AN ACT to provide a mode for passing titles of Insane Persons.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met, as follows:

SECTION 1. That any married man, seized of any real estate, whose wife shall be insane, desiring to sell and convey, or to mortgage any such real estate, or any part thereof, may prefer his petition to the Chancellor, stating the facts; and the Chancellor may, if he shall consider it a proper case, make an order, either in term or at chambers, appointing a trustee for such insane married woman to join in any deed or mortgage on her behalf with her husband, and to sign, seal and acknowledge the same as such trustee in the same manner as deeds and mortgages are now by law acknowledged.

SECTION 2. Any deed or mortgage executed and acknowledged by a trustee for a married woman insane as aforesaid, appointed pursuant to the provisions of the preceding section, shall be as valid and effectual to bar and divest her right of dower, in case she survives her husband, as if she had been legally capable and had in fact executed and acknowledged such deed or mortgage; and any such deed or mortgage, or the record thereof, shall be competent evidence in all the courts of this state.

SECTION 3. That all acts, or parts of acts, inconsistent with this act, are hereby repealed, and this act shall be a public act.

Passed at Dover, April 14, 1885.