specialty Company, Rex Cleaners & Dyers, Inc., Richards Auto, Incorporated, Richardson Oil and Gas Company, Richcarna Metals Co., Reiss Equipment Co., Riggs Development Corporation, Riggs Market Investment Company, Rio Realty Company, Riverside Auto Company, Roadbuilders, Inc., Robert S. Breyer Co., Ltd., Roe Equipment Manufacturing Co., Rofa Chemical Corporation, Roger F. O'Brien, Inc., Romwel Products, Inc., Rose Hill Hotel, Inc., Roseakers Company, The, Rosenthal, Incorporated, Rotophone Corporation, Rousseau Homes, Inc., Roxana Council, No. 20, Incorporated, Rubien, Inc., Russell Parachute Company.

Sac River Mining Company, Inc., Sacks Patents and Inventions, Inc., Safe Tread Company, Inc., The, Safety Aircraft Corporation of America, Inc., Safety Filler Corporation, Salem Finance Corporation, Salvage Power Corporation, Santa Fe Automobile Air Conditioning Corporation, Scroggins Construction Co., Sealed Containers Corporation, Security Seal Cap Corporation, Seeds and Derham Company, Seguridad Internacional, Inc., Sepia-Art Pictures Co., Serco, Incorporated, Serve Well Products Company, Service Realty Co., Sherman H. Stivers Associates, Inc., Shopping News Press, Inc., Sign Hangers, Painters and Allied Workers Union of America, Incorporated, Silhouette, Incorporated, Sin-O-Vac Western, Inc., Sixth and San Pedro Realty Company, Smith Bros. & Company, Inc., Smith and Davis, Inc., Smithboro Bridge Company, Social Economic Foundation, Inc., The, Societe Centrale De La Parfumerie Francaise, Inc., Society For Etheric Research, Society Maid Hosiery Mills, Inc., Somerset Shipbuilding Corporation, South American Gold Fields, Inc., Southeastern Builders, Inc., Southern Bitumen Company, Southern Homes Corporation, Southern Oil & Refining Company, Southern Royalty Corporation, Southern Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Corporation, Southern Tung Land & Realty Co., Southwest Security Mortgage Corporation, Specialized Travel Service, Inc., Sportsmen's & Farmers' League of America, Incorporated, Spread Eagle Inn, Inc., Sta-Lok Manufacturing Company, StaWel Association of America, The, Standard Bred Poultry Association of America, Standard Ordnance Company, Star Royalty Corporation, Steel City Crystal Co., Steel Company, The, Sterling Laboratories Incorporated, Sterling Lumber Company, Stoner, Incorporated, Stonner Feed Company, Inc., Stuart Agency, Inc., Style Motors, Inc., Suben Corporation, The, Suburban Built-Rite Homes, Incorporated, Suburban Petroleum Products Company, Inc., Sugar Loaf Slate Company, Sunnyside Oil Co., Support-R Manufacturing Company, Surety Mortgage Corporation, Sussex Farms Co., Sussex Mining Corporation, Swannanoa Properties, Incorporated, Syn-Chin Company, Syndicate Underwriters, Inc.

Taylor Bros. Company, Tech Coatings Corporation, Tel-Electric Corporation, Telegraph Improvement Company, The, Teleschene Corporation, The, Terminal Oil Products Company, Terranova, Inc., Terry & Tench Associates, Inc., Texas Industries, Inc., Texas Rock Asphalt Company, Textile Industries, Inc., Textile Transportation, Incorporated, Theatre Owners, Inc., Thermox Incorporated, 39 Inner Chemical Co., Ltd., Thomas Chemical Products Co., Three River Lumber Co., Inc., Timber Products Corporation, Todd Air Conditioning Company, Tottin Ditch Company, The, Tosca Manufacturing Co., Inc., Town & Country Estate, Inc., Trade Development Corporation, Trans-Gulf Petroleum Corporation, Trans Lux Cafe, Inc., Trans-Western Pipe Line Company, Tri-Boro Equities, Inc., Triple S. Tool Co., Triton Chemical Company, Incorporated, Triton Chemical Corporation, Trojan Steamship Corporation, Troutdale In the Rockies, Inc., Tucker Process Company, Inc., Turner Mfg. Co., Ltd., Two Temples, Inc., Twyckenham Land & Investment Company, Tybee Hotel & Improvement Company.

U. S. Metals & Chemical Corporation, Union Capital Corporation, Union Casket Company, Union Coal Company, Inc., Union Telephone Company, Unit Homes F. 0. B., Inc., United Amusement Company, United Development Company of Pittsburgh, United Eastern Mines Corporation, United Equipment & Supply Co., United Mutual Life Assurance Society of America, Inc., United Oil Corporation, United Plumbing & Heating Company, United States Timber Farms Association, Universal Containers, Inc., Universal Glass Tile Company, Inc., Universal Housing, Inc., Universal Interlocked Structures, Inc., Upackit Filter Products Co., Updike Investment Company, Upton's Restaurant, Inc.

Value Hardware & Supply Company, Van Asdlem, Incorporated, Van Buren Street Garage, Inc., Van Stat, Incorporated, Varick Corporation, Vencon, Inc., Vendome Petroleum Corporation, Veolay Perfumery Corporation, Vervoort Specialties Corporation, Ves-Bay Company, The, Vestpok, Inc., Vincent Tuching and Associates, Inc., Virginia Refineries, Inc., Visor Corporation, Vita-Rich Food Company, Inc., Vital Oil Company, Vocalectric Telephone Corporation.

W. H. Bacon, Jr., Inc., W. H. Roland, Inc., W. J. Shellenberger Company, Waldo A. Clark Company, Incorporated, Walter F. Howard, Inc., Ward County Coal Co., The, Warner Steel Company, Inc., Warren Construction Company, Warren-Teed Homes, Incorporated, Warwick Corporation, Washington Aircraft School, Inc., Washington Corporation, The, Washington Doughnut Company, Inc., Washington Speakers' Bureau, Inc., Washington Trade School, Inc., Watkins Oil Company, Inc., Webster Securities Corporation, Werber Machine Co., Inc., Wesco Petroleum Company, West Antenna Company, Incorporated, West Philadelphia Colored Voters Industrial Association, The, West Side Development Company, Western Alliance Corporation, The, Western Exhibit Corporation, Western Industries Investment Company, Western Mutual Livestock Corporation, Western Patent Brokerage Corporation, Westshore Securities Corporation, Wheeler-Moorse Company, White Illuminating Corporation, Whitehall Equipment Company, Inc., Whitfield & Grimes, Inc., William B. Robinson Corporation, William P. Swift, Incorporated, Williams Construction Company, Willstar, Inc., Wilmington Fire Insurance Company, Wilmington Mfg. Co., Inc., Winfield Preston, Inc., Winslow Company, Inc., Wise Dairy Company, Witty Chemical Corporation, Woman's Loyal Moose Circle, Wilmington Circle No. 1, Incorporated, Women's American Home Defense Association, Wonderplane Corporation, Woodmoor Shopping Centre, Inc., World Window, Inc., Wyckwood Associates, Inc., Wyn-All Sales Corporation, Wyoga Gas & Oil Corporation.

X-Plosives, Incorporated.

Y-Darb, Incorporated, Yoo-Hoo Games Corporation, Young and Kager, Inc.

Zee-Rad Company, Inc., Zipper Oil Saver Corporation, Zone Oil Company, Zuni Company, The.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Walter W. Bacon, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this eighteenth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-five, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and sixty-ninth.


By the Governor:


WILLIAM J. STOREY, Secretary of State.