23 Delaware Laws 88th General Assembly

  1. CHAPTER 39 -

    AN ACT to amend "An Act Relating to the Salaries of Levy Court Commissioners for New Castle County".

  2. CHAPTER 42 -

    AN ACT to authorize the Levy Court of New Castle County to pay for the maintenance of persons committed to the Delaware Industrial School for Girls.

  3. CHAPTER 46 -

    AN ACT to exempt certain lands and tenements of all non-sectarian, charitable Young Women's Christian Associations, from taxation for County purposes.

  4. CHAPTER 47 -

    AN ACT to exempt certain lands and tenements of all Charitable Day Nurseries for Babies, from Taxation for County purposes.

  5. CHAPTER 48 -

    AN ACT to Amend Chapter 282, Volume 22, Laws of Delaware, in Relation to Assessors.

  6. CHAPTER 49 -

    AN ACT to change the time of making assessments in Kent County, returning

  7. CHAPTER 50 -

    AN ACT to Amend Section 19 of Chapter 12 in the Revised Code of the Laws of Delaware in Reference to Certain Duties of the Collectors of the different Hundreds in New Castle County.

  8. CHAPTER 52 -

    AN ACT to abolish the offices of Collectors of Poll Taxes or Collectors of Capitation Taxes for the City of Wilmington, and to impose the duty of collecting the Capitation Taxes in the City of Wilmington upon the Receiver of Taxes for New Castle County.

  9. CHAPTER 56 -

    AN ACT amending Section 16 of Chapter 36 of Volume 21 of the Laws of Delaware relating to appeals from the Decisions of the Registrars.

  10. CHAPTER 57 -

    AN ACT to amend Section 17 of Chapter 18 of the Revised Code of 1893, by providing for the opening of the General Election in the City of Wilmington, between seven and seven-thirty o'clock in the morning.

  11. CHAPTER 59 -

    AN ACT to amend Section 2, Chapter 115, Volume 21, Laws of Delaware, entitled "An Act to provide for a Stenographer for certain Courts of the State", approved June 16, 1898, by increasing the salary of said Stenographer.

  12. CHAPTER 60 -

    AN ACT requiring and enforcing payment to the County Treasurer of all fees of certain offices, regulating accounts of fees and audits thereof, and fixing the compensation of such County Officers and of their Deputies and Clerks.

  13. CHAPTER 61 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 51, Volume 21, Laws of Delaware, entitled "An Act in relation to the salary of the Governor", Approved March 10, 1808, by increasing said salary.

  14. CHAPTER 62 -

    AN ACT fixing an annual salary for the Secretary of State and disposing of the fees heretofore collectable by hint for his own use.

  15. CHAPTER 69 -

    AN ACT relating to Notaries Public.

  16. CHAPTER 78 -

    AN ACT in relation to the Indices of the Records of New Castle County.

  17. CHAPTER 82 -

    AN ACT regulating the furnishing of Supplies for the State.

  18. CHAPTER 92 -

    AN ACT to provide for the organization and control of the Public Schools of the City of Wilmington.

  19. CHAPTER 126 -

    AN ACT to provide for the commitment to the New Castle County Workhouse of certain classes of prisoners in Kent and Sussex Counties.

  20. CHAPTER 128 -

    AN ACT to prevent Carp Fishing in the Delaware Bay and its Tributaries, South of the North Bank or shore of Appoquinimink Creek, during the months of July and August of each year.

  21. CHAPTER 155 -

    AN ACT to amend an Act entitled "An Act providing a General Corporation Law", as printed and published in Chapter 394, Volume 22, Laws of Delaware.

  22. CHAPTER 159 -

    AN ACT to amend an Act entitled "An Act to revise and consolidate the Statutes relating to the City of Wilmington" being Chapter 207, Volume 17, Laws of Delaware, exempting from municipal taxation the lands and tenements of all Charitable Day Nurseries for Babies.

  23. CHAPTER 197 -

    AN ACT vesting title to Trust Property in Trustees appointed by the Chancellor.

  24. CHAPTER 200 -

    AN ACT to amend an Act entitled "An Act Limiting Judgment Liens upon Real Estate in Kent and Sussex Counties and for other purposes" approved at Dover, March 23, A. D.1903, and being Chapter 457, of Volume 22, Laws of Delaware.

  25. CHAPTER 201 -

    AN ACT providing for the exemption, after notice, of leased Pianos, Piano playing attachments and Organs from distress and execution process.

  26. CHAPTER 212 -

    AN ACT prohibiting the sale of Beef, which contains or has been treated with, any drug or preparation deleterious to Health.