AN ACT to amend chapter one hundred and ten, (110,) of the Revised Statutes of the State of Delaware.

SECTION I. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met,That chapter one hundred and ten of the Revised Statutes of the State of Delaware, be and the same is hereby amended as follows : Any non-resident person to whom a sum is due, by judgment or decree, shall appear at the office where such judgment or decree is recorded, within thirty days after a notice has been given to the person to whom the sum is due, by the person owing such sum by judgment or decree, to receive satisfaction, and at the same time enter satisfaction on the record of such judgment or decree. Said non-resident neglecting or refusing to appear in person or by power of attorney within the time specified, then the person owing the sum by such judgment or decree, may deposit the amount due upon such judgment or decree, in the Farmers Bank of the State of Delaware, subject to the order of such non-resident The cashier of said bank shall give to the depositor, a certificate, stating the amount deposited in the name of said non-resident, and upon the presentation of this certificate, at the office where such judgment or decree is recorded, it shall be the duty of the officer in charge of such office, to enter full satisfaction upon the said record, and shall write upon the record the manner in which said judgment or decree is satisfied, and shall retain the certificate or a duplicate of the same, in his office.

SECTION 2. A notice, by mail or by person, to a non-resident creditor shall be deemed and taken as sufficient notice. This act, however, shall not bar any non-resident from correcting any errors or omissions in any payments clue him by suit or otherwise.

SECTION 3. And all statutes and parts and provisions of statutes heretofore enacted which are inconsistent with, or superseded by, this act and this amendment, are hereby repealed from and after the first Monday in May, A. D. 1877, on which day, and not before, this act shall go into operation and


Passed at Dover, March 15, 1877.