AN ACT concerning the Court of Chancery.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

SECTION- 1. All writs of subpoena upon bills or petitions filed shall, unless otherwise specially ordered, be returnable into the office of the Register in Chancery on the first Monday of next month, or of the next month but one (at the election of the complainant) occurring after twenty days from the time of the issuing thereof.

SECTION 2. The appearance day of the defendant shall be the rule day to which the subpoena is made returnable, provided he has been served with the process twenty days before that day, otherwise his appearance shall be the first Monday of the month next succeeding the rule day when the process is returnable.

SECTION 3. Upon the return of a subpoena upon bill filed, the defendant or defendants shall, unless the time be enlarged by special order, be required to answer on the first Monday of the month following the return of the subpoena.

SECTION 4. The Chancellor shall have power and authority, at chambers, to make any and all orders which might otherwise be made in term time, except to enter final decrees.

Passed at Dover, April 17, 1883.