Delaware General Assembly






Section 1. Amend § 2121, Title 21 of the Delaware Code by making deletions as shown by strikethrough and insertions as shown by underline as follows:

§ 2121. Number and registration plates; provision for the issuance of special license plates to the owners of motor vehicles who operate amateur radio stations; special vanity plates.

(b) Each number plate shall have displayed thereon the registration number assigned to the vehicle, the name of this State, which may be abbreviated and in the case of motor farm trucks used exclusively by farmers in the operation of their farms and which have been registered for the reduced fee as provided by law, such plates for such farm motor trucks shall also display in large type the letter "F," meaning for farm motor trucks only. In addition to the reduced registration fee to be paid for the registration of such motor farm trucks, the owner thereof shall also pay to the Department the cost of such special number plates for such trucks. In case of vehicles registered for a gross rate of more than 5,000 pounds, the number plate may also show the gross weight for which the vehicle is registered. Each number plate for each vehicle shall also show, in the manner determined by the Department and as hereinafter provided, the period of expiration thereof for which the vehicle has been registered and the required registration fee paid. Each number plate and the identifying letters and numerals thereon, except the registration period or expiration thereof, shall be of sufficient size to be plainly readable at a distance of 100 feet during daylight.

Unless otherwise specified in this title, Motor motor vehicles with a registered gross weight of 75,000 pounds or less may be assigned any type of number plate and motor vehicles with a registered gross weight of greater than 5,000 pounds but less than 10,000 pounds may be assigned any type of number plate except an “RV” plate. Motor vehicles, except for recreational vehicles, with a registered weight rating above 710,000 pounds will be assigned commercial or farm truck license plates. The number plates for motorcycles and mopeds, as defined by § 101(34) and (33) of this title, shall display thereon the letters "MC" for motorcycles and the letters "MP" for mopeds. The number plates for recreational vehicles and trailers as defined by § 101(55) and (54) of this title shall display thereon the letters "RV" for recreational motor vehicles and the letters "RT" for recreational trailers. The title registration number for mobile homes shall begin with the letters "MH" and park trailers with the letters "PT." Each number plate and special plate may have displayed thereon, in addition to all other numbers or letters required by this subsection, the words "The First State."

(4) The expiration date of the license plate; and

(5) Gold letters on a blue background.

Upon making application for such special vanity license plate, the owner shall pay $40 annually for each plate in addition to the regular registration fee. Application shall be made on forms as prescribed by the Department. The Department shall issue such plates in the order in which the applications are received for any letter or combination thereof. Such license plate shall be the personal property of the owner so long as the owner shall comply with this section. No reasonable facsimile of any license plate as provided for in this chapter shall be displayed on the front of any motorcycle registered in this State.

(j) The number plates for recreational vehicles shall display thereon the letters "RV." A $10 fee shall be assessed to change the certificate of title, registration and license plate for any vehicle already registered under another type of plate if the owner desires to change to a recreational vehicle tag.

(k) Effective March 27, 1996, individual special vanity license plates shall not be recalled when the Department issues other categories of special group license plates with conflicting letters and numbers.

Approved August 30, 2017