Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

SECTION I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Delaware, That it shall be unlawful for any person who is not, at the time of the passage of this act a recognized practitioner of dentistry in this state, and so recognized by the profession, to practice dentistry unless he or she shall have obtained a certificate as hereinafter provided, or shall hold a diploma from a reputable dental college, and so decided by the board herein created.

SECTION 2. Be it enacted, That a board of examiners, to consist of five reputable practicing dentists, is hereby created, whose duty it shall be to carry out the purposes and enforce the provisions of this act. The members of said board shall be appointed by the Governor, who shall select them from the dentists residing in the state. The term for which the members of said board shall hold their offices shall be four years, except that two members of the board first to be appointed under this act shall be designated by the Governor to hold their offices for the term of two and three and four years respectively, unless sooner removed by the Governor, and until their successors shall be duly appointed. In a case of vacancy occurring in such board, such vacancy shall be filled in like manner by the Governor.

SECTION 3. Be it enacted, That said board shall choose one of its members president and one secretary thereof. It shall fix the time and place of its meeting or meetings. A majority of said board shall at all times constitute a quorum, and the proceedings thereof shall at all reasonable times be open to public inspection. The board shall also make an annual report of its proceedings to the Governor.

SECTION 4. Be it enacted, That within six months from the time this act takes effect it shall be the duty of every person who is at that time engaged in the practice of dentistry in this state; to cause his or her name and residence or place of business to be registered with said board of examiners, who shall keep a book for that purpose. The statement of every such person shall be verified under oath before a notary public or justice of the peace, in such a manner as may be prescribed by the said board of examiners. Every person who shall so register with said board as a practitioner of dentistry may continue to practice the same as such, and shall receive a certificate of such registration upon his or her paying the said board one dollar for such certificate.

SECTION 5. Be it enacted, That any and all persons who shall desire to commence such practice after the passage of this act, shall appear before said board, at any of its regular meetings, and be examined with reference to their knowledge and skill in dental surgery, and if the examination of any such person or persons shall prove satisfactory to said board, the board of examiners shall issue to such persons as they shall find to possess the requisite qualifications a certificate to that effect, in accordance with the provisions of this act, upon the payment of one dollar for such certificate. All certificates issued by said board shall be signed by its officers and such certificates and diplomas, granted as aforesaid, shall be prima facia evidence of the right of the holder to practice dentistry in the State of Delaware.

SECTION 6. Be it enacted, That any person who shall willfully violate any of the provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, in any court having criminal jurisdiction, may be fined not less than fifty dollars nor more than three hundred, or be confined not more than six months in the county jail, in the discretion of the court. All fines received under this act shall be paid into the common school fund of the city or county in which such conviction takes place.

SECTION 7. Be it enacted, That the board of examiners shall meet within thirty day after appointed and frame bylaws governing the board, and that any person or persons desiring to be examined by the board of examiners for a certificate to practice dentistry in this state shall give notice of such desire to the secretary of the said board, who shall notify the members thereof, and they shall, within fifteen days from the receipt of such notice, meet to examine such person or persons, and give him, her or them proper notice of such meeting.

SECTION 8. This act, shall not apply to any person practicing dentistry in another state who is now the owner of real estate in this state.

SECTION 9. Be it enacted, That nothing in this act shall be so construed as to interfere with the rights and privileges of physicians and surgeons in the discharge of their professional duties.

SECTION IO. Be it enacted, That this act shall take effect from the date of its passage.

Passed at Dover, March 31, 1885.