Senate - Final District Maps for 2022

 Every 10 years, states are required to redraw their legislative districts based on the most recent federal Census data. The redistricting process requires the General Assembly to follow a very specific, very technical set of guidelines outlined in state and federal law. There are numerous criteria each district must meet, including containing a relatively similar population size and meeting guidelines concerning contiguity, compactness, communities of interest, and observing natural or political boundaries wherever possible, all while maintaining majority-minority districts.

The links below can be used to download the boundary lines to a computer that has GIS software installed.  If you do not have GIS software, please refer to the above links to view the district maps.

Final Boundaries Post-Clean Up - Google My Maps

Map of Delaware               
Map with revised Senate lines as authorized by HB 335 (2022). Lines changes are a result of receiving recommendations from the Delaware Department of Elections to maximize efficiency in creating election districts.

Click here to view the revised Senate lines or click the map on the left.