15 Delaware Laws 80th General Assembly

  1. CHAPTER 5 -

    AN ACT to cede to the United States title to, and jurisdiction over lands for sites of light-houses, beacons, life saving stations, or other aids to acquire title navigation within the limits of, the State of Delaware.

  2. CHAPTER 16 -

    AN ACT to further amend Chapter II of the Revised Code.

  3. CHAPTER 23 -

    AN ACT defining the duties of Constables in certain cases.

  4. CHAPTER 25 -

    AN ACT relating to Constables in Christiana Hundred in New Castle county.

  5. CHAPTER 117 -

    AN ACT to prevent Obstructions in the Delaware River.

  6. CHAPTER 165 -

    AN ACT to amend the act entitled " An act for the protection of women, Passed at Dover, April 9, 1873.

  7. CHAPTER 167 -

    AN ACT relating to the recording of leases of the Potter Charity Estate.

  8. CHAPTER 168 -

    AN ACT in relation to permanent leasehold estates.

  9. CHAPTER 180 -

    AN ACT relating to arrests in civil actions.

  10. CHAPTER 181 -

    AN ACT to amend an act entitled, a supplement to chapter 104, of the Revised Statutes of the State of Delaware.

  11. CHAPTER 182 -

    No Title

  12. CHAPTER 186 -

    AN ACT providing for the payment of funeral expenses, medical, nursing, and necessary bills of last sickness in certain cases.

  13. CHAPTER 187 -

    AN ACT to require trustees in voluntary assignment for the benefit of creditors, to give bond with security for the faithful execution of the trust, and for other purposes.

  14. CHAPTER 192 -

    AN ACT making the first day of January, and the twenty-second day of February in each year, legal holidays.

  15. CHAPTER 194 -

    AN ACT in relation to certain classes of persons exercising a public employment

  16. CHAPTER 331 -

    AN ACT to amend chapter 3 of the Revised Code as amended.

  17. CHAPTER 345 -

    AN ACT to provide for the arrest of persons violating the laws of this State, and to appropriate money to pay for such arrests.

  18. CHAPTER 373 -

    A further supplement to the act entitled "An act establishing a college for agricultural and mechanic arts, in this State.

  19. CHAPTER 379 -

    AN ACT for the protection of live stock, in the State of Delaware.

  20. CHAPTER 381 -

    AN ACT regulating the sale of spiritous, vinous or malt liquors.

  21. CHAPTER 424 -

    A further supplement to an act entitled " AN ACT" to Incorporate the Trustees of the Home for Friendless and Destitute children in the city of Wilmington.

  22. CHAPTER 443 -

    Amended AN ACT to amend the charter of the city of Wilmington.

  23. CHAPTER 467 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 83, of the Revised Code.

  24. CHAPTER 468 -

    AN ACT to amend section 14, of chapter 89, of the Revised Code, relating to the giving of security by executors and administrators.

  25. CHAPTER 470 -

    AN ACT to authorize the appointment of guardians by the Chancellor or a Judge of the Orphans' Court, in vacation.

  26. CHAPTER 475 -

    AN ACT to amend chapter one hundred and ten, (110,) of the Revised Statutes of the State of Delaware.

  27. CHAPTER 476 -

    AN ACT in relation to the lien of taxes.

  28. CHAPTER 478 -

    AN ACT to amend chapter 111, of the Revised Code, in relation to sale of lands and tenements under execution process. Code, 1874,