16 Delaware Laws 81st General Assembly

  1. CHAPTER 4 -

    AN ACT to exempt from taxation certain property in the city of New Castle.

  2. CHAPTER 14 -

    AN ACT to extend the time for newly elected Sheriffs to enter into official recognizance.

  3. CHAPTER 17 -

    AN ACT to amend the act entitled "An act relating to the seals of Notaries Public and Commissioners of Deeds," passed at Dover, March 13, 1873.

  4. CHAPTER 19 -

    AN ACT authorizing and requiring the Prothonotary of New Castle County to keep an indirect index of proceedings by foreign and domestic attachment.

  5. CHAPTER 24 -

    AN ACT to regulate the time and manner of taking the bonds of the, Clerks of the Orphans' Court.

  6. CHAPTER 122 -

    AN ACT to prohibit the City Council of Wilmington passing ordinances to prohibit farmers selling their products in said city.

  7. CHAPTER 125 -

    AN ACT to exempt from taxation the bonds of the City of Wilmington.

  8. CHAPTER 129 -

    AN ACT to render valid the acknowledgment of certain deeds, and for other purposes.

  9. CHAPTER 130 -

    AN ACT in relation to the recording of Deeds and Mortgages.

  10. CHAPTER 132 -

    AN ACT in relation to payments made to or by executors or administrators of persons presumed to be dead.

  11. CHAPTER 133 -

    AN ACT for the Removal of the Seat of Justice of New Castle County from the City of New Castle to the City of Wilmington.

  12. CHAPTER 134 -

    AN ACT appointing additional times for holding the Court Of General Sessions of the Peace and Jail Delivery in New Castle County.

  13. CHAPTER 136 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 96 of the Revised Statutes, entitled "Of the Orphans' Court."

  14. CHAPTER 140 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 90, of Volume 14, of the Laws of Delaware.

  15. CHAPTER 141 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 476, Volume 15, Delaware Laws.

  16. CHAPTER 142 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 106 of the Revised Code.

  17. CHAPTER 143 -

    AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act to amend Chapter 111 of the Revised Code, in relation to sale of lands and tenements under execution process," passed at Dover, February 1, 1877.

  18. CHAPTER 144 -

    AN ACT to authorize the Sheriffs of the several Counties to make a Record in Certain Cases.

  19. CHAPTER 145 -

    AN ACT in Relation to Mechanics’ Liens.

  20. CHAPTER 146 -

    AN ACT in relation to the exemption from execution process of certain personal property.

  21. CHAPTER 147 -

    AN ACT to prefer wages of employees in case of execution and assignment.

  22. CHAPTER 156 -

    AN ACT for the protection of the aids to navigation established by the authority of the United States Light House Board within the State of Delaware.

  23. CHAPTER 308 -

    AN ACT to exempt from taxation certain real estate in the city of Wilmington.

  24. CHAPTER 310 -

    AN ACT in relation to Fines and Forfeitures.

  25. CHAPTER 315 -

    AN ACT to amend Section 6, of Chapter 8, of the Revised Code, entitled "Of the Levy Court."

  26. CHAPTER 320 -

    Title. AN ACT in relation to the duties of Assessors and of the Levy Courts in the several counties of this State.

  27. CHAPTER 322 -

    AN ACT to amend Section 3, of Chapter II, of the Revised Statutes.

  28. CHAPTER 329 -

    Title. AN ACT to Secure Free Elections.

  29. CHAPTER 333 -

    AN ACT to authorize the Levy. Court of Kent County to reappoint for an additional term or terms; a Constable for Kenton Hundred, who shall reside in the village of Kenton.

  30. CHAPTER 345 -

    AN ACT for the Preservation of the Public Health.

  31. CHAPTER 348 -

    AN ACT to amend the net entitled An act providing for the appointment of State Chemist.

  32. CHAPTER 380 -

    AN ACT for the More Effectual Protection of Property against Fire.

  33. CHAPTER 382 -

    AN ACT supplementary to an act entitled, "An Act for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals," passed at Dover, February 20, 1873.

  34. CHAPTER 449 -

    No Title

  35. CHAPTER 477 -

    AN ACT supplementary and amendatory of an act entitled "Au Act for Title. the prevention of Cruelty to Children," Passed at Dover, March 18, 1819.

  36. CHAPTER 520 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 83, of the Revised Code, of 1852, as amended and published in 1874, entitled "Of Conveyances," and for other purposes.

  37. CHAPTER 521 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 83, or the Revised Statutes, of the State of Delaware, entitled, "Of Conveyances."

  38. CHAPTER 523 -

    AN ACT for the relief of Executors, Administrators and Trustees.

  39. CHAPTER 526 -

    AN ACT authorizing the Superior Court to deposit or invest money paid into said Court.

  40. CHAPTER 530 -

    A SUPPLEMENT to the act entitled "An Act relating to arrests in civil actions:"

  41. CHAPTER 533 -

    AN ACT to amend Section 19, Chapter 104, of the Revised Statutes.

  42. CHAPTER 535 -

    AN ACT to amend Section 0, of Chapter 100, of the Revised Statutes of Delaware, entitled Of Pleading and Practice in Civil Actions.

  43. CHAPTER 538 -

    AN ACT exempting from execution or attachment process and from distress for rent, sewing machines of seamstresses and private families.

  44. CHAPTER 539 -

    AN ACT to amend Section 45, Chapter 111, Revised Code.

  45. CHAPTER 540 -

    AN ACT to amend Chapter 111, of the Revised Statutes of the State of Delaware, entitled "Of Execution."

  46. CHAPTER 546 -

    AN ACT for the better security of life and limb in cases of fire.

  47. CHAPTER 551 -

    AN ACT in relation to witnesses in behalf of indigent defendants in criminal cases.

  48. CHAPTER 552 -

    AN ACT to encourage Immigration to the State of Delaware.